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133. Five days in the death of sergeant Brown

Ironside and his team are in Los Angeles within the framework of a collaboration to stop a traffic of drug. At the time of a flag, the salesman is stopped but the purchaser manages to flee without to have been able to be identified. With the lawsuit, the deposition of the sergeant Brown is vital but the lawyer of the salesman thinks of being able to make clear his customer, which worries Ironside. The session is adjourned when a man, present in the room, rises and utters threats against Ed, threatening him of death. Later, the four friends take glass on the terrace of their hotel when shots burst: all are put at the shelter and it is only when calms it returned that Ironside, Marc and Fran note the disappearance of Ed. He fell over rambarde, making a fall of two stages. To the hospital, the verdict falls: there will survive but remain paralysed. When Doctor Ritter proposes to test a new surgical technique on Ed, this last refuses, comparing his case with that of Ironside. But the Chief manages to make him change opinion and it will try his chance. Richard Wells, paid to eliminate Brown, kidnaps the daughter of the surgeon to oblige him to give up the operation in the beautiful medium of the intervention. Ironside must play on the two tables to save the young woman and his collaborator.

Guest star: Lincoln Kilpatrick (Maurice Goodsin), David Hartman (Dr. Paul Hunter), E.G. Marshall (Dr. David Craig), Stephen Young (Dr. Neal Young), Russell Wiggins (Richard Wells), Vic Morrow (Dr. Ritter), Christina Hart (Jan Ritter), Kathleen O' Malley (night nurse).

134. The savage sentry

Two burglings occurred under the same conditions: the robber penetrated in the buildings before controlling without the least difficulty the watchdog charged to monitor the safe. In both cases, the dogs resulted from the same school of raising, Ironside thus directs his investigation towards the latter. After having spoken to the persons in charge, he decides to tighten a trap with the robber by drawing up himself the dog which will monitor a target that this last will not dare to let escape: a diamond exposure of great value. The assistants of the Chief are anxious, nothing allowing them to affirm that the dog will obey rather this last than with the robber, old adjuster having had in hand several dogs of the school.

Writing by: Douglas William Lansford
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), John Davey (adjuster), Jessica Rains (Martha Lane), Gary Wood (Charles Barnes), Gilbert Green (Andre Jardin), Mariclare Costello (Mary Ellen Wells), Dana Elcar (Buckner), Bo Svenson (Taggert), Anthony Zerbe (Dunlap).

135. Programmed for panic

A young woman was assassinated in the park and, in spite of her many calls to the help, nobody intervened or did not call the police to carry help to her. In front of this inadmissible crime, the policies decide to organize an emission of television being used as debate with the subject "the citizen vis-a-vis the crime" and, initially reticent, Ironside ends up agreeing to take part in it. He hopes well to be useful of this emission to make panic the culprit, whom he guesses being an amateur, in order to force him to be discovered.

Writing by: Adrian Spies
Directed by: Daniel Petrie
Guest star: Fred Lerner (detective), Victor Izay (Dr. Bartheim), George Wyner (technician), Al Checco (confessor), Molly Dodd (Mrs. Mertz), Russell Johnson (Martin Lucas), James Gregory (presenter), Jennie Blackton (TV reporter), Ed Begley Jr. (Jimmy Sanders), Vince Howard (detective), Ivan Bonar (Mr. Bronson), Tom Hallick (directing), John S. Ragin (appointed Lowery), Katherine MacGregor (Millicent Pyle), Kres Mersky (Sandy Weiner), Maggie Malooly (Rhoda Lucas).

136. Down two roads

Marc finally obtained his diploma for the occupation of lawyer. He must from now on think of his future and to choose between various types of careers and, to help him, the Chief makes play his relations. Marc appreciates but he sees, in same time, his relations with Ironside to change in a brutal way. Indeed, this last acts as if he were not already any more with him and takes measures to ensure his autonomy, like passing by again his driving licence with the van modified in particular for him. For his first day of training course, Marc is vis-a-vis a case which touches him personally: Marthy, the guard of the university, is shown of robbery. The evidence is insufficient but the legal machine is launched, causing damage in the social life of the defendant. Marc transforms himself then into detective to help Marthy, which pushes him to reflect on the founded good of his professional choice.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: John William Evans (man), Felton Perry (Roger Stewart), Sandy Ward (doctor), Eugene Roche (Marty Chapman), William Lally (member of faculty), Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Michael Lerner (Adrian Father), Joshua Bryant (John Moore), Lisa Moore (student), David Spielberg (Tom Ryan), Joseph Bernard (Daniel Feldman).

