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1. Ironside

Whereas he rests in a detached house, Robert T. Ironside, chief of the San Francisco police, is seriously wounded by bullet. Condemned to live in wheelchair, he obtains from his friend the Commissioner Dennis Randall a post of Consultant as well as a completely devoted team: the sergeant Ed Brown, officer Eve Whitfield and Marc Sanger. With them, he will inquire into his own attempted murder…

Writing by Don Mr. Mankiewicz
Directed by James Goldstone
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Geraldine Brooks (Honor Thompson), Wally Cox (chief of the scouts), Kim Darby (Ellen Welles), David Sheiner (neurologist), Lilia Skala (Sister Agatha), Joel Fabiani (Dr. Schley), Avilene Gibbons (Peggy Marvel), Terrence 0' Flaherty (presenter), Eddie Firestone (Wheels Montana).
2. Message from beyond

A substantial sum of money is flown on a hippodrome for a race, while Ironside and his team are present. The Chief is determined to resolve this matter, so much more than the responsable of the security of the hippodrome is a disnonest former policeman. The only index for this robbery is a car, injured by the pilot, unfortunately dead in the accident. Ironside decides to use the vehicle as bait in order to attract the thief but Ed and Eve lose the car in question... 

Writing by Don Mr. Mankiewicz
Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Gene Evans (Al Hayes), James Gregory (Herb Jarman), George Chandler (George Bently), Ken Lynch (Russ Quinn), Madlyn Rhue (Margaret Blackwell), Kathleen Freeman (Helga), Kent McCord (Kellogg), Larry J Blake (appraiser), Alma Platt (Martha Bently), Bill DuFrene (officer of the communications), Jimmy Joyce (1st dealer), John R. McKee (2nd dealer), Lou Straley (2nd man), Dick Russell (3rd man), Dallas Mitchell (the sergeant).
3. The leaf in the forest 

An old woman, only living, is rediscovered strangled. This is not the first victim and all door to believe that this new crime is the work of the same man; but the Chief Ironside notes some differences disrupting. In charge of doing the light on the latter murder, Ironside wants to do to endorse to Eve the role of victim potentielle: that will necessitate a little ingenuity, but the game is worth the candle...

Writing by Don Mr. Mankiewicz
Directed by Leo Penn
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), John Larch (Pierre Dupont), Edward Andrews (Mason Baylis), Barbara Barrie (Myra Dupont), Bert Freed (Detective Keeley), Henry Beckman (Orateur), Lillian Bronson (Esther Garrison), Joe Finnegan (1st to defer), Vernon Scott (2nd to defer), Robert Ellenstein (Marty), Sean Kennedy (1st hippie), John Rubinstein (2nd hippie).
4. Dead Man's Tale 

A notorious gangster gets ready to book of precious information to Ironside concerning his associate, John Trask.  But before he made a decision to speak with the Chief, he is murdered.  With the complicity of the fiancée of the death, Ironside claims that the latter always is in life, injured and cared for to the hospital.  His goal is to force Trask to commit an error that will be for him fatal. 

Writing by Don Mr. Mankiewicz and Donald A. Brinkley
Directed by Don Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Simon Scott (Warren Stuart), Jack Lord (John Trask), Susanne Cramer (Tina Masson), Ben Wright (Dr. Leon Chaffee), Byron Morrow (Mr. Gregory), Frank Gerstle (Eddie Burns), John Goddard (Ernie Greco), Stuart Nisbet (Luther Carson), Robert Turnbull (Beeker).
5. Eat, drink and be buried 

When a personality of the television, Francesca Kirby, receives threats of death, his old friend Robert Ironside puts himself on the affair.  When the threats become of the attained to his life, he begins searching more deeply to find that would benefit by to eliminate Francesca. Several suspicious ones, of which the husband of this last one, have of excellent motive but Ironside begins glimpsing a very different scenario for this strange affair. 

