Mara Maru (1952)
Director: Douglas Gordon
Release date: April 23, 1952
Genre: adventure
Runtime: 98 minutes
Color: black and white

Errol Flynn: Gregory Mason
Romance Ruth: Stella Callahan
Raymond Burr: Brock Benedict
Paul Picerni: Steven Ranier
Richard Webb: Andy Callahan
DaN Seymour: lieutenant Zuenon
George Renavent: Ortega
Robert Cabal: Manuelo
Henry Marco: Perol

Gregory Mason and Andy Callahan, two friends, are the only survivors of the shipwreck of a boat on board of which called Ortega was, owner of a formidable diamond treasure. Brock Benedict, having learned that, decides to seize this fortune at all prices and does not hesitate to make assassinate Andy. Then, with the assistance of ravissante widowed Callahan, Brock manages to force the hand of Gregory so that he takes it along on the spot of the shipwreck on board Mara Maru. Mason, plunger of profession, are charged to go up the treasure but he understood that Brock does not intend to let him draw some alive…
Mara Maru

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