137. Camera… action… murder!

Ironside receives a film on which one sees a young woman being made kill. Fran, who is accompanied by one to defer charged to film during her work, recognizes the victim to have seen her in the course of the day, fished out on the port. The investigation is announced difficult and, at the end of a few days, the Chief receives a new film with another young woman killed by bullet. Ironside directs his suspicions towards several people, of which the reporter accompanies Fran, and the situation becomes complicated when it appears obvious that the young woman tied feelings in love with this last. The Chief receives a third film then, showing Fran on the pier…

Writing by: Christopher Trumbo and Michael Butler
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Fred Lerner (first sergeant), Dana Saraceno (Vincenzo), Emily St. Michael (third woman), Fleur H. Powell (Rosemary), Del Monroe (second sergeant), Erena Radich (Ann Simonson), Ike Urrutia (Mail Carrier), Patrick Dennis Leigh (old man), Linda Gillen (Yellow), Elliott Street (Thatcher), Michael Santiago (factor), Bob Golden (police), Dennis Patrick (Arnold Gardner), Anthony Caruso (Antonio Fazzi), Joe Don Baker (Eric Blair).

138. Riddle me death

A man spends the day with his daughter, Jane , whom he has not re-examined for fifteen years. Suddenly pressed by an urgent race, he asks her to await him at the hotel while he goes to a post office. Extremely tended, he forgets elementary prudence and is made reverse by a car: he is killed on the blow. His daughter goes to the mortuary to recover his corpse and, under the eyes of the Belding officer, she is victim of a robbery: a taxi driver conceals the personal effects of her father. Persuaded that this last was assassinated, she is done escorted by Fran to the office of Ironside and exposes her case. With end of nerves, she thinks that the Chief is not interested by her history and turns over to her hotel where the taxi driver awaits. He excavates her room but does not find anything before being stopped by Fran who, smelling herself near to the girl by her characteristic lived, came to see her to go up the moral one to her. The Chief orders to her to put Jane at the shelter during his investigation and, having found the personal effects of the father, discovers several objects constituting a Japanese anagram.

Writing by: Edward de Blasio
Directed by: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Anne Ramsey (manager of motel), Steve Gravers (Jones), Sian Barbara Allen (Jane Spencer), Ernest Harada (Shiraki), Thomas Bellin (employed mortuary), Rudy Challenger (doctor), Tad Horino (guard of cemetery), William Devane (Chambers), Yuki Shimoda (captain of ship), Paula Shaw (nurse), William Bryant (Jake), Joe Ponazecki (docker).

139. Nightmare trip

Ed is charged to escort a prisoner in Los Angeles where he must take "delivery" of another criminal to bring back him to San Francisco. On the spot, he takes a little time to go to see a friend, belonging to the Marines, and is found vis-a-vis a disillusioned man, in prey with doubts about the direction of his choice of career. Ed leaves him a little stirred up and, on the way of a restaurant, is done attacked and stripped of all that he has. Still under the shock, he saunters until falling on a patrol from police. The two police officers who constitutes him show mistrust and hustle Ed which, consequently, reconsiders with the remarks of his friend. He refuses to give his identity and finds himself stopped and put in cell. The Chief, anxious him not to see returning, lance of research and ends up moving in person to find his collaborator and friend. He remakes the way of Ed and is made attack by the same hooligans. Fortunately, Marc and a police officer were not far and the malfrats are apprehended. Ironside knows then who arrived at Ed and his track leads him in prison where a certain John Doe refused to give his identity. When he sees Ed in a cell, the Chief understands that he does not want his assistance and sets out again by hoping that his sergeant will find his spirits.