Writing by Tony Barrett
Directed by William Graham
Guest star: Richard Anderson (Darren Sanford), Lee Grant (Francesca Kirby), Farley Granger (Mitch Kirby), Quincy Jones (Appleton), Joanne Medley (Annie Royer), Susanne Benton (Model), Maria Lennard (Keller Dory).
6. The taker 

Andy Anderson, policeman known of long one date back to Ironside, is killed while he investigates on the murder of the wife of Daryll Frazer. Proofs indicate that he was dishonest but Ironside, convinced of the opposite, is decided to prove his innocence and, by the same occasion, to rediscover his murderer.  Persuaded that all is linked to the affair Frazer, he resumes the investigation and obtains the intimate conviction that the husband is guilty, although the latter is a perfect alibi. Ironside decides to jostle a little the two witnesses having furnished the alibi in question, employees of Frazer, and he is persuaded to be on the good track when the one of them is murdered. But stretched Eve of him to let a different opinion divide, based on a simple intuition. 

Writing by Irving Gaynor Neiman and Winston Miller
Directed by Don Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Gail Bonney (1st secretary), Peter Mark Richman (Daryll Frazer), Robert Alda (Johnny Utrecht), William Schallert (Simon Arkoff), Jan Shepard (Adrienne May), Cyril Delevanti (Commandant Wallace), Ernest Anderson (Butler), Bebe Louie (officer weather), Barbara Bell Wright (2nd secretary), Virgil Frye (Andy Anderson).
7. An inside job 

Two murderers, escaped of the cells of detention of the commissionership, rediscover themselves constrained to take in hostage the Chief Ironside in his office and, having discovered the identity of the latter, they want to force him to help them to run away. Ironside refuses all net one, putting the two men in a unfortunate position, but the arrival of Eve modifies the situation: the Chief is obliged to accept the blackmail of the criminals. Clever, he reaches anyway to warn Ed and perfects an audacious plan to put unable to harm his cluttering visitors... 

Writing by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Gift Stroud (Bains), Robert Karnes (3rd police officer), John Saxon (Carter), Eileen Wesson (girl), Cal Bartlett (1st officer), John Alvin (clerk), Ken Renard (cleaning), Tyler McVey (journalist), Michael Harris (Charlie), Will J White (Moose), Ben Hammer (Flagg), Jim Drum (Willis), Harry Hickox (lieutenant Gold), Norman Fell (captain Lauren).
8. Tagged for murder

A man electrocutes himself by his swimming pool while handling a television set. Everythings leads to believe that it is an affair of a banal accident but Ed is not convinced, some details appearing for him suspicious. While doing his report to Ironside, he succeeds in rally him in his opinion and the Chief takes the matter in hands: he discovers quickly that of former military officers, living all to San Francisco and having served together in Italy, were murdered and he wants to understand why...

Writing by Art Weingarten
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Bruce Lee (Leon Soo), Antoinette Bower (Andra Bellingham), Arthur Adams (doctor), Roger De Koven (general), Bert Freed (sergeant Cable), Lenore Kingston (Maid), Marjorie Bennett (employed hotel), Jack Kelly (Corman), Gene Nelson (Sheldon).
9. Let my brother go 

Despite all his efforts, Ironside has problems to maintain a group of young ones in the right way.  Decided to succeed in his ends, the Chief changes tactics and enlists the star of American Football Bat Masterson, an old friend of Marc, to help him. But Joe, the brother of Bat, is not very honest and his numerous gaps finish poorly: he kills a man during a game of poker. Bat, present at the time of the crime, decides of all to take on him to protect his brother. But, thanks to Ironside, he discovers quickly that he did not do the good choice...

Writing by Donn Mullally
Directed by Don Weis
Guest star: Gift Marshall (Joe Masterson), Ivan Dixon (Charles "Bat" Masterson), Ena Hartman (Betty Masterson), Peter Mamakos (Georgie Main), Maidie Norman (Natalie Masterson), Kirk Kirksey (Ernie), James Sane (Ralph), John Sebastian (Ed Harris), Robert Pearson (Bake).
10. Light at the end of the journey 

Ted Bartlett, private detective to Los Angeles, is at San Francisco for an affair and he wants to profit to return visits to his old friend and former colleague, Robert Ironside. Unfortunately, he is murdered in his hotel and the only witness is a young blind woman. The murderer is unaware of this detail and he wants to reduce her to the silence. Ironside wants to protect her but he wishes also to stop the murderer of his friend and, for this to do, he organizes a press conference in which he declares that the witness will elaborate a portrait robot of the man that she saw. The fiance of the young woman is not agreed and stretched to subtract her to the influence of Ironside; but this last one, that leans on him since that she became blind, discovers that a handicap can be approached otherwise. 

