Filmography of Raymond Burr

Year Title
1940 Earl of puddlestone
1946 Without reservations
San Quentin
1947 Code of the west
1948 Fighting father Dunne
Raw deal 
Sleep, my love
Adventures of Don Juan 
Walk a crooked mile
Station west 
I love trouble
1949 Criss cross
Bride of vengeance
Black magic
Red light 
Love happy 
1950 Unmasked
Key to the city 
1951 A place in the sun 
The magic carpet 
His kind of woman 
Bride of the gorilla
New Mexico
F.B.I girl 
The whip hand
1952 Meet Danny Wilson 
Mara Maru 
Horizons west 
1953 The blue gardenia 
Fort algiers
Bandits of corsica
Tarzan and the she-devil 
Serpent of the Nile
1954 Casanova's big night 
Gorilla at large
Khyber patrol
Rear Window 
Thunder pass
1955 They were so Young
You are never too Young 
Count three and pray
A man alone 
Double danger
1956 The brass legend
Please murder me
Great day in the morning 
Secret of treasure mountain
A cry in the night
Ride the high iron
1957 Crime of passion
Affair in Havana
1960 Desire in the dust
1968 P.J
1978 Tomorrow never comes 
1980 Out of the blue 
1982 Airplane II, the sequel 
1985 Godzilla 85
1991 Delirious 

Raymond Burr has his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame to the 6656 Hollywood Boulevard.
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