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56. Alias Mr. Braithwaite

Ruby, the aunt of Marc, is dispossessed of his economies by a duet of swindlers and the team puts himself then on the investigation to find the persons in charge and the money of Aunt Rubis. Ed and Eve are give one-self out for a rich couple on holiday in order to attract the duet in a trap, but this last is threatened when the true identity of Ed is revealed by a woman that he apprehended once and who proves to be an accomplice of the swindlers.

Writing by: Frank Telford
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), George Patton (cash clerk), Alan Reed Jr (Edward Bixby), Pat Priest (Goldie), Joan Swift (policer Clerk), Joseph Campanella (Baker/Braithwaite), Hank Stohl (Bank Teller), Beah Richards (Aunt Ruby), Mike Mahoney (pickpocket), Len Wayland (lieutenant Thomas), Phillip Pine (Stark), Steve Thomas (Desk Clerk).
57. Goodbye to yesterday (1) 

Barbara Jones, the amnesic victim with which the Chief fell in love one year before, calls him help when her daughter is kidnaped. For Ironside, it is not only one difficult case, but he will have in more on the back ambitious Sheriff, a jealous husband and his own feelings which he must forget, to find the daughter of Barbara before it is not too late.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Barry Shear
Guest star: George Murdock (Torrence), Dane Clark (Ben Ames), John Zaremba (doctor), Vera Miles (Barbara Jones), Cloris Leachman (Molly Strong), Michael Larrain (Dave Metcalf), Murray MacLeod (Josh Williams), Slim Pickens (sheriff), Phil Carey (Vic Richards), Eddie Firestone (Carl Sutter), Heather Harrison (Tracy Richards), Charles Kuenstle (Virgil Nathan), Melody Thomas Scott (Leslie Richards), Olive Sturgess (nurse).

58. Goodbye to yesterday

Barbara Jones, the amnesic victim with which the Chief fell in love one year before, calls him help when her daughter is kidnaped. For Ironside, it is not only one difficult case, but he will have in more on the back ambicious Sheriff, a jealous husband and his own feelings which he must forget, to find the daughter of Barbara before it is not too late.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Barry Shear
Guest star: George Murdock (Torrence), Dane Clark (Ben Ames), John Zaremba (doctor), Melody Thomas Scott (Leslie Richards), Michael Larrain (Dave Metcalf), Cloris Leachman (Molly Strong), Murray MacLeod (Josh Williams), Eddie Firestone (Carl Sutter), Vera Miles (Barbara Jones), Charles Kuenstle (Virgil Nathan), Slim Pickens (sheriff), Phil Carey (Vic Richards), Heather Harrison (Tracy Richards), Olive Sturgess (nurse).

59. Poole's paradise

Whereas the team go through by a small town, Ed is kidnaped by an escaped prisoner. When it appears that criminal truths are the local senior police officers, the two men flee together, and Ironside must find Ed before he is killed by Sheriff and his men.

Writing by: Richard Shapiro
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: Fred Lerner (officer), Gail Bonney (Emma), Steve Forrest (Sheriff Poole), Clu Gulager (D.W. Donnelly), William Smith (deputy Hoag), Louise Latham (Diane), Med Flory (Webster), Stuart Nisbet (deputy), Frank Baxter (employed service station).

60. Eye of the hurricane

Attracted in a prison with a promise of information, the Chief and Marc are taken as hostages by three prisoners persuaded to have developed a brilliant plan of escape without risks. But, quickly, the situation skids when one of them wounds by bullet the director and Ironside puts all then works about it to turn the situation to his advantage.

Writing by: Donn Mullally
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Johnny Seven (Walter Simms), Michael Bow (guard 3), Dana Elcar (Jackson Tobey), Myron Healey (assistant Warden Owen), Virginia Gregg (Mrs. Leydon), Jackie Coogan (Terry Wilson), Arthur Space (Warden Leydon), James McEachin (Dr. Ring), John S. Ragin (Valk), Herb Robbins (Brewster), Claire Brennen (Joy), Gavin Mooney (guard 1), Gavin James (pilot of helicopter), Will J White (guard 2).