Writing by Robert Van Scoyk and Sy Salkovitz
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Bill Fletcher (Gilroy), Jason Wingreen (Bell Captain), Katherine Crawford (Jill), Robert Reed (Pierson), Steve Dunne (Ted Bartlett), Bill Leslie (Waring), Jeanne Baird (Joan Waring), Arthur Adams (medical examiner), Lauren Gilbert (sergeant of criminal).
11. The monster of Comus Towers

An ingenious robbery takes place at the Museum of Art of the Comus Towers, during which the central panel of a tryptique in origin of Rome is robbed. Unfortunately, a guard is murdered in the operation, stabbed to death in the back. Enzo Rossi, that made use of his influence to send for the fine tryptique, calls upon his friend Robert Ironside to resolve this mysterious affair. In fact, the thief was not able to introduce himself that by a window, situated at the top of the Towers, but the wind and the panel weight were not able to allow for him to go through this exit to take back down. Ironside thinks therefore that the thief had an accomplice inside the museum, see that himself there works. The lieutenant Fitch, officially responsible of the affair, thinks all otherwise and when Enzo Rossi dies after the arsenic absorption, he is persuaded that it is an affair of a suicide. But the Chief is of another opinion and leans for a murder. 

Writing by Stanford Whitmore and A. J. Russell
Directed by Don Weis
Guest star: Jeff Malloy (guard), Harper Flaherty (Herbert Chapman), Jim Creech (detective Bloch), Evi Marandi (Stella Rossi), Renzo Cesana (Enzo Rossi), Joan Huntington (Amanda Stillman), David Hartman (lieutenant Fitch), Warren Stevens (Howard Comus), Donald Buka (Vincent Longo), Michael Forest (James Edmond), Kevin Hagen (Owen Simmons).
12. The man who believed 

Samantha Dain, recognized singer and in the future particularly promising, has just committed suicide while throwing herself top of the Golden Gate. Ironside does not believe in this version and hears well to prove that it is an affair of a murder. His motivation: while he was at the hospital, the young woman wrote him a letter for him to say that the suicide would appear for him certainly a good solution but that, in reality, life was worth the penalty to be lived, even as infirm. Quickly, several persons of the entourage of the singer appear as of suspicious perfect ones, as his to manage or the cabaret owner where she began. The discovery of a band where figures a dispute between the singer and an unknown man becomes the only piece to conviction of Dacier.  On this last one, the guilty one pronounces only a single word, with difficulty audible, but the Chief wants to let the assassin believe that the science can allow the identification of his voice... 

Writing by Stephen Kandel
Directed by Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Sharon Harvey (girl), June C Ellis (nurse), Bill Welsh (advertiser), Alex Gerry (Dr. Maurice Zelman), Johnny Silver (John Brenner), Arthur Adams (Dr. Gwynne), Cliff Potts (dan Peabody), George Furth (Ray Harrison), Michael Constantine (Harry Brancusi), Guy Stockwell (Bridger), Barbara Rhoades (Bonnie Lloyd), Marcia Strassman (Samantha Dain).
13. A very cool hot car

Since that the lieutenant Adams took the direction of the service of the stolen cars, the yield of the work of the policemen knows an unprecedented decrease, of less in less than vehicles being rediscovered. The commissioner Randall loads therefore Ironside to oversee the activity of the service and, if the latter starts with to refuse, he changes opinion in front of the insistence of the lieutenant Adams; conscious to be in a bad posture. His predecessor, that had broken his teeth on this affair -and that, fact, was put in early retirement- is persuaded that Adams touches bribe from the car thieves. This idea, that he proclaims high and strong, does his way in the commissionership of police and even Randall is or not insensitive. Marc, persuaded that Adams is innocent, wants to imply himself in the affair and does himself to engage in a work-site of breaks automobile that Ironside suspects to be the plate turning traffic. 

