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157. Confessions from a lady of the night

Ironside receives a call in middle of the night of a woman: she does not say her name and is satisfied to ask him forgiveness. The next morning, the Chief is convened by the Commissioner  Randall who presents to him the first page of a magazine with feelings. Ironside is in photograph with, wholesale titles, the promise of the revelations of a woman having slept with him and which claims to have received pillow talks. Randall is not content because it is mentioned serious failures on behalf of the police, amongst other things about the disappearance of an actor. Ironside is disturbed by the mentions of his private life because he thought that nobody knew about the details mentioned on the cover of the magazine. He will see the editor of the newspaper, a woman rewarded for her talents for journalist, and notes that she knows many things about him but refuses to reveal her sources. A few hours later, the latter is victim of an attempted murder by the means of a bomb, but it is one of her employees who opens the parcel bomb, being thus seriously wounded. She then decides to reveal in Ironside the name of her source, Agatha, whose the Chief does not have any memory. When he will see her, he does not recognize her more, but is present at the time of the arrival of a mysterious parcel. Suspicious, he makes evacuate the building, thus saving the life of Agatha. Ed, which inquires into the famous actor, discovers a wreck of car in the property of this last, with two bodies inside. Agatha, which was in love with the actor, is accused of murder. Ironside ended up remembering her: she was a nurse in the hospital where he was operated following the attempted murder of which he was victim and it is her which encouraged him to fight to survive. He is then persuaded of her innocence and intends to prove this one.

Writing by: Shawn Mallory
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Dorothy Malone (Agatha), Lynn Carlin (Mary Jane 'M.J.' Smith), Tom Drake (Larry Yates), Jeanne Cooper (Sarah Richards), Jackie Russell (secretary of the Commissioner Randall), Joe Kapp (shipper), Dick O' Shea (officer Finney), William Schallert (Jack Abbott/concierge), Michael Grayson (priest), Pierre Gonneau (chief).

158. Murder by one

Whereas she is with the bowling with the remainder of the team, Fran receives a telephone call and, disabled, she asks Ed to accompany her at a friend. On the spot, the police is already with work, collecting the indices on what seems to be a suicide. The victim is the son of Liz, the friend of Fran, a teenager disturbed by the divorce of his parents and engagement recent of his mother. Fran feels guilty because she had given a weapon to Liz, who lived alone with his son, and it is with the latter that he committed suicide. The Chief takes the case in hand, with the great relief of Fran, and several things appear strange to him from the beginning: the fact that the weapon is with more than two meters of the body, the strange traces on the latch of the door of the room, a rubber band and trombones trailing by ground… The suicide resembles more and more a murder and the discovery of five thousand dollars in liquid with the prints of Frank, his future father-in-law whom he did not love much. It appears soon that Frank made prison for robbery before changing name and the money discovered then makes think of a blackmail. Frank appears the ideal culprit but a mysterious inscription on a plate of football game perturb Ironside, decided to discover the truth.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz and David Vowell
Directed by: Alexander Singer
Guest star: Clu Gulager (Frank), Mary Ure (Liz), Herb Edelman (David Wollens), Michael Baseleon (Dr. Harold Sands), Dennis McCarthy (Harry), Robert Van Decar (Jay).

159. In the forests of the night

Ironside is in charge of the installation of the system of safety protecting an exposure from Asian objets d'art including one superb jade sculpture called Tiger. Whereas he is in the art gallery with his owner, the Commissioner Randall and a Chinese representative, Ironside meets a woman whom he loved ten years earlier, Alexandra. They had not been able to marry because their respective professions were completely incompatible: Alexandra is a robber. The Chief is conscious that she returned to San Francisco for Tiger but he cannot prevent himself from joining again bonds intimate with her, hoping that, this time, she will make the choice remain with him. He does not hide anything with his collaborators and the latter worry about the impact of Alexandra on their superior: at the proper time, will he do himself the good choice?

Writing by: Michael P. Butler, Christopher Trumbo
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Mae Mercer (Zoe), Frank Aletter (Eli), Lyle Bettger (Louis Blaine), Dana Wynter (Alexandra), Bob Golden (visitor), Margueritte Ray (woman), Richard Loo (Lin Chu Tai), Wesley Lau (Thompkins), Peter Von Zerneck (Neustaedter).

160. Fragile is the house of cards

David Wills, well known lawyer, present themselves late the evening at the residence of the Chief, in a lamentable state: he carries the obvious marks of a brawl but does not remember what occurred exactly. He knows just that he was on a boat and that a man attacked, giving up him on the yatch running. David knows that he succeeded in also leaving the boat but that another victim of this mysterious man was on board, wounded and incompetent to leave this trap. He asks Ironside to help him to gather his thin memories to save the life of this last before it is not too late. The Chief makes come a psychiatrist to his office in order to hypnotize David but the few scenes which he describes seem him incoherent, as if he sought to dissimulate significant information.

Writing by: Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Sandra De Bruin (Martha Billings), Noah Keen (Dr. Corwin), Lorraine Gary (Ellen Wills), James Olson (David Wills), Paul Micale (guard).