Writing by: Richard Pram
Directed by: Raymond Burr
Guest star: Bill Fletcher (Wolf), Steve Sandor (Dale Madigan), Kevin Dobson (Marine), Rudy Solari (Buckner), Bill Williams (Dacker), Jonathan Lippe (Tony Watts), Jack Ging (Dewey), Don Stroud (Caine), Paul Carr (sergeant Tulley), John Goddard (sergeant Andy Badger), James McCallion (Walker), Dan Barton (Ephren), Frank Michael Liu (Benjy Davis), J.H. Lawrence (Fixer), Vic Vallaro (sergeant Richards), Casey King (Danny Badger), George Conrad (Ownie Karp).

140. Buddy, can you spare a life? (1)

Eric Oates, condemned for the murder of Walter Booth, request to see the Chief Ironside. After seven years of imprisonment, he comes to receive by mail a word of somebody who asks God to forgive him his silence with, in premium, a good of withdrawal in pledge. The Chief, who was certain culpability of Oates, starts to doubt: and if he had been mistaken? He decides to carry out a small survey and, to be done, makes transfer Marc, up to that point with circulation, his service. This last will seek the object placed guarantees and brings back of a gold coin of great value. Ironside recognizes one of the objects at once that Oates is supposed to have flown to his victim to make believe in a burgling having badly turned. He then takes again the investigation of the time with zero but runs up quickly against the prosecutor who is not magic to see stinging at the horizon a miscarriage of justice which would be very prejudicial with his career. To obstruct Ironside, he makes destroy the notes of the time and tries to make play his relations so that the Chief profits from a promotion which would force him to give up his investigation. But the Chief obstine and, with the assistance of the witnesses having deposited with the lawsuit, he reconstitutes the evening of the drama until acquiring the certainty which he actually made an error.

Writing by: Peter Penduik and A.A. Roberts
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Roger Perry (Lee Paxton), Marion Ross (Mrs. Bartel), George Petrie (Wally), Ray Middleton (judge), Antoinette Bower (Judy Kalvern), Casey MacDonald (employed files), Cameron Mitchell (Ken Klaven), Geraldine Brooks (Marty Booth), William Campbell (Walter Booth), J. Pat O'Malley (Tim Hawkins), Kerwin Mathews (Eric Oates), Paul Hampton (Hal Murdoch), Mike Lane (Nick Marcatti), Maggie Johnson (Beth Amstead), Lonny Chapman (Harry Amstead), Sallie Shockley (Billie Jean Marcatti).

141. Buddy, can you spare a life? (2)

Ironside continues his investigation in spite of the pressures that the district attorney makes weigh on him. He is obnubilated by the fact that he made an error of judgment. The Chief tries to find the maximum of information concerning the investigation and, thanks to lieutenant Reese, finds a woman who had provided an alibi to the professor of tennis of the victim. After him to have to speak, Ironside is convinced that she lies and that it is she which sent the good of withdrawal in pledge to Eric Oates. As she does not want to cooperate with him, the Chief decides to go to find her husband, a fishing sailor, to convince him to speak to his wife in order to have a tangible element allowing to ask for a new lawsuit for Oates. But the husband is not more co-operative and he is an attempted murder on the person of Ironside which will bring closer the two men. Consequently, the Chief starts to understand how he could travel thus false, misled by several of his friends.

Writing by: Peter Penduik and A.A. Roberts
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Casey MacDonald (employed files), Cameron Mitchell (Ken Klaven), Geraldine Brooks (Marty Booth), Roger Perry (Lee Paxton), William Campbell (Walter Booth), Antoinette Bower (Judy Kalvern), Kerwin Mathews (Eric Oates), J. Pat O'Malley (Tim Hawkins), Maggie Johnson (Beth Amstead), Lonny Chapman (Harry Amstead), Marion Ross (Mrs. Bartel), Paul Hampton (Hal Murdoch), Mike Lane (Nick Marcatti), Sallie Shockley (Billie Jean Marcatti), George Petrie (Wally), Ray Middleton (judge).

