Station West (1948)
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Release date: September 1, 1948
Genre: western
Runtime: 80 minutes
Color: black and white

Dick Powell: lieutenant Haven
Jane Greer: Charlie
Agnes Moorehead: Mrs. Caslon
Tom Powers: captain George Isles
Gordon Oliver: Prince
Steve Brodie: second lieutenant Stellman
Guinn "Big Boy" Williams: Mick Marion 
Raymond Burr: Bristow Mark
Regis Toomey: Jim Goddard
Olin Howland: Cook
John Berkes: Sam

Lieutenant Haven, member of the secret service, is charged to inquire into the death of two soldiers, assassinated whereas they convoyaient gold. He arrives in a small city where he meets Charlie, a woman from which he falls immediately under the charm. Soon, Haven discovers that she directs the city of which she has a great part. He manages to become his employee and wants to take care of the convoying of a new gold loading. On the way, Haven is attacked and his coachman, a detective of Wells Fargo working under cover, is assassinated. Gold passes with hands in hands and Haven tries to draw the history with light: but the unexpected intervention several people still complicate the things.

My note:

My opinion: a good western with an original scenario. Just like the hero, one loses himself quickly in the multiple muddles of a situation which seems simple at the beginning. The couple Dick Powell/Jane Greer functions perfectly and Guinn Williams is perfect in the role of the rough gross. As for Raymond Burr, he incarne a coward truer than natural…

station west station west
station west
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