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30. Shell Game

A notorious robber of jewels named Justin arrives downtown at the same time as a loading of famous jewels intended for an exposure in a local museum. Ironside must keep the robber with the eye to avoid the robbery of the jewels but his adversary is very intelligent and, moreover, he is helped by an accomplice infiltrated with the museum.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star: Johnny Seven (Dean), Simon Scott (Waltham), Sorrell Booke (Justin), Robert Christopher (Mechanic), John Holland (Jenkins), John Dennis (Bliss Detective), Robert DoQui (Marty), Lisa Todd (Gloria), Charles Aidman (Glass).
31. Split second to an Epitaph (1)

Ironside and Marc leave the hospital where the Chief comes to make his usual tests. They hear a shot and Marc precipitates towards his origin. He discovers the body of a guard and, before to have been able to react, is made strike by a masked unknown. The man leaves the building while running and runs up against Ironside which manages to uncover him and to see his face. The next morning, the Chief complains about pains to the legs, which is very unusual and the conduit at the hospital for examinations. His doctor then proposes an exploratory surgical operation to him which could enable him to recover the use of his legs… or to lead him to the mortuary. But Ironside wants to wedge the murderer of the guard of the hospital and pushes back the operation…

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz, Gift Mr. Mankiewicz
Directed by: Leonard Horn
Guest star: Gift Stroud (Albee), Lorraine Gary (nurse Green), Lilia Skala (Sister Agatha), Amentha Dymally (Ann Fellows), Mel Scott (Ralph Fellows), Brenda Scott (Carol Dillon), Troy Donahue (Father Dugan), David Sheiner (doctor), Joseph Cotten (Stern), Eileen Wesson (nurse Evans), Linda Chandler (nurse Kane), Frank Arno (portraitist of the police), Andrew Prine (Ernie).

32. Split second to an Epitaph (2)

The murderer of the guard is determined to eliminate the only witness from his crime and, as the Chief finally decided to enter to the hospital to be operated, from the occasions go to present himself to him. Helped by his mistress, he initially tries to poison Ironside but, because of his obstinacy, fails. He then decides to choose a more radical solution by poisoning the Chief directly with the block, during the operation. Eve, Ed and Marc try to untie the situation to save Ironside…

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz, Gift Mr. Mankiewicz
Directed by: Leonard Horn
Guest star: Gift Stroud (Albee), Lorraine Gary (nurse Green), Joseph Cotten (Stern), Linda Chandler (nurse Kane), Amentha Dymally (Ann Fellows), Margaret O'Brien (Sister Louise Prescott), Troy Donahue (Father Dugan), Mel Scott (Ralph Fellows), Eileen Wesson (nurse Evans), Brenda Scott (Carol Dillon), David Sheiner (doctor), Andrew Prine (Ernie), Frank Arno (portraitist of the police), Lilia Skala (Sister Agatha).

33. The sacrifice

Marc returns visit to a man whom he knew in prison and, arrived at his apartment, discovers him dead. In the darkness, he is struck by an unknown from which he distinguishes only two things: his shoes and his revolver with white stick. Ironside and his team go to the site and, when sergeant Al Serventes join them, Marc identifies him at once with these two details. The Commissioner Randall decides to entrust the case to Ironside while suspending Servantes of his functions and, in spite of the friendship that he is binds him to the Chief, this last is hardly shown co-operative, trying to solve the case only. Believing initially that his acts by pride, Ironside arrives soon at another conclusion: Al wants to be sacrificed.

Writing by: Gerald Sanford
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: Argentina Brunetti (aunt of Rita), Poupée Bocar (Rita), Vincent Van Lynn (Thomas Scott), Rafael Campos (Kid Valdez), John Sebastian (Sam), Elena Verdugo (Liz Cervantes), Priscilla Ann (Maria Cervantes), Phillip Pine (Ortega), Johnny Aladdin (Vic Cervantes), Blaisdell Makee (Romeo Sangria), Ricardo Montalban (sergeant Al Servantes), Robert Alda (F.A. Hobarth).

