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82. A killing will occur

Whereas he must go to a meeting with the persons in charge for the police force, Ironside receives a telephone call of a young man who states to want to make a murder. He does not say any more but recalls the Chief on several occasions, indicating to the latter that he knows where he is and what he does constantly of the day. Marc thinks that the potential victim is not other than Ironside but this one does not agree. Finally, when the team manages to identify the young man, it proves that he is the son of a police officer that the Chief defended at the time of a commission of suspension and that he was the only one to vote in favour of this last.

Writing by: Alvine Sapinsley
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Dane Clark (Vern Enrich), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Ira Cook (journalist), Joan Swift (waitress), Darlene Conley (owner), Barry Brown (Charles Borrow), Ted Hartley (Mr. Mather), Virginia Gregg (Mrs. Borrow), Diane Sayer (Hank).

83. No game for amateurs

A significant witness is killed in front of the law courts, reducing to nothing the chances to make condemn a dangerous malfrat. Ironside and his team are put on the investigation and discovers quickly that an unknown hired killer arrived to San Francisco. He bound of friendship with a young woman whose husband died in the war and who, from now on, fight for non-violence. He belongs to a network which allows the students called up for the military service to flee out of the United States and Ironside suspects the hired killer of wanting to benefit from the contacts of the young woman to leave the country.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: John Florea
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Martin Sheen (Johnny Ballardine), Carl Reindel (Richy Bolton), Tony Brande (Arnie Lande), Michael Christian (Roger), Lew Brown (Edwards), Michael Greer (Phil), Pamela McMyler (Nancy O' Dwyer), Casey MacDonald (Peggy), Barbara Smith (singer of Folk), Ken Drake (barman).

84. The happy dreams of hollow men

Ironside is invited by a friend whom he has not seen for ten years in weekend in a country cottage lost in the mountain. Quickly, the Chief realizes that his friend changed well and, believing initially that he is victim of the influenza, he quickly comes from there to discover that this last is doped and, moreover, in lack. The supplier of his friend must come to the village to supply him but a snowstorm isolated the country cottage from the rest of the world. Without electricity and telephone, the friend of the Chief quickly becomes sick and, especially, excessively aggressive.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Joseph Campanella (Harry Peters), Lloyd Battista (Mickey Blain), Harry Lauter (Al), Bruce Kirby (Ben), Warren Hammack (clerk).

85. The people against judge McIntire

McIntire judge, respected for his competence and his know-how, gives courses to the university. He decided to take in example a case which he treated eight years earlier and, little time after the advertisement made to his students, he is victim of an attempt at murder. Marc belonging to his group, McIntire asks for the assistance of Ironside to him. The Chief quickly arrives at the conclusion that the case chosen by the judge was not little to be not as obvious as that and than innocent was to condemn to death. He ends up discovering that the daughter of condemned was registered during the judge…

Writing by: Liam O' Brien
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: George Murdock (Lee R. Anderson), Jason Wingreen (Ben), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), James Daly (McIntyre judge), Tyne Daly (Joanna Leigh), Mala Powers (Mrs. McIntyre), Alan Hale Jr. (Goodman), Thomas Stuart (Jones), Luanne Roberts (clerk recording), Michael Payne (intern).

86. Noel's gonna fly

Noel is a filled man: a good work, an attentive woman, children, a beautiful house… however, a day, Noel cracks and plates very to leave to the arm a girl who wants to make him discover "the true life". Initially enchanted, Noel discovers that once more, one wants to be useful oneself of him and of his money… at the edge of the attack of nerves, he decides put in order his problems with blow of 38. During this time, Ironside excavates the city with his research, persuaded which he goes to the front of large troubles…

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Jill Banner (Judy Blue), Tim Considine (Ricky Tower), Richard Basehart (Noël Seymour), Dorothy Green (Mrs. Seymour), Michael Ontkean (man), Janice Pennington (woman), Nancy Vogel (Nancy), Ed Peck (Herb Cranston), James Gavin (officer Rankin), Milton Frome (Dan King), Lorraine Gary (Elaine Potter).