142. The countdown

Doctor Chase is on the point of returning at his home when he is attacked by an unknown in an underground car park. The man simply asks him to thread a a little particular belt and to go to find the Commissioner Randall. Chase is carried out, having understood that the belt contained explosives with a system preventing it to take it from his own way. Dennis then calls upon Ironside to try to disentangle this case. The unknown, which takes the name of Caesar, wants to obtain the release of three prisoners: two members of a radical organization and a hold-up man of bank doubled of an assassin. Ironside has evil to understand the relation between the four characters and has only eight hours to carry out the desires of Caesar. Helped by Doctor Chase, the Chief decides to tighten a trap with Caesar…

Writing by: Bill S. Ballinger
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Ron Henriquez (Perez), Steve Pendleton (Dr. Warner), John Dennis (Hank Dowman), Ted Gehring (Harmon), Richard Jaeckel (Caesar), Lizabeth Hush (Adele), Jackie Cooper (Dr. Norman), Mark Lambert (Harv Fowler), Graham Brown (Tom), Eric Server (Volker), Robert Gibbons (Garman), Ed Lauter (Newton), Henry V Brown Jr. (Kabir).

143. The deadly gamesmen

Marc is attacked in full street whereas he waited for an appointment: he is found doped and bound on the pavement. A police officer is made steal weapon and uniform, a cowboy is made steal his boots, a young beauty queen is forced, a former jockey beat up through a false police officer, the Commissioner Randall is made catch the number plate of his car… as much of strange offence which are spread out in all the city and which seem connected only by the bizarrery of the act in itself. But Ironside understands quickly that it is about a stupid and dangerous play carried out by two people delivering part of failures natural size; the apotheosis in front of, logically, being a murder at the time of the failure and chechmate… the king being personified by the Chief.

Writing by: Max Hodge
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Robert M. deAnda (officer Gene Lewis), Kathleen King (Tina Hastings), Johnny Silver (Billy Roberts), Michele Nichols (Carol Chase), Conlan Carter (Roy Pope Jr.), NoŰl Harrison (Buckler), Sondra Currie (Cindy Love), Scott Marlowe (Jeffrey).

144. Who'll cry for my baby?

Lieutenant Reese is badgered by the Commissioner Randall as fast as possible to solve a case of murder on the person of notable of the city. Randall charges even Ironside with putting his salt grain so that Reese gives results. Whereas Carl exposes to the Chief all that he knows, he is break off by a very tired man obviously and, aggravated, dismiss him a little curtly. When Ironside leaves the lieutenant, he crosses this man who waits in the offices of criminal division and starts the conversation. This last explains to him why his daughter, Wanda, died two weeks earlier, assassinated, and that he refuses to return at his home as long as her murderer will not have been apprehended. Ironside, moved by the distress of his interlocutor, decides to take the case in hand, with great displeasure of Reese which hoped for his assistance for the murder of the notable one.

Writing by: David P. Harmon
Directed by: Richard To give
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Beverly Sanders (saleswoman), James Oliver (Anthony), Bill Zuckert (Fred), Jan Arvan (Nick), Val Bisoglio (Charley), Ted Cassidy (Wrestler), Charles McGraw (Marvin), Gwenn Mitchell (Elizabeth), Tisha Sterling (Wanda), John Quade (Johnny Andrews), Don Pedro Colley (Billy Nero), Titos Vandis (Anton Bolen).

145. Cold, hard cash

A former prisoner, released on word, Ironside contact to inform him that a dangerous man, working for the Maffia of Chicago, proposed to him a work of driver for a kidnapping. The Chief makes him plaster the arm and places Ed in second hand so that he discovers the identity of the victim before the fixed price is made. Unfortunately, the date is advanced and Ed does not have time to contact his Chief before being obliged to kidnap the daughter of a famous actress. The latter, supported by his impresario, refuses the intervention of the police and wants all to regulate herself while paying the sum of 850 000 dollars to the kidnappers. Ironside discovers that this money is intended to a member of the Maffia of South America, in large financial difficulty, and that the actress was not a target taken randomly.

Writing by: Stephen Lord
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Hugh Douglas (journalist TV), Janice Fischer (telephone operator), David McLean (Gus Hadley), Vince Howard (appointed), Jeff Morris (Gibson sheriff), Jack Kelly (Bobby), Diana Webster (Mrs. Melling), Barbara Rush (Lorraine), Richard Anderson (Walter), Kay Lenz (Stephanie), Kaz Garas (Owen Riggs), Wally Taylor (Vic Barry).