34. Robert Philips vs. the man

An activist militant for the rights of the blacks is stopped for murder and the black community of San Francisco threatens to go down in the streets to protest. The Commissioner Randall asks the Chief to undertake the investigation to try to prove the innocence of Phillip; but certain citizens do not seem to want to cooperate.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Nicholas Colasanto
Guest star: Paul Winfield (Robert Phillips), Diane Shalet (Mrs. Shavely), Davis Roberts (Attorney Peters), Ben Hammer (Fleming), John Rayner (Larry Drake), Gloria Edwards (Mrs. Adams), Morris D. Erby (Mr. Adams), Fabian Dean (lieutenant Porter), Jack Collins (Corning), Donna Anders (Lottie Collins), Jack Hogan (Ed Barnard), Arnold Williams (the man), Dick Anthony Williams (voice off), Diane Ladd (Peggy Barnard).

35. Desperate encounter

A friend of the Chief invites him to come to spend a few days of holidays at his home, in mountain. The man, called Franklin, had just had an accident of hunting during which he received a bullet. When Ironside and Marc arrive in the small city close to Franklin, they note that this last enjoys a bad reputation and that he never came downtown. The Chief will see the sheriff Douglas and asks him to go to warn Franklin of his arrival, the access to the mountain not being easy to him. Douglas is recalcitrant and supports that Franklin should not be at his home but left in ramble: he agrees nevertheless to send somebody. Later, he comes to inform Ironside which he had reason and asks him to set out again. The Chief does not take account of it to and takes the risk of going to the hut of his friend, whom he finds in a deplorable state. Noting that the wood heap was moved, Ironside suspects a murder at once and sends Marc to seek the sheriff. When the two men return, Ironside disappeared. With his great surprise, Marc is stopped and understands rather quickly that Doublas hopes to put a crime to him on the back, a crime which does not have yet took place: the murder of Ironside.

Writing by: Donn Mullally
Directed by: Richard Stuck
Guest star: Ron Beam (Douglas Sheriff), Gene Raymond (Charles Huff), Tom Simcox (George Huff).

36. I, the people

Ross Howard, an odious organizer of talk-show called "the voice of the people", starts to receive death threats by mail and the Commissioner Randall decides to entrust the case to the Chief Ironside, asking him to ensure his protection. In spite of his aversion for the character, the Chief starts a deepened investigation, excavating the past of Howard like that of his close relations. When this last collapses with the studio after having eaten chocolates, it appears obvious that the threats do not have anything a joke. Having introduced little poison, Howard leaves indemne there and, later, he is victim of a new attempt on behalf of a shirker gunner. The organizer has many enemies, among whom the captain of police Walter Finch, a friend of Ironside, and the Chief has thus extremely to make. When the wife of Howard dies in the explosion of the car of her husband, everyone thinks at once of an error of target but Ironside starts to erect scaffolding a very least macabre assumption.

Writing by: Milton Berle and Stephen Lord
Directed by: Barry Shear
Guest star: Jason Wingreen (the man), George Murdock (captain Walter Finch), Dane Clark (Phil Manning), Parley Baer (commander Stevens), Jean Howell (the woman), Bill Welsh (journalist), Abraham Sofaer (Maharishi Rabbu), William Keene (professor), Lee Miller (odd-job man), Julie Adams (Norma Howard), Patricia Barry (Martha Webb), Milton Berle (Ross Howard).

37. Price tag - death 

The Chief is called on the spot of the murder of a homeless person by a ex-cop living now in the street. This last, knowing Ironside, wishes that he take care of the investigation, estimating that the life of a tramp is worth that of no matter whom well. The Chief accepts and, soon, makes the bringing together between the death of the tramp and a burgling during which the necessary one to manufacture forged cheques was stolen. The robber being a man very unstable and beginning in the field from the crime, Ironside goes up his track rather easily. He wants to benefit from this investigation to oblige the ex-police officer become tramp to face his past to start again a more decent life.

Writing by: Robert Earll
Directed by: Richard Stuck
Guest star: Ben Freedman (Bum), Gil Peterson (officer), Victor Rogers (salesman of clothing), George Carey (the man), Bob Gravage (Red Emery), Erin O'Reilly (Cindy), Ralph Smiley (Mr. Sterns), Marcelle Fortier (salesman of books), John Mitchum (Slim), Jim Malinda (Ben), Peggy Ann Garner (ex-wife of Jack), Ralph Meeker (Rafe), Clu Gulager (Jack Tyler).