87. The lonely way to go

A man surveys the bars, drunk. When a barman refuses to continue to serve him and calls a taxi so that he does not kill somebody by borrowing his own car, the man has a catch: his secretary died and he is the assassin. He turns over to his office and discovers the body of the young woman. At once, he calls the police and signs full confessions. However, the victim being defended, lieutenant Reese is perplexed because the suspect does not carry any mark of blow. With the assistance of Ironside, he discovers a history of swindle and one been engaged which has great need for money… this last becomes the ideal suspect then but the Chief is perplexed…

Writing by: Donn Mullally
Directed by: Richard Benedict
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Carl Betz (Talley), Donna Ouellette (Kathy Dana), Paul Micale (Cabbie), Dennis McCarthy (Joe), Sidney Clute (Leone), Jeanne Cooper (Mrs. Talley), Denny Miller (Matt Raddin).

88. Check, matt: and murder (1)

On a trip to Canada for a conference on the crime, Ironside and his team are confronted with terrorists who pose bombs in the P.0. boxes. When a criminologist is killed during the explosion of the one of these bombs, the police makes a raid in the nationalist mediums and, among the latter, appears Robert Duvalier, the son of a woman that Ironside loved twenty years earlier. With his request, the Chief mingles with the investigation and discovers that the assassinated criminologist had in his possession a part of a chess-board of very great value, stolen at the time of a burgling of bank. The track of the nationalists is then abandoned.

Writing by: Sandy Stern
Directed by: David Lowell Rich
Guest star: Karin Dor (Jeanine Duvalier), Richard Angarola (gatekeeper), Alan Bergmann (Pierre Fougere), William Lanteau (Arnold Beckman), Ivor Francis (Claude), Alain Patrick (Robert Duvalier), Maria Grimm (Claudette), Michael Sugich (Henri), Emile Genest (Frank Rousseau), Hermione Gingold (Ernestine Mugford).

89. Check, matt: and murder

Ed foams the harbour zone with the research of the bomb planter while the remainder of the team tries to discover which would be ready to kill to recover the stolen chess-board. Several suspects are possible but the investigation is announced difficult, more especially as Robert Duvalier continues to defend his ideas by posing bombs and agrees to place one of them, particularly fatal, under an official platform at the time of the procession of Saint Patrick. Ironside wants to prevent him from wasting his life unnecessarily.

Writing by: Sandy Stern
Directed by: David Lowell Rich
Guest star: Emile Genest (Frank Rousseau), Karin Dor (Jeanine Duvalier), Alan Bergmann (Pierre Fougere), John Van Dreelen (Carl Shiller), William Lanteau (Arnold Beckman), Hermione Gingold (Ernestine Mugford), Alain Patrick (Robert Duvalier), Herbert Anderson (Karp), Maria Grimm (Claudette), Michael Sugich (Henri), Ben Baker (Counterman), Jack Raine (Jack Gillingham), Mark de Vries (Bert Manetta).

90. Too many victims

The daughter of a police officer, friend of Ironside, has a car accident under the influence of the marijuana. His father decides to leave in crusade against the dealer who sold grass to his daughter and, very quickly, it appears that he is not decided to comply with the rules which guided his career throughout his life. Ironside will be in front of a difficult choice.

Writing by: Irv Pearlberg
Directed by: Corey Allen
Guest star: Paul Carr (Dr. Burroughs), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Tom Reinike), Andrew Rubin (Frank), Eddie Ryder (Klemin), Alex Kravett (Pete Jordan), Forrest Tucker (Milt Stein), Kathy Lloyd (Barbara Stein), Mr. Jonathan Steele (Marty Beale).

91. The man on the inside

The narcotic squad make a operation in a warehouse but the result is null. The pipe being first hand, the chief of narcotic estimates that the traffickers were well informed. Few people knew about the operation: six personalities of the police of which the Chief Robert Ironside. An investigation is opened and Ed discovers a witness who would have seen a high member of the trade union of the crime giving from the money in Ironside. This witness is placed under the protection of the police and an internal survey, carried out by Ed, is open on the Chief. Assisted by Eve, Ed discovers land drug and titles in the office of Ironside. The Commissioner Randall orders his arrest.

