Bride of the gorilla (1951)
Director: Curt Siodmak
Release date: October 1951
Genre: horror
Runtime: 66 minutes
Color: black and white

Barbara Payton: Dina Van Gelder
Lon Chaney Jr: Taro police chief
Raymond Burr: Barney Chavez
Tom Conway: Doctor Viet
Paul Cavanagh: Klaas Van Gelder
Gisela Werbisek: Lengthen
Carol Varga: Larina
Paul Maxey: Van Heusen
Woody Strode: Nedo
Martin Garralaga: native
Felippa Rock'n'roll: Stella Van Heusen
Moyna MacGill: Mrs. Van Heusen
Steve Calvert: gorilla

Barney Chavez, manager of a plantation lost in the jungle, covets Dina, the woman of his employer. Having understood that the beautiful one would not be against the disappearance of her husband, older than it, Barney arrange themselves so that the death of this last has the air of an accident. What he is unaware of, it is that a strange witch was witness of his crime and, to avenge the victim, throws a fate with Barney. The night, he is transformed into gorilla, losing the control of himself completely. Dina, that Chavez quickly married, tries to come to him to assistance but puts the question: is this transformation real or acts it of a hallucination?

bride of the gorilla

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