Writing by Luther Davis
Directed by James Sheldon
Guest star: Gail Bonney (secretary), K.L. Smith (Rafaël), Alice Frost (Mrs. Muldoon), Michael Fox (technician), Peter Helm (Alfred Dunne), Pamela Dunlap (Rosemary Dunne), Bernie Hamilton (lieutenant William Adams), Arch Johnson (sergeant John Breen), Jay C. Flippen (sergeant).
14. The past is prologue 

Wally Stowe, a friend of Ironside, celebrate the success of his son Tom that soon will integrate the NASA. But the police comes to arrest him in the middle of festivities for Wally is looked for for murder to New York. During nineteen years, he lived to San Francisco under a false identity, fearing to every instant to be recognized. This is finally the woman of his victim that, in visionary his photo in a newspaper, warned the police. The mayor is determined to extradite him for that is applied the pronounced sentence nineteen years earlier: the death. Ironside, him, wants to all price to save him for he considers that Wally does not deserve this sad one goes out. He counts first of all on the widow of the victim but, very quickly, it appears that this last one always is lived of a desire of vengeance. Considering that the investigation was rushed, Ironside resumes all to zero and obtains the conviction that Wally is innocent. But there is an incoherence in the deposition of the latter: it lacks an hour in the sequence of his activities. Although this incoherence designates him as guilty ideal, Wally does not let go any his version of the facts. 

Writing by Paul Mason
Directed by Don Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), John Zaremba (Dr. Michaels), Gail Bonney (secretary), Victor Jory (Wally Stowe), Jill Donohue (Phyllis Chase), John Hoyt (Malcolm Henderson), Jean Inness (Dee Stowe), June Vincent (Mrs. Chase), Walter Coy (the chief of police Paul Wilson), Bartlett Robinson (the Whittier prosecutor), Chester Jones (Butler), Harrison Ford (Tom Stowe).
15. Girl in the night

In trip to Las Vegas, Ed goes in a cabaret where he meets a young singer, Elaine Moreau.  Together, they go diner to the restaurant then finish the evening with Elaine. On the spot, the young woman abandons abruptly Ed to leave the house the back way and, when the policeman goes out to attempt to recover her, he is knocked senseless by two men. The next day, the team remainder arrives to Las Vegas but Ed refuses to leave the city before having clarifyes this mystery.  First reluctant, the Chief accepts starting an investigation and decides to start with the house of the young woman. There, the team meets another woman that claims not to know Elaine Moreau and to have passed the evening at her place. But, in the garden, Ed rediscovers the shrub in which he collapsed and that carries again the brands of his fall. Intrigued, Ironside decides to follow more before and ends up to discover than the disappearance of the young Elaine could have a report with the murder of a notable one city, Jim Cardoff. 

Writing by True Boardman
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Guest star: Simon Scott (Jim Cardoff), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Joan Staley (Millie O'Neil), Donnelly Rhodos (Joe Varona), Sarah Marshall (Jan Merlin), Steve Carlson (Foster), Oscar Beregi Jr (Stefan), Laurie Mitchell (Carol Phillips), Craig Huebing (Dr. Evans), Dead Mills (Mike Hennessey), George Keymas (Stulka), Holy Susan James (Elaine Moreau).
16. The fourteenth runner 

Yuri Azneyeff, Soviet and true athlete hero in his country, is visiting at San francisco to participate in a bottom race. During this last one, he disappears mysterious after behaving in a strange way.  In front of position delicacy, the commissioner Randall confides the affair to the Chief Ironside, hoping thus a quick and happy result. Quickly, the police rediscovers the clothes of Yuri at the top of a cliff with a letter announcing his suicide. Zarkov, Russian responsible citizen "to attend" the Chief, does not there believe and suspects the Americans to have climb one present out of nothing. Ironside, for his part, learns that Yuri was a traitor to his country and that he worked for the American secret services. He comes some immediately to wonder if the athlete was not discovered... 

