Criss Cross (1949)
Director: Robert Siodmak
Release date: June 12, 1949
Genre: film noir
Runtime: 88 minutes
Color: black and white

Burt Lancaster: Steve Thompson/narrator
Yvonne de Carlo: Anna Dundee
DaN Dureya: Slim Dundee
Stephen McNally: lieutenant Pete Ramirez
Esy Morals: leader of orchestra
Tom Pedy: Vincent
Percy Helton: Franck
Alan Napier: Finchley
Griff Barnett: Pop
Meg Randall: Helen
Long Richard: Slade Thompson
Joan Miller: The Lush
Edna Holland: Mrs. Thompson
John Doucette: Walt
Marc Krah: died
Raymond Burr: not credited

Steve Thompson divorced Anna but does not manage to forget her. After having worked a little everywhere in the United States, he returns to Los Angeles with the hope to reconquer the young woman. There, Steve discovers that Anna is married with named Slim Dundee, a gangster, and he erects scaffolding a plan to draw aside Slim and recover Anna in order to remake his life with her. But nothing occurs as he had envisaged…

My note:  

My opinion: this film is enough sympathetic nerve, environment is very dark and Burt Lancaster superb in his role. The unit is rather pessimistic but does not lose itself in ridiculous stereotypes. The realization is of quality, making of this film traditional. I should not be looked for the service of Raymond Burr, his role being more than tiny.
criss cross
criss cross
criss cross
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