I love trouble (1948)
Director: S. Sylvan Simon
Release date: January 15, 1948
Genre: film noir
Runtime: 93 minutes
Color: black and white

Franchot Tone: Stuart Bailey
Janet Blair: Shannon Normalized
Janis Casing: Mrs. Caprillo
Adele Jergens: Nestor Boots
Glenda Farrell: Hazel Bixby
Steven Geray: Keller
Tom Powers: Ralph Johnston
Lynn Merrick: Mrs. Johnston
John Ireland: Reno
Donald Curtis: Martin
Eduardo Ciannelli: John Vega Caprillo
Robert Barratt: lieutenant Quint
Raymond Burr: Herb
Eddie Marr: Sharpy
Arthur Space: Muller sergeant

A rich man engages Stuart Bailey, a private detective, to inquire into the past of his wife. The detective discovers that she was a dancer and that she lived in her birthplace with an actor. This last is killed before to have been able to speak in Stuart but, with the assistance of a dancer, the detective learns that the wife had used the papers concealed with a friend to enter to the university after she stole 40.000 $ to the night club when she worked. Stuart learns thereafter that the husband killed his wife when he discovered his past in order to avoid a scandal and that he must be used as scapegoat.
I coils disorder

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