Writing by Donn Mullally
Directed by Don Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Steve Ihnat (Zarkov), Lee Miller (Bartender), Ollie O'Toole (mortician), Ingrid Pitt (Irene Novas), Philip Chapin (Yuri Alexeyovich Azneyeff), Edward Asner (Davis), John Van Dreelen (Varinyi).
17. Force of arms

Marcus Weathers, very rich and well established businessman to San Francisco, decided to leave at war against the crime. Considering that the local police does not dispose or means or of the men in sufficient quantity, he sets up a militia to attempt to clean the streets of his city. When Buck Denison, the person in charge of his organization, is murdered, Weathers is convinced that it is an affair there of a maneuver of his enemies to prevent it from set up his ideas and destroy "the second police". Randall entrusts the affair with Ironside, which arranges nothing, for the Chief does not hide his animosity towards Weathers and this one is besides persuaded that the former policeman, that he considers as a vulgar infirm one, wants all simply to take advantage of the murder of Denison for "to flow" his organization. 

Writing by Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts and Warren Duff
Directed by Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), George Murdock (Victor Cramer), Harold J Stone (Jim Connolly), Gene Raymond (Marcus Weathers), Linden Chiles (Jeff Hanson), William Lucking (Thomas Flagg), Cliff Norton (Henry Brink), Arthur Adams (Dr. Gwynne), Frank Gerstle (Buck Denison), Ron Russell (Albie), Diane Brewster (Susan Weathers).
18. Memory of an ice cream stick

A member of the local Underworld is murdered by two non identified individuals and the commissioner Randall fears that this act provokes bloody reprisals. He entrusts the affair to the Chief Ironside and, during the questioning of the persons having a link with the victim, Marc meets Sam Noble, a man that he did not review for ten years. Sam lived in the same street that Marc and, uniformly, he offered him a cream stick. Since this beautiful era, Sam well changed and did several stays in prison. Ironside, that would like to protect his friend, stretched of him to do to understand that the man that he knew no longer exists than in his memories, but Marc remains persuaded that Sam amended himself. The friendship between the two men suffers quickly of the position and, when a second murder is committed, Marc takes the bad decision, putting thus his life in peril... 

Writing by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Will J White (2nd Detective), Victor Bozeman (1st Detective), Mel Scott (Sam Noble), Jackie Russell (Kathy), Jim Creech (detective Garber), Francine York (June), Jack Kruschen (Busch), Ena Hartman (Millie Roberts).
19. To kill a cop

A night, Ed comes to the aid of two policemen in patrol for mastery a drunk man that attackes them.  This does, the sergent accompanies his colleagues to the commissionership where the man, Frank Vincent, promises to avenge himself. Some hours later, while he has just been liberated under guarantee, the one of the policemen is murdered of two bullets in the back, in front of his residence. Ed immediately thinks about Vincent and will apprehend him to question him. Once more, the man debates himself and must be handcuffed. His wife, scene witness, engage a lawyer to defend him and, by lacks proofs, the police must relax Vincent. When the second policeman that stopped Frank dies in the explosion of his car, Ed is persuaded to know the guilty one and will find Vincent to his restaurant where, because of the fit of anger of the latter, he passes next to a catastrophe. The lawyer of the restaurant owner easily obtains a criticism for Ed and fifteen days of forced vacation. With the assistance of the Chief, the sergent will attempt to prove that he has reason, before Vincent have not get him... 

Writing by Donn Mullally
Directed by Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star:  Robert Karnes (sergeant of reserve), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Richard Van Vleet (Briggs), Bing Russell (Cal Bristold), Olive Sturgess (Mary Connell), Hal Needham (Connell), Ruta Lee (Marian), Parley Baer (Everett Brandt), Anne Whitfield (Helen), Pernell Roberts (Frank Vincent).
20. The lonely hostage

Fred Hickman, sergent of honest police and worker, is submerged by personal and financial problems. Employed to part-time in a bank, he ends up to yield to the temptation and robs a strong sum of money. Unfortunately, while he leaves the bank, he falls on a young policeman in patrol that, hearing the alarms, unsheathes his weapon. Fred does not hesitate and pulls for him over, the injured seriously. The facts doing the first page of the newspapers, Randall decides to entrust the affair to Ironside but, at the end of a week, the latter has no result. Fred contacts him then by telephones and declares being ready to go, but only if the Chief moves himself only, with Marc. Ironside accepts and goes to the appointment fixed by Fred. Previously, he believes that the policeman effectively will go but, in reality, this appointment was a trap and he meet again hostage, as well as Marc. When Fred takes them in a house of a small village, where his wife awaits him, Ironside understands that this is there that the policeman counts to execute them, him and his friend. The stretched Chief then to convince the woman of Fred of not to follow blindly his husband. 

