Out of the blue (1980)
Director: Dennis Hopper
Release date: May 1980
Genre: drama
Runtime: 94 minutes
Color: color

Linda Manz: Cindy Barnes
Dennis Hopper: Gift Barnes
Sharon Farrell: Kathy Barnie
Gift Gordon: Charlie
Raymond Burr: Doctor Brean
Eric Allen: Paul
Fiona Brody: Carol
David L Crowley: Anderson
Joan Hoffman: Jean
Carl Nelson: Cabby
Francis Ann Pettit: Nancy
Glen Pfiefer: Glenn
David Ackridge: professor
Jim Byrnes: singer
Glen Fyfe: bouncer

Cindy, 15 years old, is a disturbed child: her father, alcoholic, are in prison after having struck a school bus with his truck and having killed several children; her mother one is doped. Her father, once released, does not manage to leave himself his alcoholism and leaves slowly to the drift, the attitude of his wife not helping him. In spite of the assistance of a psychologist, Cindy goes more and more badly…

My note:

My opinion: the genre of film that I hate… a trick which wants to be psychological but which limits to the usual stereotypes kind "violence leads to violence" or "an alcoholic cannot leave himself there". Even if the actors are good, there is evil to find credible certain situations: Cindy does not seem to meet only one psychologically stable person (except at the school or in her psychiatrist!). The side "the world is really ugly" is a little too much supported… side realization, really not terrible, the band its is too often yelling and there are effects of cameras really ugly. In short, I do not put 0 solely for the presence of Raymond Burr, in the role of the psychologist, who, of course (since all is ugly), does not arrive at nothing with the childish…

out of the blue
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