Red light (1949)
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Release date: September 30, 1949
Genre: film noir
Runtime: 83 minutes
Color: black and white

George Raft: Johnny Torno
Virginia Mayo: Carla North
Gene Lockhart: Warni Hazard
Raymond Burr: Nick Cherney
Harry Morgan: Rocky
Barton MacLane: Strecker detective
Arthur Frantz: captain Jess Torno
Ken Murray: himself
Stanley Clements: groom of the Carlson hotel
William Froley: manager of the hotel
Arthur Shields: Redmond father
Frank Orth: Wallace Stoner
Phillip Fucks: Pablo Cabrillo
William Phillips: Detective Jim Ryan
Movita: Trina

Nick Cherney, in prison to have to divert freight of the Torno company, wants to be avenged for his Johnny owner, person in charge for his imprisonment. When he views a film announcing the triumphal return of the captain Jess Torno, the brother of Johnny, Nick seizes his chance. He charges a comrade, having to leave one week before him, to assassinate Jess counters money. This last carries out the contract and Johnny arrives in his brother right before he does not die. Jess, which is a priest, has time to say to his brother whom he wrote an index in his bible. But Johnny does not find any trace of the bible at Jess and decides to do everything to find it. On his side, Nick tries to approach Johnny with the firm intention to supplement his revenge. He starts to panic when Torno goes up the track of the assassin of Jess…
red light

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