Writing by Norman Katkov
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Mike Mahoney (Crandall), Fabian Dean (Glodder), William Fawcett (Sam Layton), Charles Brewer (Larry Reilly), Robert Lansing (Fred Hickman), Kathie Browne (Jane Hickman).
21. The challenge

An evening, Ironside is with a friend psychiatrist for a game chess. This one finished, the doctor challenges to the policeman: he shows him a piece where are spread the works of several artists of San Francisco that participate in a study launched by the psychiatrist. According to him, the one of these artists is an assassin in power and he asks Ironside to guess which. The Chief does not appreciate hardly and would wish that his friend delivers simply the name of the man, in order to warn an eventual crime. On the instant, the psychiatrist refuses and, two days later, he is murdered at his home. All naturally, Ironside undertake himself with the investigation and starts his investigations on the artists of which he saw the works. Quickly, the one of them becomes the suspicious ideal, so much more than he already has judicial antecedents for an aggression with white weapon. But, when he is rediscovered dead, Ironside understands that he was involved himself on the bad way and envisions an all other scenario. 

Writing by John McGreevey
Directed by Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star: Tom Simcox (Brian Turner), Nicholas Colasanto (Mike Sellino), Coleen Gray (Anne Kingsley), Cec Linder (Carl Anderson), Virginia Grey (Mrs. Meacham), Noah Keen (Dr. Paul Bragen), Known Ass Langdon (Rhea Prentiss).
22. All in a day's work

Ironside and his assistants go out of a meeting of shortened movie and, while Ed and Marc will look for the van, the Chief and Eve see thieves to leave a jewelry store on the other side street. Eve screams for them to stop themself and the two men unsheathe their weapons, done fire in their direction before fleeing. Eve launch themselves to their pursuit and, after an exchange of several gunshots, kills the one of the thieves. This is with horror that the young woman notices herself that she has just cut down a boy of 17 years and, quickly, she comes up against anger and the hate of those that knew the victim; the latter hanging up themselves to the idea that he was a "good boy". Eve does not reach to overcome the position and her teammates are not therefore hardly astonished to learn his desire to resign of the police. The Chief, that does not want to lose Eve, announces for her that she will have first to finish the investigation in course, to know to rediscover the accomplice of Bill, the young killed man. He will go even until to risk his life to force the young woman to resume the over. 

Writing by Evan Hunter
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Lorraine Gary (Nancy Lewin), Clyde Howdy (police), Harry Swoger (Raynold), Don Hanmer (Artie Waring), Jerry Hausner (Mr. Edwards), Walter Burke (Smiley), Jeanette Nolan (Mrs. Matling).
23. Something for nothing

Tommy Cusack, young singer and promising musician, is also a compulsive one and strongly in debt player with Roy Faber, a member of the local Underworld: he has for him 32,000 $. Unfortunately, Tommy is in the inability to reimburse and Faber wants to profit from it. In exchange for the suppression of his debt, he asks Tommy of him to return a service, an illegal act, well heard. Verna, the wife of Tommy, understands that his husband has boredoms and goes immediately about it to speak with Ironside. The Chief, that wants to jam Faber since of long years, asks Tommy to execute the service in question for next to be able to testify in front of the court against the crook. Tommy, first reluctant, accept and learns that he will have to participate in the attack of a bank. The police is present to stretch a trap to the crooks but, unfortunately, the accomplices of Tommy smell the trap and flees before to have committed a too violent act. Faber, furious, does all possible sound to poison the existence of Tommy, doing for him to lose his work, hoping to be able to convince him of come back to of better feelings when he will present him the position of his dreams. Ironside feels that Tommy will yield and does for him to meet a new time Faber, so that he realizes the mediocrity of the personage. 