Writing by: Brad Radnitz and Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Gail Bonney (Landlady), Roger Perry (Mike Sidney), Simon Scott (Carmine De Bello), Michael Bell (Lennie Josephs), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Than Wyenn (Hikey Komack), Judson Pratt (Parrish), Joseph Mell (Matty), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (lieutenant Jimmy Burwell).

92. Backfire

Marc must carry out a work for his courses of law. He chooses to take in example four years an old case to illustrate the situation where an defendant decides to take himself his defense. Marc meets the man in prison and shaken spring: he is persuaded of innocence of condemned and the fact that this last shows the sergeant Ed Brown to have falsified a evidence disturbs him. Marc writes a duty where he dismounts the testimony of the four witnesses of the case and he makes the error to give it to type with the sister of condemned. The latter is arranged so that it is diffused with television, thus obliging the Randall police Commissioner to reopen the case. He entrusts it to Ironside, hoping that this last will quickly find to it fine word of the history.

Writing by: Frank Telford
Directed by: John Florea
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Robert F. Lyons (Durko), James Wainwright (Foster), Kay Peters (Charlotte), Robert H. Harris (Mr. Coffin), Sallie Shockley (Elly), Vaughn Taylor (James Dawson), Lou Krugman (Dolan).

93. The laying on of hands

Pablo, a young Mexican, saying is equipped with capacities of cure, arrives to San Francisco. The husband of a woman that Ironside knew at the hospital at the time of his rehabilitation asks him to drive out this charlatan so that his wife does not delude herself again with illusions on a future miraculous cure. The organization of the meetings of Pablo being legal, Ironside can only go there in order to try to convince his friend not not to too much believe in this kind of things. But, counters any waiting, Pablo cures paralysed who finds the use of his legs. Ironside is persuaded that there is no miracle and he starts to be interested in the young boy who saw recluse in a hotel room, without distraction and friends.

Writing by: Tom Seller
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Edward Faulkner (Frank Wickham), Rita Conde (Mrs. Esteban), Alan Hewitt (Harley), Paul Fix (Barney), Phyllis Love (Jeannie Wickham), Dort Clark (Sam), Charles Lampkin (conducting heavy lorry), David Barton (Pablo Esteban).

94. This could blow your mind

The Chief Ironside is on a list of four people likely to fulfill a significant mission for White House. In order to know which is placed best to fill the latter, of the personality tests are envisaged in a specialized institute. The Chief accepts without knowing that the underworld intends to benefit from this stay to tap information to him on a man who worked for him and betrayed them by giving several of his colleagues. A malfrat kidnaps the wife and the two daughters of the doctor charged to deal with the case with Ironside in order to oblige him to make speak this last so that he reveals the place where the traitor in question hides.

Writing by: Stephen Cannell and Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: James Neilson
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Bradford Dillman (William Danner), George Grizzard (Larry), John Lupton (Doctor Freeman), Jerry Douglas (Fenton), Anne Whitfield (receptionist), Ann Doran (Mrs. Briggs), Regina Gleason (Mrs. Danner), Tod Andrews (guard), John Cliff (night watchman).

95. Blackout

Two sub-stations are damaged with the explosive, plunging several districts of San Francisco in the total black. Ironside thinks that a large blow prepares and proposes his assistance with the officer who directs the police station directly concerned. Initially reticent, this one admits his lack of experience quickly and benefits from the presence of Ironside to set up adequate measurements. The Chief quickly arrives at the conclusion that somebody, in the police station, informs the malfrats in the beginning explosions; their thus giving a length in advance. But there is a fault in their plan that Ironside hastens to exploit with his advantage.

Writing by: Robert Pirosh
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Bill Quinn (sergeant Reddick), James McEachin (officer), Fred Holliday (second police officer), Jack Albertson (Dave Spangler), Sandy Kenyon (Kinney), Roman Gabriel (Holloway), Allen Jaffe (Jonesy), Myron Healey (Brill), Carol Saunders (clerk), John S. Ragin (first police officer).

96. The quincunx

Jane, a former comrade of college of Eve, gives her appointment in a room where she must sing with her group. She asked her friend to come with the Chief Ironside, which worries Eve. When the two boys who forms the remainder of the group announce that Jane will not be able to occur during several days, the concern of the young woman redoubles. As of the following day, Eve tries to know some more and runs up against the indolence and nonthe chalence of the two boys. The body of a girl is found but it is not a question of Jane: it is about Olivia, the girl friend of the one of the two musicians, who was wildly stabbed. Ironside fears for the life of Jane.