146. Shadow soldiers

The Chief Ironside, accompanied by the sergeant Brown, is in London within the framework of a co-operation between the police forces of several countries. This meeting enables him to re-examine friends and to congratulate one on them, which soon will become the new chief of Scotland Yard. But, a little later in the evening, this last is assassinated under the eyes of Ed, which has time to see the face of the murderer. The current chief of Yard asks Ironside to remain in London during the investigation in order to support the inspector charged to find the assassin of the police officer. The followed track is that of terrorism but the Chief is skeptic and, when the behavior of the inspector becomes whimsical, Ironside comes from there to suspect the existence of a plot orchestrated particularly well whose ramifications are very significant.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Daniel Haller
Guest star: Michael Bell (lieutenant Morris), Hedley Mattingly (McArtle inspector), June Whitley Taylor (Ellen Faber), Gerald Peters (Supt. Davis), Stefan Gierasch (Muller), Donald Moffat (Hartz), Ivor Barry (Supt. Williams), Lloyd Bochner (Faber).

147. Ollinger's last case

Ironside receives a worrying telephone call on behalf of his former senior in rank, Ted Ollinger, who seems to have serious troubles. The Chief being sick, he dispatches Ed on the spot to come to assistance of his friend, installed in a small city since he is with the retirement. Quickly, the sergeant Brown realizes that he is to better avoid pronouncing the name of Ollinger, all inhabitants seeming to be upset with him for an unknown reason. Ed goes at the edge of sea, where Ollinger had settled, and discovers that the authorities made close his trade and prohibit circulation around the wharf on which it is located. The assistant of the sheriff tries to make him leave but Ed is encrusted and settled at Ollinger. The following day, the body of this last is found on the dimension and the local medical examiner shown well quickly a natural death by heart attack having to involve the drowning. Ironside makes repatriate his corpse friend in San Francisco for a control autopsy which reveals anything else: Ted Ollinger was assassinated.

Writing by: Frank Telford
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: William Bramley (Bert Martin), Mills Watson (deputy Larry Davis), Joseph Kaufman (Sam Madden), Loretta Swit (Sally Pearson), Kenneth Mars (Adam Bronson), Albert Salmi (Bill Eaton), Warren Kemmerling (sheriff Healy).

148. A special person

The Chief Ironside is invited to a reception by the editor of the magazine The Bachelor, Wayne Dorian, which wishes to publish an article on him in this last. Whereas they discuss close to the swimming pool, Wayne feels a violent back pain but he does not worry any because he has the practice of it, going even until carrying a corset. But when Ironside requires of him to be turned over, he discovers a hole in clothing of Dorian, most probably left by a bullet. The Chief starts his investigation then and discovers that there is, among the guests and the employees of the villa, of many people likely to want some in Wayne. It is difficult to make the sorting quickly but the case takes very an other turning when Ironside discovers quite strange marks close to the swimming pool.

Writing by: Cleaned Chase and Frank Chase
Directed by: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Robert Viharo (Joey Galardo), Barry Sullivan (Howard Jamison), Melendy Britt (Rona Mason), Sandy Baron (Wayne Dorian), Leslie Charleson (Nikki Jamison).

149. The caller (anonymous Correspondant)

Fran moves in for three weeks in the apartment of a friend left on holiday, leaving it to to her to deal with his red fish. As of the first day, Fran receives telephone calls of a man who seems all to know of her actions, until knowing what she eats and which clothes she carries. With the passing days, the remarks of the man become more serious and he even threatens to kill her. Ironside, having noticed that his collaborator is anxious and nervous, ends up obliging her to acknowledge what occurs and takes the things in hand. The investigation of vicinity reveals several possible suspects and, when young woman herself such a badgered by telephone is found assassinated in the district, the Chief wants to convince Fran to go to live elsewhere, but she refuses, wanting to put the hand on the culprit. An alleviating remark of Ed leads Ironside to direct his investigation in very an other direction.

