Ironside by Jim Thompson


A killer prevails in San Francisco, one obsessed of the "cleaning", persuaded which he is invested of a mission to remove the city from people without scruples, sans.valor… his next target is a friend of Eve, a married woman who misleads her husband with turn of arm. The killer asks for a ransom and Eve goes to go to the place of her friend, without anything to say to Ironside…
During this time, Marc east took with party in the street by an unknown with which he fights. Former boxer, he does not have any evil to demolish himself of his adversary but, took by surprise, he is struck… It is acts of a guest-apens but Marc understands it too late. When he awakes, his adversary died and he finds marked murder…
Two businesses which seem different but, for Ironside, they have a common point which he tries to quickly exploit in order to find the culprit before it is not too late for Marc and Eve…
Season 1 is available in DVD Zone 1

Season 2 is available in DVD Zone 1

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