Writing by Anthony Terpiloff and Stephen Kandel
Directed by Robert Butler
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Jan Merlin (Luther Zahn), Laurie Main (Harris), Paul Mantee (Assistant of the district attorney Corey), Vincent Gardenia (Roy Faber), James Farentino (Tommy Cusack), Susan Saint James (Verna Cusack), Leonard Stone (Hermann).
24. Barbara who

Barbara Jones, nursing auxiliary for to the hospital where the Chief was admitted after his aggression, comes to find the latter for him to ask his assistance: a road hog attempted to crush her and she fears for her life. Unfortunately, Barbara is incapable in advance a motive that could push someone to want to kill her, for she is amnesiac, her first ones remember being old of only a year. The Chief begins his investigation while questioning those that met Barbara after the aggression that had lost for him the memory: doctors, policemen, journalists... The task announces itself difficult, so much more than the time presses: the mysterious aggressor of Barbara remakes an attempt, aborted by Marc, and the chief decides to install his girlfriend with Eve. Ironside, that hopes to start a durable relation with Barbara, is conscious that his discoveries risk ruining his sentimental projects; but to discover the passed young woman is the only solution to know the identity of his aggressor. 

Writing by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by James Sheldon
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Johnny Seven (officer Petrizzi), Mark Roberts (Jim Hennessy), John Pickard (Ned Morris), Robert Patten (Dr. Carl Banks), Kiel Martin (Billy Meeker), Phil Carey (Dick Richards), Paul Bryar (2nd driver), Albert Popwell (1st driver), Alan Baxter (Sheriff), Glenn Mr. Weber (Mike Petrizzi), Michael Barbera (Johnny Petrizzi), Marion Ross (Mrs. Petrizzi), Vera Miles (Barbara Jones/Lois Richards)
25. Perfect crime

At the time of a criminology lecture in a local university, the chief see himself to put back by the most oldest person an anonymous letter announcing for him that, in contrast to what he claims, the perfect crime exists. The moment he regains his vehicle, a gunshot bursts and a student, that discussed with him, collapses. The young man draws from his living but Ironside understands that it is only a beginning and he starts immediately his investigation, targeting his investigations on the some present students to his lecture. Soon, this is Eve that is victim of the killer one and Ironside have only more decided to arrest him before he does not commit actually a murder; so much more than he knows than this will be him the victim. The one of the students, Roger Simmons, is quickly the object of all the attentions for several indices render suspicious him and, while the commissioner Randall is persuaded to hold the guilty one, Ironside envisions an all other hypothesis. 

Writing by Norman Katkov
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Vernon Scott (Frank), Shelly Novack (Roger Simmons), David Lewis (Dean Adam Gabriel), Paul Hough (Byron Shelley Crawford III), Brenda Scott (Peggy), Pete Duel (Jonathan Dix), Kitty Malone (girl), Ron Russell (guard), Bill Baldwin (George).
26. Officer Bobby 

The Chief must go to a congress of three days organized by the police to Los Angeles. While he patient with his assistants in an expectation room, he attends the preparation of his airplane that, suddenly, explodes. Quickly, the police experts discover the remainders of a bomb to bases of destroys and the speculations go good train on the identity of the aimed person: the chief or a fleeting other? To the fallen night, the policemen leave the airport and Marc discovers a baby, abandoned in the van of the Chief with this simple message on the windshield: keep my child until... Ironside takes the nourrisson at his home while Ed goes with a suspected woman to be accomplice of the poser of bomb. But, when he arrives at her home, the sergent discovers that the apartment was searched and that the baby is the son of this woman, May Evans. Ironside thinks that she is the target of the fanatic of destroys it and stretched to force her to contact him while publishing a false item on Bobby, the baby, in the newspapers. May cannot prevent herself to come to find the Chief and, the direction by the nerve crisis, Ironside decides to leave her to leave while asking Ed to follow her.  But the bomb poser, him also, read the newspaper... 

Writing by Brett Halliday and Bill S. Ballinger
Directed by James Sheldon
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Ron Pinkard (journalist), Paul Carr (Harry Higdon), Sidney Clute (police), Russ Conway (L.A. Laserman), Jon Lormer (Tommy), Nancy Malone (May Evans), Jeanne Cooper (Myra Brinker).
27. Trip to Hashbury