Writing by: Margaret Armen
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Barry Livingston (Johnny Garver), Paul Lambert (Willis Barnes), L.Q. Jones (Tony Ashton), Ray Ballard (Mr. Rowling), Dick Bass (Jake), Dabney Coleman (Daniel Leary).

150. Love me in december

Vickie, a young woman who goes over her eighteen years, comes to find Ironside in San Francisco to require his assistance in order to clear her lover, Aaron Clark, of trente-six years his elder. This last is shown of murder on the person of a young man whom he suspected of having set fire to his house in construction. The fact that Clark is a temperament coleric and that he had had words with the victim little time before his death makes of him the culprit very designated. Living in a small city, everyone the judge without remorse and the local newspaper does not deprive himself to tell the least anecdote being able to discredit him more. Ironside, who knew Clark with the army, is initially reticent with the idea to come to him to assistance because he never appreciated the man. But, in front of the distress of Vickie, he agrees to carry out his own survey, in spite of the total lack of co-operation of the population and the loathing of Clark to be made help by that which did everything to make him transfer army.

Writing by: William Gordon and James Doherty
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Greg Mullavey (Kenny Hall), Gregory Sierra (Billy Trona), Kip Niven (Phil Wagner Jr.), George Murdock (Phil Wagner Sr.), Steve Forrest (Aaron Clark), Katherine Cannon (Vickie Dunhill), Madlyn Rhue (Kate Dunhill), Simon Oakland (Elton Ferris), Val Avery (McKay), Wallace Earl (first woman).

151. The ghost of the Dancing Doll

Ed and Fran must leave to fish with Jerry, owner of Dancing Doll. At the hour of the appointment, they do not find anybody and, anxious, contact the guards dimensions which find Dancing Doll with the drift. They tow it and, on board, Ed and Fran discover impacts of bullets and blood. The sergeant Brown decides to deal with the case but he is unaware of that Ironside has been just charged by the Commissioner Randall from a significant investigation: several criminals meet in San Francisco with an aim of setting up a trade union of the crime on the western dimension. The Chief accepts this additional work all the same and discovers quickly that Dancing Doll and its owner are directly related to the business that Randall entrusted to him. Ed, which is persuaded that Jerry did not do anything of evil, concentrates on the boat to find his friend before it is not too late.

Writer: Orville H. Hampton
Director: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Ron Pinkard (chief Borden), Jess Walton (Debbie), Christopher Connelly (Jerry), Warner Anderson (Matty Millane), Abner Biberman (Sal Reiger), Jackie Russell (Helene), Del Monroe (Tom), Paul Factor (Eddie Caldwell), James Almanzar (officer of county), Dean Smith (Joe), Pedro Regas (Carlo Donata).

152. All about Andrea

Fran goes to a meeting of dedication of Dr. Andrea Wollcott who has just published the first volume of his memories. At the exit of the bookshop, Andrea is victim of an attempted murder which she leaves fortunately indemne. Fran is then charged to protect her while her colleagues inquire to find the culprit. Andrea being a woman with the very modern precepts, she was made many enemies and it is on this track that engages Ironside first of all but, after the robbery of the manuscript of the second volume of the memories of the doctor, he is interested more closely in last of the lively Andrea and all those which revolve around her regularly.

Writing by: Michael Butler and Christopher Trumbo
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Myrna Loy (Andrea Wollcott), Morgan Paull (Martin Lowell), Alan Napier (Marcus Lowell), Neva Patterson (Gerry), John McLiam (Trash), Bill McKinney (Augie Morris), Jenny Sullivan (Coral Watson), Jacqueline Scott (April Morris), Robert Quarry (Ted Moresby).

153. Another Shell game

Justin, burglar of high flight, leaves prison where Ironside had sent him a few years earlier. Eager to be avenged, he sets up a daring plan at the time of the exposure of several fabrics of Masters belonging to a rich person family, Van Deering. He engages several accomplices and, in full day, sends two of them to the showroom to abolish the warning system. The malfrats reach that point but Ed, which controls the system regularly, realizes of the thing and into formless the Chief. Ironside and his team are thus on the traces of the accomplices of Justin, thanks to their fingerprints, but the Chief is persuaded that all this is only one setting in scene dissimulating the true objective of Justin. Ironside wants to thus put Liz Van Deering under protection but the latter refuses. Ed, which tied feelings in love with the latter, is charged to take care on her but Justin manages all the same to kidnap her.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Alvine Ganzer
Guest star: Bob Golden (prison warder), Bern Hoffman (Sadowsky), George DiCenzo (Joe), Mel Scott (Pete), Jo Jo D'Amore (first man), Joe Petrullo (driver), Jack Manning (Tony Barton), Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Francisco Ortega (museum attendant), Skye Aubrey (Liz van Deering), Dan O'Herlihy (Arthur Justin), Scott Glenn (Frank Lennox).