61. A bullet for Marc

When Marc is shooted by a bullet at the time of a contest in which the Chief takes part, everyone supposes that the killer aimed Ironside and this last is found with a bodyguard. However, Ironside discovers quickly that Marc was well the target. Victim of a new attempt whereas he is at the hospital, the attacker of Marc is killed by the police and Ironside decides to announce by way of press the death of his collaborator. With any apparent reason, and no index as for that which engaged the assassin, the team must find the persons in charge before they do not discover that Marc is always alive.

Writing by: Richard Bluel
Directed by: Richard Benedict
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Pat Renella (Jim Saunders), Robert Alda (Walter Thorne), Don ' Red' Barry (Paul Farrell), Robert Donner (employed service station), Felton Perry (Charlie Tattersall), Toni Gilman (Cecily Forbes), Don Wilbanks (lieutenant Stanton), Lee Duncan (Steve Parkes), John Archer (Doctor Evans), Tracey Roberts (chief nurse), Richard Benedict (Sock), Howard Vann (police), Nick Benedict (conducting).

62. Love my enemy

Ironside and Marc leave for France in order to control the safety of an American delegation going to a conference with the Chinese, having for goal the release of several American citizens. But somebody is determined to prevent the negotiations from succeeding and a first victim, a cleaning lady, is discovered on the spot of the conference. During this time, Marc falls in love with the one with the Chinese delegates.

Writing by: Irve Tunick
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Zolya Talma (Hilda Strommsen), Frank Wilcox (Doctor Franklin Marton), Tom Basham (Baily), James Shigeta (Il Pak Soong), Jeffrey Lynn (Winthrop Halsted), Khigh Dhiegh (Hsai Hsu Mak), Philip Ahn (Nam Feng), Ottola Nesmith (cleaning lady), Bo Svenson (Baron Lars Von Gyllenskjold), Cecile Ozorio (Mei Noyen).

63. Seeing is believing

When a bookmaker is found beaten with death, five witnesses identify Ed as being his attacker. Incompetent to provide an alibi, Ed finds himself obliged to prove his own innocence; and when the victim dies Ed is apprehended for murder, the team must discover which is the true murderer.

Writing by: Charles Nichols and Don Galloway
Directed by: Barry Shear
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Norman Fell (lieutenant Haines), Robert Ellenstein (Mike), Beatrice Kay (Katie), Audrey Totter (Norma Baum), Tim Herbert (Gibbs), Anne Whitfield (Julie Willis), Walter Reed (Doctor Freemont), Warren Hammack (Bobby Joe), Maurice Warfield (George).
64. The machismo bag

Marc meets a group of combatants of freedom at his local university, the blue berets, which particularly aggressive and are related little to the reflexion. When the police discovers in their room a hiding place full of automatic weapons, the Chief must decide if they represent a threat for the safety of San Francisco.

Writing by: Douglas William Lansford
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Hank Reyes (Gabriel), Victor Quiroz (Mando), Angel Bojorquez (Bernie), A. Martinez (Manolo Rodriguez), Vito Scotti (Manuel Rodriguez, Sr.), Mort Mills (lieutenant Rambeau), Socorro Serrano (Dolores Sanchez), Willis Bouchey (judge), Mario Aniov (Liano), Jose De Vega (Joey).

65. Programmed for danger

Several girls registered in a matrimonial agency are attacked and when one of the victims is a friend of Eve, this last request with the Chief to take care of the investigation. Quickly, it appears that the profile of the victims is identical and corresponds to that of Eve who falls under the agency in order to confuse the person in charge for the aggressions. Unfortunately, this last discovers her true identity.

