Raw deal (1948)
Director: Anthony Mann
Release date: May 26, 1948
Genre: film noir
Runtime: 79 minutes
Color: black and white

Denis O' Keefe: Joseph Emmett Sullivan
Claire Trevor: Stalemate Cameron
Marsha Hunt: Ann Martin
John Ireland: FantaiL
Raymond Burr: Rick Coyle
Curt Conway: Spider
Chile Williams: Marcy
Regis Toomey: Fields captain
Whit Bissell: murderer
Cliff Clark: Gates

Joe Sullivan burns of desire for leaving prison. He decides to address himself to Rick Coyle, a gangster who owes him the mirific sum of 50 $. Rick agrees to help Joe to escape, knowing pertinently that this last will be caught up with and gave in prison for a good moment. But with the assistance of Pat, in love insane, and of Ann, his legal welfare officer, Joe manages to go further Rick did not suppose it. One nothing sadistic, the gangster decides to take one of the women as an hostage to force Joe to show and make him cut down by his men.

raw deal

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