38. An obvious case of guilt

Carolyn White, a friend of the Chief, suspected murder of her husband, although no body was discovered. District Attorney is based on a recording of an argument ending in a shot and traces of blood in the residence of the victim to support his theory. Ironside, convinced of the innocence of Carolyn, decides to take in hand the investigation and is not long in discovering a corpse: that of a mannequin, mistress of the victim. Carolyn is initially shown of this second murder but Ironside manages to establish her innocence and, soon, clears her completely, proving that her husband must always be in life and that he is him which assembled all this history. Whereas all seems finished, from the small details will foresee another possibility with the Chief, who will be vis-a-vis a painful choice.

Writing by: Brad Radnitz
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: Anne Baxter (Carolyn White), Joan Tompkins (Miss Denny), Warren Stevens (district attorney Layton), Art Hern (John Bellows), Bing Russell (sheriff of Monterey), Allen Emerson (Cunningham), Bebe Louie (working), Lloyd Kino (grocer 2), Harry Harvey, Sr. (grocer 1), Eve McVeagh (manager), Paul Micale (trading), Florida Friebus (the woman between two ages).

39. Reprise

When Eve is wounded during a shooting, the remainder of the team remembers their first meetings with them, and the wonders developed by the Chief so that she joins him. During this time, Ed worries about know if he wants simply to stop the attacker of Eve or to kill this man without another form of lawsuit.

Writing by: Albert Aley
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Quinn Redeker (Paul Fulham), Lillian Lehman (Nurse 2), Adrienne Marden (Nurse 1), Irene Hervey (Mrs. Whitfield), Eddie Firestone (Cherney), Stuart Rice (Frank Sharkey), Nancy Wickwire (Mrs. Kessell).

40. The macabre Mr. Micawber 

Ironside has go with a rich man to take glass. When he arrives on the spot, accompanied by Marc, he finds this last death, assassinated. Quickly, the servant becomes the principal suspect until he is attacked by an unknown without apparent reason. Ironside discovers whereas the servant had a bird of company, a ménate, particularly chatterer and who could hold the solution of the history.

Writing by: Bill S. Ballinger and Brett Halliday
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Bill Fletcher (Arnie Simms), Burgess Meredith (Carney), Ray Montgomery (sergeant Boardman), John Pickard (lieutenant of the firemen), Arthur Space (Horatio Shute), Kathie Browne (Elda Thompson), Kevin Burchett (messenger), Joseph Mell (Mr. Pipe), Jack Kruschen (McKay).
41. Side Pocket

A young resourceful person is constrained to degrade himself with a gangster when his brother accumulates strong gambling debts. Will the Chief decides to intervene but manage to draw the two brothers from this bad step in time?

Writing by: Norman Katkov and Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: Ross Sherman (officer of control of the traffic), Cathleen Cordell (saleswoman), Victor Bozeman (salesman of hot dog), Paul Sorenson (Frank), Bob Hastings (Ray), Corinne Cole (Judy), Michael Christian (Tim Patterson), Robert Ellenstein (Sidney), Carl Reindel (Bobby Patterson), H.M. Wynant (Phil Vance), Jack Albertson (Money Howard).

42. Sergeant Mike

An old woman is assassinated and the only witness of the scene proves to be a dog, Sergent Mike. Ironside is not long in discovering that the victim had assembled astute combines to strip credulous single people, men who, as by chance, all were assassinated. The woman having obligatorily had an accomplice, the Chief leaves to research this last, with the assistance of Sergent Mike.

Writing by: Carey Wilber
Directed by: Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star: Bill Quinn (medical examiner), Robert Karnes (working), Bill Bixby (Edward Neufane), Robert Cornthwaite (Judson Trumble), Fred Williamson (sergeant Peer), John Dehner (the colonel).

43. In search of an artist

Ironside wants to offer a gift to Eve for his aniverssaire and, by chance, fall on a table apparently painted by an old friend who is supposed died after having acknowledged a murder. The Chief believes that he is always alive, and innocent, and leaves to Mexico to find his friend, but also the true murderer.

Writing by: Joseph Bonaduce
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: Lorraine Gary (Leona Stuart), Broderick Crawford (Jack Stuart), Ronald Long (responsible for store), Ivan Triesault (Dr. Driscoll), Myron Healey (Jones), Art Metrano (Burt Blake), Joaquín Martínez (Juan Sanroma), William Burns (Danny Fielder), Barbara Werle (Anita Stuart), Lisabeth Hush (Betty Neil), Richard Forbes (Scotty Collins).