Writing by: True Boardman
Directed by: John Florea
Guest star: Roger Perry (Roy Flynn), Anne Baxter (Alice Flynn), Herbert Anderson (Jim Saunders), Dick Latessa (Harry Kane), Bobbi Jordan (Cheryl Renner), Adrienne Marden (Mrs. Hansen), Heath Jobes (Karl David), Barbara Mattes (Veronica Keel).
66. Five miles high

Charged with escorting a significant witness from Hawaii in San Francisco by plane, Ironside discovers that one of the passengers is a killer. He must discover which tries to kill his witness before the plane does not land; but the advertisement of a contract open on the head of this last extends research to all the people present on the flight.

Writing by: Paul Schneider and Margaret Schneider
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Frank Aletter (Bolen), Milton Selzer (Jack Brady), Robert DoQui (Jimmy Otis), Dorothy Green (Irene Wilson), Joe Mantell (Sid Leppich), Norma Crane (Linda Brady), Michael Sevareid (Donald Wilson), George Cisar (George Tubbs), Barbara Sanford (Miss Rossi), Gavin James (first officer), Sandy Ward (pilot), Regis Cordic (captain Lasker).
67. L'Chayim

Torah stolen in local Synagogue, is chaired by an old friend of the Chief, met when he was at the hospital after his aggression. Ironside takes the case in hand, given to discover if the robbery were an act of vandalism, as the indices would seem to prove it, or if it is really the work of robber seeking some fast money.

Writing by: Died Thaw
Directed by: Anton Mr. Leader
Guest star: Bill Quinn (Mr. Royce), Stephen Coit (Packer), Stephen Liss (Combines), Hilly Hicks (Digby), Hal Frederick (Reverend Hanley), Shelly Novack (Jim Trannon), David Opatoshu (Rabbi), Greg Mullavey (Clay Royce), Lillian Adams (Mrs. Farber).

68. Beyond a shadow

An old friend of the Chief tries to commit suicide, the young woman not supporting more the persistent rumours which shows of her husband murder. Ironside is determined to discover the truth on this death, even if it that means to prove that his friend is really guilty.

Writing by: Martha Wilkerson
Directed by: Richard Benedict
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Simon Scott (John Lowell), James McCallion (Harrington), Dana Wynter (Tracy Oliver), Dead Sahl (Len Leavitt), Russ Conway (Howard Wycoff), Harold Ayer (Clemmons), Michael Fox (Doctor Leonard Marcus).

69. Stolen on demand

A member of the basketball team of Marc becomes the accomplice of a robbers band because he needs money. Marc is determined to convince the young boy to go to the police before it is not too late but the situation skids when the robbers keep silent a man at the time of a burgling.

Writing by: Arthur Weingarten
Directed by: Bill Foster
Guest star: David Cassidy (Danny Goodson), Victor Bozeman (Detective Harry Wagner), Marion Brash (Mrs. Goodson), Michael Hardstark (Nick Fallese), Allen Joseph (Mr. Goodson), Pamela McMyler (Janie), Alan Oppenheimer (Arnold Duck), Raymond Sutton (Manny Fallese), Gary Tigerman (Gene Secunda), A Martinez.

70. Dora

A saleswoman of fruit and vegetables is threatened by raquetteurs who propose a "protection to her", by using false photographs of her son lawyer in order to force her to invest in their business. The raquetteurs did not take account of the tenacity of Dora and his son, or their good friend the Chief Ironside.

Writing by: Frank Chase
Directed: John Florea
Guest star: Shannon Farnon (Karen Copeland), Marc Seaton (first man), Margarita Garcia (Mexican Woman), Johnny Silver (Director), Ann Doran (Dora Copeland), Barbara Rhoades (Kathy Loring), Stewart Moss (Paul Copeland), Hank Brandt (Del Laven), Walter Brooke (Roth), Sidney Clute (Peck), Fabian Dean (Mario), Lenore Kingston (Carol Turner), Bruce Kirby (Buyer), Dennis Hart (Workman).

71. Beware the wiles of a stranger

Visiting his cousin, Marc takes a hitch-hiker, who proves to be a robber in the search of a scapegoat. They quickly become friends, which causes problems when the accomplice of the hitch-hiker makes a point of carrying out the preliminary draft, which quite simply consists in killing Marc.