Writing by: Max Hodge
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: David Carradine (Luke Roberts), Michael Blodgett (Matthew Roberts), Carla Borelli (Jane Gaylord), Bob Hastings (George Norene), Mabel Albertson (Laura May Tomer), Paul Bryan (Henry Volkel), David Moody (Barney), Ed Deemer (officer Hugh Flynn), Than Wyenn (medical examiner).

97. From Hruska with love

The Commissioner Randall obliges Ironside to give up his holidays to organize an exchange between a Czechoslovakian spy and an American citizen. The case is announced complicated especially that Hruska, the spy, is not really eager to return in her country where, according to her statements, certain people work with her loss. All becomes complicated when the Chief and Hruska are kidnapped in Mexico, not far from the place where the exchange was to take place. Ed must save time and decides to use the resemblance between Eve and Hruska to mislead their contact while waiting to find the Chief and the spy. Ironside, initially irritated by the behavior of Hruska, ends up binding friendship with the young woman.

Writing by: Richard Shapiro
Directed by: Alf Kjellin
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Mario Alcalde (Orlando Fuentes), Mischa Hausserman (Anton Hlinka), Ron Soble (Bouchet), John Archer (professor Appleton), Robert Contreras (Guillermo), Rudolph Acosta (chief of the Mexican police), Lee Joseph Casey (Emiliano), Charles Wagenheim (pump assistant), Diana Hyland (Hruska).

98. The target

Gordy Brokaw is released on word thanks to the intervention of the Chief Ironside. This last even found an use of bomb disposal expert to him on a large building site of the city and the competences of Gordy, acquired with the military service, are very quickly appreciated. Having good wages with allowance for risk, he rents a house for him and his son, finally seeing his future under one day better. Unfortunately, his superior is in ankle with terrorists with whom he resells dynamite. The arrival of Gordy, first of all awkward for them, changes into asset when they learn the existence from his son. They set up a kidnapping to oblige him to fly a large quantity dynamite of the building site. Gordy calls upon Ironside.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Earl Holliman (Gordy Brokaw), Vincent Van Patten (Sonny Brokaw), Dennis Olivieri (Mel Jackson), Luana Anders (Nina Loring), Darwin Joston (Ned Harrison), Glenn Stensel (officer), William Vaughan (bomb expert), Joe Mantell (Franklin), Warren Parker (neighbor), Wendy Howard (neighbor), Viola Harris (pilot), Bob Gravage (second guard), Gilman Rankin (first guard).

99. A killing at the track

Yeager, a jockey, falls for the second time in fifteen days in the beautiful medium from a race, thus making lose the favourite. The Commissioner Randall charges Ironside with inquiring into this case which seems to have reflected national, this kind of incidents having taken place in many racecourses. The Chief discovers that gaining it of this history is the owner of the horses which, initially outsiders, end up gaining the races in which they take part. The man in question proves to be the old one been engaged of Eve and Ironside requires of her to renew contact with him in order to discover if he is for something in the chicaneries which he discovered. Initially reticent, Eve ends up accepting.

Writing by: Max Hodge, Robert Pirosh
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Joel Grey (Yeager), Ron Ely (Scott Bradley), Dana Elcar (Bill O'Brien), Sherry Lansing (Marcia Yeager), Frank Corsentino (Al Cochran), Al Hopson (assistant of the veterinary surgeon), Karl Swenson (veterinary), Don Ross (technician of laboratory).

100. Escape

Lonnie Burnett, suspected of murder in San Francisco, was released on the council of Ironside, the evidence accusing him being largely insufficient. When the man is again apprehended for the same reason, but this time at Santa Cruz, the Chief sends Ed and Eve to inquire on the spot while himself and Marc in Reno will question a man who could be the assassin of San Francisco. Eve, persuaded of the innocence of Burnett, involves Ed in an investigation too much led to the taste of the local authorities, thus passing very close to the ingerence. When a not very scrupulous American journalist organizes the escape from the prisoner in order to make a good paper, the young woman fears for the life of the fugitive.