An evening, Ed and Eve go with Freddie, a hippie one known to welcome young women and suspected to furnish for them drug. They look for a childlike one of 15 years, running away, and circulate in the house of Freddie with his photo. To search the floor, they separate themselves and Eve, that has just found the young one running away one, is sudden warned by cries. She arrives just on time to see a girl to debate herself in the arms of Ed. Eve helps her colleague but it seems quickly that the girl savagely was beaten. To the hospital, Ironside discovers the identity of the victim:  Barbara Chase, the girl of an eminent lawyer, Eldon Chase. Before falling in the case, she accuses Ed to have beaten her and, before to have been able to be questioned by the police, dies of her injuries. Eldon is persuaded guilt of the sergent and wants his head but, summoned by Ironside, he learns from the mouth of the young one running away one found by Eve that this was not the first time that Barbara went with Freddie. Eldon envisions while his girl lied for him and leaves the Chief to do his investigation but, when the boyfriend of Barbara corroborates the history that she had related for him, he feels guilty to have doubted and folds back himself again on Ed. Ironside, him, envision another hypothesis... 

Writing by Norman Jolley
Directed by Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Judy Brown (Terry), Cliff Osmond (Freddie), Susan O'Connell (Barbara Chase), Kres Mersky (Purple), Victor Creatore (Doctor), Stacey Gregg (Patty Larsen), David Macklin (David Wilson), Monica Lewis (Partridge Miss), Cynthia Hull (Kathy), Allan Hunt (Gary), Michael Ford (Tag), Jerry Davis (Jeff Harmon), William Windom (Eldon Chase).
28. Due process of the law

Marc goes to an evening organized by a friend recently demobilized soldier with Helen, a young woman that he frequents since little. During the party, the Chief calls him and asks for him to return to accompany him with the Mayor of all urgency. Marc, that wants first gone home Helen at her place, leaves himself to convince to leave her with his friend during his absence. Unfortunately, the meeting with the Mayor lasts a long time and, when the Chief finished some, he learns him the death of Helen, rediscovered dead in the Park of Golden Gate. Immediately, Marc decides to do his clean investigation and, when he discovers that Helen left with a certain Joe Fenway, he is persuaded to hold the guilty one. Disobeying Ironside, he goes with Joe and forces the door of his apartment to search it: he discovers syringes hypodermiques. As Helen is dead overdose, that reinforces his conviction but, to the arrival of Ed, Marc learns that the proofs that he has just found no longer have value since he entered by breaking and entering. Furious, Marc goes until to hit Fenway when this one is questioned by Ironside. Later, the man being free, Marc goes at his home to have an explanation: he discovers dead Joe. When Connie, the girlfriend of Joe, penetrate in the apartment, she sees Marc arms it crime to the hand. The assistant of ironside meet again then accused murder and the Chief wants that he draws from it a lesson. 

Writing by Donald A. Brinkley
Directed by Richard Colla
Guest star: Ron Pinkard (Jimmy Bracken), Barry Cahill (sergeant Miller), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Ray Ballard (the shipper), Roy Glenn (Mr. Tobom), Janee Michelle (Helen Tobin), Carol Booth (Connie Goshen), Burr DeBenning (Joe Fenway), Parley Baer (Everett Brandt), David Carradine (Pogo Weems), Dwayne Hickman (Archie Bass).
29. Return of the hero

The captain David Larkin is condemned to death for the murder of his wife and of his lover, thanks to the testimonies of two eyewitnesses and to the investigation conducted by Ironside, that rediscovered the weapon of the captain on the crime places. To the verdict announcement, the men of the captain leave to burst their anger and promise to avenge themselves. Soon, Ironside receives threats of death, as well as the two witnesses to the process of Larkin. The Chief, always persuaded innocence of David, that formerly worked under his orders, stretched to find new likely elements to provoke a process revision. When the judge of Larkin is murdered, Ironside understands that the time plays against him for someone decided to eliminate all those that, according to him, are responsible of the condemnation of Larkin. The one of the witnesses dies to his turn and the other escapes from little to the death. While analyzing the different indices at his disposal, Ironside does to take an all other way to his investigation... 

Writing by Robert Pirosh
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Guest star: Ned Romero (Kali), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Elizabeth Germaine (receptionist), Joe Turkel (district attorney), Charles Wood (Mace), Dennis McCarthy (Carlisle judge), Gavin MacLeod (Daniel Gerber), Hank Brandt (Paul J. Rutledge), Gary Collins (captain David Larkin).

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