44. Up, down and even

The niece of Eve is stopped for the possession and the use of marijuana, and the Chief inquires in his school and near his friends to try to clear her. It becomes soon obvious that she is guilty, like good of others, and that she even encouraged some of her friends to do as much of it.

Writing by: Robert Earll
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Richard Anderson (Ted Channing), Gwen Welles (Pam), Susan Sullivan (Andrea), Cynthia Hull (Christine), Mary Linda Rapelye (Ann), Barbara Sanford (Kathy), Edith Atwater (Miss Bryan), David Lewis (the headmaster Fall), Terry Messina (Susan Burgess), Susan O'Connell (Kimberly Channing), Charles Brewer (Terry Lawrence), Rachel Ames (Carolyn Channing), Alfred Ryder (sergeant John Darga).
45. Why the tuesday afternoon bridge club met on thursday

Victoria Ironside, the aunt of the Chief, is member of Club of Bridge of Tuesday Afternoon. When a member of the club disappears, Tante Victoria is persuaded that there was murder and at once will find his nephew so that he helps her to solve this mystery. Ironside accepts and finds himself quickly assisted in his task by four old ladies decided to put their salt grain in the history. When the corpse of the missing member is discovered, Ironside understands that assassin took example on an old crime and that he reproduces it in his least details.

Writing by: Irve Tunick
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Barry Cahill (sergeant Miller), Bill Quinn (medical examiner), Jessie Royce Landis (Victoria Ironside), Ellen Corby (Gladys Prescott), Arthur O'Connell (Harvey McPhee), Lenore Shanewise (Gale Prescott), Gail Kobe (Val Singleton), Linda Watkins (Bessie Montague), John Cliff (sergeant of police).

46. Rundown on a bum rap

The old trainer of boxing of Marc, become alcoholic, is found on the scene of a serious aggression, and nobody seems to want to believe that he could right innocent being, especially after the victim formally identified him. Marc fights to prove that he wrongfully was shown, helped by the remainder of the team, and in his attempt he won the affection of his law professor.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Allen Reisner
Guest star: Jason Wingreen (Sam Freeman), Sumi Haru (pilot), Ernest Harada (prosecutor), Read Morgan (officer 1), Victor Bozeman (officer 2), John Perak (the man in the court), Lola Mason (Alice), Ken Renard (judge), Robert Brubaker (sergeant), Leonard Stone (Wilson), Ken Lynch (Malloy), June Dayton (Mrs. Wilson), Richard Bull (Dr. Ender), Clifton James (Frank Bollo), Janet MacLachlan (Ellen), James Gregory (Baker).

47. The prophecy

A friend of Ironside, Francine, predicted various prophecies for the members of the team of the Chief, and they start to be carried out with a remarkable precision. All begin with the robbery from a table from Leonard de Vinci, lent by France, then by the disappearance of Ed. In spit of a prediction concerning his characteristic died, the Chief must discover the person in charge for the robbery before the French ambassador is not upset too much by the loss of a national treasure.

Writing by: Jackson Gillis
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: William Bramley (Joe Lorca), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Martha Scott (Francine), Richard Angarola (Mantini), Nick Stewart (guard of the museum), Charles Macaulay (Frank Kincaid), Paul Stewart (Cambridge).

48. A world of jackals

An old friend of Marc invites him to ask for an appointment but he is removed before he could join him. It appears soon that his disappearance is related to that of the star of cinema Gloria James, which can be assassinated. The Chief digs naturally, and a tragedy history leading directly to a representative of the underworld local remakes surface.

Writing by: Irv Pearlberg
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Bill Quinn (medical examiner), Dennis McCarthy (doctor), Jean Inness (nurse), Lynn Hamilton (Mrs. Johnson), Charles R. Radilac (Janowski), James McEachin (Luther), Charles Dierkop (Palo), Lewis Charles (Phil Lewis), William Smithers (Mr. Rick), Ena Hartman (Janet Loomis), Lynn Borden (Gloria James).

49. And be my love

While inquiring into a case of robbery among the rich person inhabitants of San Francisco, Eve Whitfield falls in love with the one with the victims, for then discovering that he is the principal suspect of the Chief. While the remainder of the team works with the best manner of catching the robber, Eve wonders whether it is not time for her to leave the police and to marry.

