Rear Window (1954)
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Release date: August 1, 1954
Genre: thriller
Runtime: 112 minutes
Color: Technicolor

James Stewart: L.B Jefferies
Kelly Grace: Lisa Carol Fremont
Wendell Corey: lieutenant Thomas J Doyle
Thelma Ritter: Stella
Raymond Burr: Lars Thorvald
Judith Evelyn: solitary miss heart
Ross Bagdasarian: type-setter
Georgine Darcy: Torso miss
Sarah Berner: the woman who lives above Thorvald
Frank Cady: the husband who lives above Thorvald
Jesslyn Fax: the neighbor sculptor with his hearing aid
Rand To grip: the new groom
Irene Winston: Anna Thorvald
Havis Davenport: the new bride
Marla English: the girl with the festival of the type-setter

L.B Jefferies, photographer having the taste for danger, is found with a leg in the plaster following his last report. Condemned to remain six weeks nailed on a chair, locked up in his small apartment, Jefferies up being an occupation ends: to observe his neighbors. Quickly, he is caught with the play and passes much from time to his window, having fun small manias of each one, laughing at their daily worry… until the day when he suspects Lars Thorvald of having assassinated and cut out his wife of pieces. Jefferies entrusts his anguish to Lisa Fremont, he promised in marriage, but the latter does not believe it and tries to render comprehensible to him that he imagines things. With force of comments on what he observes of the comings and goings of Thorvald, Jefferies ends up sowing the doubt in the spirit of the young woman who soon will line up in his opinion. Having called upon a police friend, Jefferies wants to obtain a thorough investigation but Thorvald seems to have thought of all. Jefferies and Lisa decide to take the things in hand…

My note:   

My opinion: great classic of Hitchcock and, personally, my preferred. The realization is impeccable, one is plunged quickly in the banal life of all the neighbors of Jefferies, one smiles readily to their small misfortunes or their practices curling the ridiculous one sometimes. The hero remains sufficiently simple to remain with the range of the witness and the women will find him an unbearable, but without abuse… Lars Thorvald, the assassin, is easily took in pity so much his wife appears as a bloody nuisance which one would like, us also, to get rid. One ends up appreciating him and feeling sorry for him…
Only flat: French doubling for the voice of Raymond Burr. One loses much in intensity, especially during the final scene where the lapping machine did not succeed in making all the aspect pathetic that Ray gives his character… certain dialogues were not correctly translated, which is a pity: to view in V.O, therefore.

rear window
rear window
rear window

rear window

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