A place in the sun (1951)
Director: George Stevens
Release date: August 14, 1951
Genre: drama
Runtime: 122 minutes
Color: black and white

Montgomery Clift: George Eastman
Elizabeth Taylor: Angela Vickers
Shelley Winters: Alice Tripp
Raymond Burr: district attorney R. Franck Marlowe
Anne Revere: Hannah Eastman
Keefe Brasselle: Earl Eastman
Fred Clark: Belows, defense counsel
Herbert Heyes: Charles Eastman
Shepperd Strudwick: Anthony Vickers
Frieda Inescort: Ann Vickers
Kathryn Givney: Louise Eastman
Walter Sande: Art Jansen, the lawyer of George
Ted de Corsia: judge R.S Oldendorff
John Ridgely: coroner
Chartrand Laws: Marsha

George Eastman works in the company of a fortunate uncle and his family awaits much him. George becomes the lover of Alice Tripp, a simple girl working on an assembly line and, finally, puts it pregnant. He promises the marriage to her but, when he meets Angela Vickers, a young woman of the good company, George forgets Alice completely and wants to benefit from Angela to have a good place in the high society. But Alice does not hear it this ear and she quickly becomes awkward for George who foresees a solution as radical as final with this thorn-bush problem…
place in the sun has

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