Writing by: Dale Eunson, Katherine Eunson and Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Eldon Quick (Vic), J. Edward McKinley (the large man), Keith Walker (Arthur Nadeliano), Amzie Strickland (Roberta O'Gorman), Paul Smith (Dave Tidwell), Chad Everett (Larry Van Druten).

50. Moonlight means money

Ed and an old friend discovers drug while the latter fact the taxi, whereas it is prohibited by the payment of the police force. The situation worsens when the cop-taxi keep silent a trafficker not armed with his weapon service. The service of the internal investigations find the situation strange and, suspected to be implied in the traffic of drug, the two police officers are suspended. Ed then takes large risks to prove the innocence of his friend, passing in addition to his setting with foot…

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Barry Cahill (sergeant Miller), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Linden Chiles (Ray Leonard), John Marley (Simon), Skip Homeier (Dameron), Murray MacLeod (Wells), Judi Meredith (Helen), Warren Kemmerling (captain Barnes), Eduardo Ciannelli (John Danione), Conny Van Dyke (Marge Wells), Dick O'Shea (Pat Arnold).

51. A drug on the market

An old friend of the Chief, recently widowed, hears strange voices and receives threats in the form of phone calls. She is afraid to become insane, but Ironside is given to prove that this is right a machination to obtain her internment in a psychiatric hospital.

Writing by: Arthur Weingarten
Directed by: Barry Shear
Guest star: Nick Dennis (George Zuppas), Ray Danton (Avery Corman), Betsy Jones-Moreland (Karen Martin), Fred Beir (Dr. Braven), Victoria Shaw (Judith Corman), Johnny Silver (Israel Sanchez), Issa Arnal (Asher Sorb-apple), Alan Stone (Howard Geary).
52. Puzzlelock

A ex-police officer, become lawyer, assassinates his wife while arranging himself to leave indices proving that she was still in life when he left the marital home to go to a dinner with Robert Ironside, thus securing a perfect alibi. The Chief must find the best manner of destroying this alibi in order to prove than he is guilty.

Writing by: B.W. Sandefur
Directed by: Allen Reisner
Guest star: Barry Cahill (sergeant Miller), Jennifer Gan (Chickie), Ned Glass (Benjie), Dabbs Greer (Thomas Gibbs), Jocelyn Brando (Etta Gibbs), Alvin Hammer (Mush Shelby), Murray Pollack (Franklin), Dennis Cooney (Paul Dekes), Ray Weaver (detective Newell), Simon Oakland (Mel Grayson).

53. The tormentor

A famous player of baseball, which is an old friend of Ed, starts to receive anonymous letters, before having more serious troubles. Fearing for his family, he refuses the offer of assistance of his friend and tries to control the situation alone. Ed must persuade him to change opinion, before the events do not turn to the drama.

Writing by: Norman Jolley
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Noam Pitlik (Ernie Wilson), Marc Hannibal (Joe Bigelow), Joe Higgins (Salty), Gary Collins (Clint Atkins), Mary Ann Mobley (Marcy Atkins), Michael-James Wixted (Joey Atkins), Bruce Gordon (Marvin Cruse), Emmett Ashford (referee 2), Art Passarella (referee 1).
54. A matter of love and death

A young woman is found died in a park and it appears soon that she died following an illegal abortion. Affected by the fate of the young woman, Eve takes a false identity and goes to the boarding school for unmarried women where the victim was descended in order to discover who is the clandestine abortionist.

Writing by: Jeannot Szwarc
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest star: Connie Kreski (Arlene), Pamela McMyler (Helen Stroud), Charlene Jones (Lana Howes), Bettye Ackerman (Dr. Pat Manners), Patrick Tovatt (Stanford Chase), Susan Howard (Jo Lyons), Barbara Shannon (Betty Ross), Lillian Adams (nurse Lois).

55. Not with a whimper, but a bang

A local university is tormented by false bomb scares, and the editor of the newspaper of the campus is convinced that the militants of left are responsible. However, when the fourth bomb proves to be true, and that a member of the escouade of mine clearance is killed, Ironside starts to consider very an other solution and to distinguish two quite distinct cases.

Writing by: Carey Wilber
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: John Zaremba (Morris), Francine York (Darlene), Ross Elliott (Ohrlich), John Harmon (Sam Jessen), Edward Asner (Simpson), Philip Chapin (Neal Morgan), Judy Brown (Angie Henderson), Davis Roberts (technician), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (sergeant Arnie Vernon).

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