Pitfall (1948)
Director: Andre de Toth
Release date: August 24, 1948
Genre: film noir
Runtime: 86 minutes
Color: black and white

Dick Powell: John Forbes
Lizabeth Scott: Sweat Forbes
Jane Wyatt: Mona Stevens
Raymond Burr: MacDonald
John Litel: District Attorney
Byron Barr: Bill Smiley
Jimmy Hunt: Tommy Forbes
Ann Doran: Maggie
Selmer Jackson: ED Brawley
Margaret Wells: Terry
Dick Wessel: sergeant

John Forbes, married and father of family, direct an insurance company. In spite of days filled well, he finds his life monotonous. One day, he has the occasion to break this monotony: Bill Smiley, ensured at Forbes, tries to swindle this last and diverts the money of his insurance to offer gifts to his mistress, Mona Stevens. Initially, Forbes wants to recover his money but fall quickly under the charm from Mona and becomes his lover. MacDonald, an independent detective who works for the insurance company of Forbes, sees this connection of an evil eye because he had already sights on Mona. Obsessed by the idea to harm Forbes, MacDonald decides to tighten a trap to him, helped by Bill and Mona.
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