Writing by: Robert Earll
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: John Ericson (Fred), Stacy Harris (Gordon), William Boyett (police), Harry Harvey, Sr. (day salesman), Byron Mabe (night salesman), Tyler McVey (first man), Daniel Kemp (lieutenant of police), Tina Louise (Candy).

72. Eden is the place we leave

A young boxer of the Samoane community of San Francisco is in a hurry to release himself from the old traditions of his people, of which he is not smelled near. When he kills an adversary on the boxing ring, he feels that he must stop but the head of his clan refuses and gives him the order to continue. At the time of a drive, the young man strikes his sparing-partner and Ironside, which paid the voyage of the young man for the U.S.A a few years earlier, is able to convince him to give up. Excluded from his community, he is desperate and wants to commit suicide… 

Writing by: John Kneubuhl
Directed by: Daniel Petrie
Guest star: Maidie Norman (the mother of Shaw), Patrick Adiarte (Loi Tala), John Marley (Matai), Jill Townsend (Betty), Sandy Kenyon (Bucky Crawford), Ruth McDevitt (Landlady), Ella Edwards (Sarah), Harold Fong (Waiter), Jimmy Lennon Sr. (Ring Announcer), Morris Erby (the father of Shaw).

73. The wrong time, the wrong place

A robber from bank returns to San Francisco to recover his property but the police awaits him at the airport. Benefitting from the presence of a famous actress on her flight, he hides on her the key of the trunk where he hid his money. While wanting to flee, he is reversed by a truck and dies. Ed will question the actress, Vivian Page, and they fall in love one with the other. Unfortunately, the young woman is pacifist and unable to accept the career of Ed in the police. Not to risk the life of Vivian, Ironside lets the accomplices of the robber recover the key and the fact of stopping when they will take the money at the bank.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz, Norman Borisoff
Directed by: John Florea
Guest star: Paul Carr (Maxon), Stuart Thomas (Bellman), Ken Drake (Riker), Tiffany Bolling (Vivian), Frank Maxwell (Walker), George Petrie (Webber), Peggy Stewart (Maggie Winstead), Edward Blessington (Ford).
74. Return to Fiji

When he arrives in the Fiji to spend his holidays with an old friend, the Chief is surprised to learn that this last went to visit him to San Francisco. After having required of Marc and Ed to join him, Ironside disappears, leaving the two men alone to solve this strange history. He sows indices behind him by hoping that his collaborators will succeed in finding it him and his friend before this last, patient of the heart, do not have a heart attack.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Alan Caillou (Devon), Anne Collings (Marcia Branford), John Orchard (Wayne), Ken Renard (Anthony), Bernard Fox (Doctor Stauffer), Larry D. Mann (John Barnesworth), Alan Napier (Walter Branford), Betty Waldron (Hotel Clerk), Gerald S. Peters (Hines).
75. Ransom

Eve is present when an old friend is kidnaped and she is taken as an hostage by the kidnappers. Anxious to obtain his release, the Chief inquires into the husband of the victim, and discovers evidence of his culpability. As always, however, the Chief is not decided to go in the direction of what is obvious.

Writing by: Arthur Weingarten
Directed by: Abner Biberman
Guest star: John Saxon (Eric Saginor), Michael Walker (Chris), Fritz Weaver (Paul Friedland), Carla Borelli (Susan Saginor), Richard Dillon (supervisor of carpark), Art Metrano (Pucci), Natividad Vacio (Israel Rivera).

76. One hour to kill

Ironside is taken with the trap in his own office when a man comes to seek revenge. With Marc at the school and Ed at the opera with Eve, the Chief must improvise a series of defenses to protect himself, while his team realizes gradually that something does not turn out badly.

Writing by: Sandy Stern
Directed by: Richard Benedict
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Robert Lipton (Jimmy Chard), Henry Corden (lecturer), Ralph Manza (deliveryman of pizza), Lavelle Roby (Liz), Nick Benedict (police), Chuck Morrell (telephone agent).

