Desperate (1947)
Director: Anthony Mann
Release date: May 9, 1947
Genre: film noir
Runtime: 73 minutes
Color: black and white

Steve Brodie: Steve Randall
Audrey Long: Anne Randall
Raymond Burr: Walt Radak
Douglas Fowley: Pete Lavitch
William Challee: Reynolds
Jason Robards Sr: lieutenant Louie Ferrari
Freddie Steele: Shorty Abbott
Lee Frederick: Joe Daly
Paul E Burns: uncle Jan
Ilka Grüning: aunt Clara

Walt Radak, notorious gangster, try to use an independent truck-driver, Steve Randall, to transport furs flights. But Steve, not wanting to be mingled with a flight, alerts a police officer patrols some by making him calls of headlights. Al, the brother of Walt, shoot at the police officer and kills him. Steve, while fleeing, causes the fall of the young man, which makes it possible the police force to apprehend him. Quickly caught up with by Radak, Steve is striked before the gangster does not have an idea: he wants that Steve acknowledges the murder to save Al. For to make pressure on Randall, he does not hesitate to threaten to be caught some to his future wife, Anne, and Steve sees himself constrained to accept. But he manages to sow the men of Radak and flees with Anne, energy of refuge in refuge. Radak, but also the police force, launches out to their continuation, obsessed by the idea to save his brother, condemned to death.

My note:      

My opinion: an excellent film which shows all the talent of Anthony Mann. Steve Brodie, as a young a little naive lorry driver, is excellent and Raymond Burr had already found his marks of "malicious"; kind which he will incarnera with many recoveries.

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