Writing by: Adrian Spies
Directed by: John Florea
Guest star: Robert Ellenstein (James B. Gerald), Nate Esformes (Juan Moreno), Len Wayland (Shaller), Cal Bellini (lieutenant Fernando Mercado), Bill Baldwin (journalist), Priscilla Garcia (air-hostess), Scutter McKay (deliveryman of newspapers), Scott Glenn (Lonnie Burnett), Victoria Racimo (Teresa), Nico Minardos (captain Emilio Mercado).

101. Love, peace, brotherhood, and murder

The Chief Ironside invests in a spectacle of theatre and goes with his collaborators to a special representation because the newspapers descended out of arrow the project, so that several investors think of withdrawing himself. But the representation is cancelled when the corpse of an actress is discovered in her cabin. Quickly, the thesis of the suicide by overdose is drawn aside and the Chief suspects one of the actors of being a murderer, which is quickly confirmed when the ex-small friend of the victim makes a faintness following an attempt at poisoning. As two young people knew each other before their arrival in San Francisco, Ironside starts to privilege the thesis of an old rancour and will benefit from another attempted murder to oblige the murderer to reveal himself.

Writing by: Robert Earll and Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Ron Pinkard (Jim Washington), Angel Tompkins (Kerry), Ella Edwards (Rhoda), David Bailey (Richard Bonner), Karen Arthur (Marge Bonner), Kristin Helmore (Virginia), Marcheline Bertrand (Connie), Chuck Bowman (officer), Robert Lipton (Alfred), Barry Cahill (first doctor), Jan Fisher (Melissa), Robert Lang (Art Mayo), Ron Castro (Victor), Walter Reed (sergeant Dickerson), Irene Tedrow (Elderly Woman), Kenneth O'Brien (Kerwin Morgan), Sally Struthers (Sandy Fonda).

102. The riddle in room six

Ironside attends the lawsuit of a gangster whom he has continued for several years and he is optimistic because a significant witness, ex-member of the organization of the defendant, agreed to deposit against his former owner. Unfortunately, the jury deliberates during hours without managing to make a decision, so much so that the judge thinks of dissolving it to return the case before another Court of Justice. Ironside is then persuaded that one of the members of the jury was bought and he has twenty four hours to prove it. He has an asset in the person of lawyer of the defendant, who proves to be an honest and incorruptible man.

Writing by: Stephen J Cannell
Directed by: John Florea
Guest star: Judd Laurance (second patrol craft), Byron Bradley (first patrol craft), Billie Bird (woman), James Woodall (photographer), Morris D. Erby (Bailiff), Karen Bouchard (Laura Harwell), Wayne Heffley (Norman Corbit), Bruce Edwards (clerk), William Stevens (sheriff), George Petrie (Doctor Gregory), Anna Navarro (Mrs. Molina), Andrew Duggan (Everett Ward), Marsha Hunt (Kline judge), Paul Stevens (Howard Benson), Joe Maross (Bill Turner), Anthony Eisley (Howard Benson), Robert Osterloh (pawnbroker).

103. The summer soldier

Eve bound of friendship with her new neighbor, immigrant Armenian, who makes him become acquainted with her uncle, arrived to America sixty years earlier. The old man is charming and offers a superb case to cigarettes with the young woman, which gives an idea to Ed for the gift that Ironside seeks to offer to the Commissioner Randall: tobacco. Eve thus buys a box of  "special" mixture and, when Ironside tastes it, he notes at once that he was treated with opiates. Eve is wrecked and, when she speaks about it with her friend, the latter swears that her uncle is honest and that he would never adulterate drug. Ironside decides to inquire and discovers that two young boys work with the shop of the old man, it acts of his nephews who do not seem to appreciate the courses of the university, except those of chemistry.

Writing by: Jameson Brewer
Directed: Gift Weis
Guest star: Magda Harout (Zabelle), Robert Patten (officer Frost), Joyana Frederics (Belly Dancer), Theodore Bikel (Arschag Divinian), Walter Koenig (Leo), Linda Marsh (Adrina), Andrew Rubin (Ara), Vincent Beck (uncle Bedros).