77. Warrior's return

A ex-robber released on word is suspected of a robbery of jewel but the Chief, who him constant since his release, is sure that he is innocent. However, among all those having been able to commit the crime, only this man and his young cousin are probable suspects. The fate of the rehabilitation of the ex-robber concerned and depends  on the capacity of Ironside to prove the innocence of his friend.

Writing by: Irv Pearlberg
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Ned Romero (John Walala), Michael Conrad (Frank O'Neill), DeForest Kelley (Fowler), George Keymas (Tomas), Stephen McNally (Leavitt), Neal Nixon (Martin officer), Lois Red Elk (Barbara Cheppa), Don Wilbanks (lieutenant Milt Thayler), Darwin Joston (Craig Cheppa), Ron Foster (Doctor Griffith), Dabbs Greer (Mr. Carew), Helen Baron (Mrs. Carew).

78. Little Jerry Jessup

Young a thirteen year old boy is the only witness of the murder of his mother, but he finds difficult to cooperate with the Chief, knowing that he was him which had put his father in prison. To allow Marty Jessup a temporary release is the only means for the Chief of solving this murder and, thus, of relieving his conscience at the same time.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Michael Bell (Al Carter), Rita Conde (Mrs. Mendares), Kenneth Tobey (lieutenant Reynolds), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Mendares), William Shatner (Marty Jessup), Mitch Vogel (Jerry Jessup), Nancy Malone (Lydia Jessup), Byron Bradley (Officer Bolton).

79. Good will tour

The team is assigned with the protection of Prince heir during his trip in San Francisco. Two of his subjects, working with the embassy of San Francisco, want to discredit the prince in order to scramble the relations between his country and the United States. But Eve thwarts a first attempt at the time of one transfered of the prince downtown; she decides to be used to him as guide in order to protect him but ended up succumbing to his charm. Fortunately, Ironside takes care and, helped by Marc, account to thwart the plans of the indelicate subjects well…

Writing by: Norman Katkov
Directed by: Robert Day
Guest star: Bradford Dillman (Prince Miguel Boodaris), Michael Bow (Burly Guy), Ben Wright (Peter Mysodon), Wesley Addy (Boodaris), Claudia Bryar (Laura), Pitt Herbert (Victor), Morgan Jones (Vince), Jimmy Allen (taxi driver).

80. Little dog, gone

A dog pertaining to a rich friend of the Commissioner Randall disappears and Ironside is assigned with the case. Scorning this ungrateful task, he delegates the case to Ed and Eve but he is attracted soon by this strange history when, helped by Marc, they discover an organization robbering of the dogs in order to obtain a ransom.

Writing by: Frank Telford
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Belinda Montgomery (Maria), Marsha Hunt (Cissie), Leo G. Carroll (Trevor), Martin West (Derek Brenner), Frank Puglia (Jose Fuente), Abner Biberman (Denby), Lenore Shanewise (Abigail MacAdams), Darien Daniels (Rachel), George Spell (Jerry), Jeanne Sorel (Gladys), Squire Fridell (operator), Bobby Johnson (Waiter).

81. Tom Dayton is loose among us

After having to kill Ed's fiancÚ seven years before, Tom Dayton, a sociopathe with a savage hatred of the women, is slackened on word. Ed is certain that Dayton is always dangerous, but the authorities do not share his concerns.

Writing by: Francine Carroll
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: William Bramley (Ken Hansen), Ron Pinkard (officer), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Lorraine Gary (Miss Kirk), Bill Bixby (Tom Dayton), William Smithers (Farley), Ross Elliott (Doctor Morton), Linda Galloway (Anne Carson), Amzie Strickland (Mrs. Dorothy Barnes), Julie McCarthy (Mary Dayton), Paul Laurence (Jerry Gold), Russell Thorson (Mr. Farr), Harry Lauter (detective).

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