154. All honorable men

A bank was burglarized: the trunks were partially emptied, the robbers having took care to take only the things of great value. At the beginning, the method used remains a mystery because there was no explosion, the room is intact and carries was not forced nor opened by the only people having the combination. Ironside quickly discovers the key of this enigma: a tunnel was dug under the bank and an astute system made it possible to give the fitted carpet places from there after the departure of the burglars. The Chief then starts his investigation while being interested in the personnel of the bank like to the customers and, when Treasury bills are discovered in the shop of a former burglar, apprehended formerly by Ironside, he understands that the persons in charge feel in danger and that they are ready with very to scramble their traces. Whereas he inspects the trunks again, the Chief is locked up and a pollutant gas is introduced into the system of ventilation.

Writing by: Douglas William Lansford
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Fred Beir (Daniels), Regis Cordic (Jake McLane), Amzie Strickland (Rita Logan), Arthur Batanides (Manny), Robert Bruce Lang (police), Gene Tyburn (bomb disposal expert), James Hong (Wilson), Sandra Smith (Anne Lewis), William Daniels (Stierwalt), Henry Beckman (Clark Andrews), Leonard Stone (Norman Gregg).

155. The best laid plans

Ironside is at the bank for an appointment with his friend Walter Eustace, the director. While they discuss in the office this last, three malfrats penetrate in the bank and take the control of this one quietly. The Chief initially manages to dissimulate his identity but the intervention of a too pleasant police officer reveals the truth with the burglars. Satisfied to have an hostage of choice, they are set up, their goal not being apparently to empty the trunks which contain only little money. The Chief understands that they await the passage of the armoured van which must supply several banks, which will enable them to conceal a significant gold mine. Ironside manages to send a message outside but Fran does not understand immediately that her Chief is in the troubles.

Writing by: David P. Harmon
Directed by: Daniel Haller
Guest star: Peggy Feury (Mrs. Gracey), Nate Esformes (Marco), Rafael Campos (Quinto), Frederic Downs (Gerald Darrow), Whit Bissell (Walter Eustace), Phillip Jackson (Plainclothesman), Brent Davis (Bart), Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Frank Marth (Bolton), Ben Frommer (salesman of flowers), Gabe Walsh (customer), Kathleen Lloyd (Paula), Jack Knight (Gilroy), Jerry Hardin (Stark), Don Stroud (Travers).

156. A game of showdown

Ironside and Ed leave together to fishing and, tired by the way, decide to stop at the night fallen into a motel. There, they are accomodated without much heat and note that they disturb the owner in the medium of part of chart. Called Woody emerges then and try to attack Del Hogan, the owner of the motel, but the partner of this last manages to calm him and takes him along outside. Whereas Ironside and Ed settle in their room, they hear three shots. Precipitating outside, they discover the body without life of the one of the players of poker, called Burt Thomas. Ed sees a man fleeing and leaves to his continuation, succeeding in catching up with him without too much evil: it is about Woody. His weapon is later discovered on the spot of the crime and he is apprehended for murder with premeditation. But Ironside is not convinced and decides to delay his fishing party to draw this case with light, with the great satisfaction of the local sheriff.

Writer: Sy Salkowitz, Mann Rubin
Director: Gift Weis
Guest star: William Tepper (Johnny), Robert Webber (Del Hogan), Scott Brady (Sheriff), Mary Murphy (Carrie Thomas), John Casing (Burt Thomas), Suzanne Charney (BEV), Gift Hanmer (Woody Owens), Virginia Vincent (Marylou Beacon), Cheryl Ladd (Gwen).

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