104. The accident

Ironside is on a delicate case and he has not slept for three days, just like Marc. The Commissioner obliges him to take a new investigation, a robbery of jewels, which puts the Chief of bad mood even if he agrees to take care some. Whereas he takes along the van in revision, Marc reverses an old woman, Mélissa. Taken along urgently to the hospital, the doctors diagnose a brittleness of the bones which the accident made it possible to reveal and which could handicap Mélissa seriously. Marc, disturbed, admits in front of lawyer of the latter which he could have fallen asleep at the wheel, which obliges his insurer to start negotiations on the amount of the allowances to be poured. On his side, Ed found the robber of the jewels but does not manage to make him acknowledge where he hid them. Ironside investigates into Mélissa and discover that she was already victim of seven identical accidents, revealing an obvious swindle with the insurance.

Writing by: Douglas William Lansford, Irv Pearlberg
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Bill Fletcher (Frank Hansen), Jay Novello (Carl Sloan), Ahna Capri (Mme Vickers), Edward Binns (Charlie Culver), Chelsea Brown (Andrea Babcock), Juanita Moore (Melissa Babcock), Charles Drake (Tom Johnson), Noah Keen (Doctor Robinson).

105. Lesson in terror

An anarchist charismatic and seen well of the public escapes from the penitentiary where he purged a prison sentence with the complicity of his partisans, called Predators. Ironside is charged to find him and, the same day, he receives a young student in law, which is also the son of a friend, for the program "alter ego" organized by the city (the students gets right inside a part of various personalities). The young man proves to be a partisan of the anarchist escaped prisoner and disapproves the methods of Ironside. When the prisoner is caught up with by the Chief, he plans a radical solution to help the partisans of this last in order to obtain his release. But he is unaware of all the true motivations of Predators.

Writing by: Donn Mullally
Directed by: James Neilson
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), David Moses (photographer), Charlie Jones (presenter), Paul Langton (judge), Andrew Macheath (Ben), Eric James (Jess Belfort), David Burk (Carter Houseman), Heather North (Lori), Simon Oakland (Berringer Sr.), Brad David (Ted Berringer), Christina Crawford (Edie), David Soul (Roy Harris).

106. Grandmother's house

Margaret Brainard, the widow of the former chief of the San Francisco police, is attacked in the park by two hooligans who steal his bag to him to hand. The old woman transferred onto it for 250 000 dollars of jewels which she wished to show to a small girl, Alice, with which she bound of friendship. Conscious that such a control would be worth to her the lightnings of the board of directors of the company which she directs, Margaret called upon Ironside to find her jewels. Unfortunately, the situation becomes complicated when the two hooligans are victims of an attempt at murder in which one of them succumbs. The new owner of the jewels treats with Margaret and the latter, unconscious, sends her grandson to the front of the man which is from now on required for murder.

Writing by: Preston Wood
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Alyscia Maxwell (nurse), Jessie Royce Landis (Margaret Brainard), Burr DeBenning (Peter Brainard), Bill Vint (Lace Chambers), Solomon Sturges (Robby Nichols), Gary Morgan (Tim Loudon), Clarke Gordon (Martin Cahill), Harold Fong (domestic), Nevada Spencer (Alice), Craig Guenther (Myers officer), Quinn O'Hara (Vangie).

107. Walls are waiting

Gift Brand, charged with the prisoners released on word, is victim of an attempted murder. At once, he is persuaded that the culprit is Tommy Sanchez, a small dealer whom he wanted to give in prison for failure to the rules. The young man does not have any alibi and, moreover, he went away from his work for a reason which seems completely stupid, consolidating Brand in his opinion. But Ironside does not agree and packs the list of the suspects of several names of which that of lawyer of Sanchez, whom Brand will try to make stripe of the bar, and that of the boy friend of the sister of Brand, interned in a convalescent home following problems of drug. Gradually, Ironside realizes that the work of Brand has nothing to do with the motivations of the culprit.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Barry Shear
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), C. Elliott Montgomery (Mr. Thompson), Luanne Roberts (Doctor Ellis), Robert Ito (officer), Morris Buchanan (Arthur Torin), William Shatner (Don Brand), Roger C Carmel (Mike Elman), Michael Larrain (Ted Morgan), Lázaro Pérez (Tommy Sanchez), Patricia Mattick (Millie).

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