Love Happy (1949)
Director: David Miller
Release Date: October 12, 1949
Genre: comedy
Runtime: 85 minutes
Color: black and white

Groucho Marx: detective Sam Grunion/narrator
Harpo Marx: Harpo
Chico Marx: Faustino the large one
Ilona Massey: Mrs Egelichi
Vera Ellen: Maggie Phillips
Marion Hutton: Bunny Dolan
Raymond Burr: Alphonse Zoto
Melville Cooper: Lefty Throckmorton

Paul Valentine: Mike Johson
Leon Belasco: Mr Lyons
Eric Blore: Mackinaw
Bruce Gordon: Hannibal Zoto
Marilyn Monroe: a client of Grunion

Harpo, an artist dreamer and nice, is also an inveterate kleptomaniac. Whereas he quietly strips the customers of a grocer, he attends a delivery of sardine boxes. He follows the deliverymen in the reserve of the store and largely benefits from it to be useful himself. In its "harvest", Harpo is unaware of that he took a sardine box where Madame Egelichi dissimulated a diamond collar of a value of one million dollars. Furious, this last lance the police force with the cases of Harpo to recover her property…

My note:

My opinion: far from being the best from Marx Brothers, this film is nice but is characterized especially by several very slow scenes which, alone, waste film. There are however excellent ideas which could have made it possible to obtain a much better result. Ray incarne, as with his practice at the time, malicious pure and hard which remain imperturbable in front of the daftness of Harpo.

love happy

love happy
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