161. The Armageddon gang

Michael Brandon, a famous scientist working for the Gregory Institute, disappears mysteriously an evening, with the day before of his holidays. The director of the institute at once will find the Commissioner Randall to ask him to put all works about it in order to find Brandon, who holds many classified secrecies defense. Ironside is in charge of the investigation and, quickly, of many evidence accumulate to accredit the thesis of treason: Brandon would have left the country to work "with the enemy". All seems to agree when the wife of Michael receives a phone call diffusing a recording where her husband explains his step with the latter. Ironside is disturbed by the total absence of emotion in the voice of the researcher and starts to consider very an other assumption.

Writing by: Larry Brody
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Hildy Brooks (Ellie Brandon), Ramon Bieri (?), Laurence Haddon (colonel McAdams), Harold Gould (Martin Geller), Bob Goldstein (first economist), Milt Kogan (second economist), Asher Brauner (sergeant Henry), Joseph Campanella (Curtis Whitney), Tom Stewart (captain Coleman), Ted Hartley (Michael Brandon).

162. House of terror

Jennifer, the niece of the Commissioner Randall, organizes a small festival in an old manor repurchased by an association whose her uncle is member. During the evening, young people present launch a challenge to Jennifer and his friend, David: to spend the whole night in a haunted famous room, a couple y having disappeared without leaving traces many years ago. The couple accepts and, late in the night, their friends hear a cry of terror and precipitate in the part, locked by one of the punters. Jennifer and David disappeared. The Commissioner Randall calls at once upon Ironside and a rapid investigation learns to the Chief that there is no more no trace of the stay of the two in love ones in the haunted room. Intrigued, he decides to remain in the manor during the night, shouldered by Marc, Ed and Fran. The three police officers, distant from their superior by a skilful diversion, can only note his disappearance. Ironside, as for him, awakes in a manor identical to that where he was before he does not disappear, if it is not that it seems not to have undergone any work. The Chief is victim of hallucinations, persecuted by a spectrum whose face is not unknown for him…

Writing by: Douglas William Lansford
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Lenore Kasdorf (Laura), William Durkin (Chris), Lina Raymond (Betty), Ted Pejovich (Phil), Dabbs Greer (old bookseller), Aldine King (Cindy), Dennis Rucker (Ira), Russell Wiggins (Dave), Eddie Fontaine (Carpenter), Sharon Gless (Jennifer).

163. The helping hand

Fran invited Marc and the Chief to dine before one evening envisaged with the theatre. Rosita, the cleaning lady of Fran, is present when the latter arrive and shows obvious signs of nervousness; leaving even the apartment in way precipitated when Fran suggests with the Chief engaging her for his office. In her precipitation, she forgets her handbag and Fran wants to bring to her before going to the theatre. Ironside accompanies her collaborator and they discover that the address of Rosita is not exact and thus go to the agency employment where she works. The person in charge, called Graham, shows himself very vagueness and it is only when the Chief announces that he will call upon the immigration which the man decides to give him an address. The place, a building where are lodged clandestine workers, is held by the accomplice of Graham, Stoner. he prepares the arrival of Ironside while making leave all the workers, except Rosita, thus making take a large risk with Teresa, the sister of Rosita, seriously sick. The Chief and Fran are not easily deceived and start an investigation at once. The case becomes complicated when Rosita calls the Chief, thrown into a panic, announcing the death of her sister to him. She has time to give the number of her call-box before the arrival of Stoner but, when the police arrives on the spot, it is the corpse of the latter which is discovered. Rosita disappeared and becomes suspect of murder.

Writing by: William Gordon
Directed by: Jerry Jameson
Guest star: Joshua Bryant (Stoner), Cameron Mitchell (Graham), Marie Maldonado (Teresa), Maria Elena Cordero (Rosita), Miguel ┴ngel Landa (Father Arturo), Joaquin Martinez (Reyes), Alma Beltran (Isabel), Rodolfo Acosta (Ramirez), Jan Stratton (Durgin), Garry Walberg (judge Thompson).

164. Downhill all the way (1)

Jerry, a young boy dreamer, plays in an automobile discharge, lost in an imaginary world which he built. Whereas he evolves between the abandoned vehicles, Jerry hears a detonation and at once will see what occurs: a man has been just made assassinate. Jerry will seek of the assistance in the person of a neighbor and, when he reconsiders the spot of the crime with this last, the police is here. Although Jerry does not express himself clearly, Ironside understands that he was the witness of the murder and decides to take him along to consult several specialists in order to see whether they could manage to communicate with the young boy. As Jerry seems to rely on Ironside, the doctors suggest to him spending time with him, only solution to leave him the imaginary world in which he took refuge. While Ed, Marc and Fran inquire into the murder - whose victim was to advise of countryside for a politician- Ironside takes along Jerry to the zoo, then with fishing. Whereas they are alone on their boat, an outboard motor boat sinks to them above and it is of accuracy that Ironside manages to save the young boy. For the Chief, the only manner of wedging the persons in charge is to make believe in dead of Jerry. He develops a very risky plan for him: he makes believe that he is victim of a depression, resigns of his post and moves in a not very advisable district; sinking gradually in alcoholism. Marc, Ed and Fran refuse to only leave him and rent an apartment not far from his. But Ironside reject them, ready to all for the success of his plan.

Writing by: Christopher Trumbo and Michael P. Butler
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Paul Sorenson (detective), Art Metrano (Chambers), Miriam P. Saunders (Mrs. Roberts), Sheldon Allman (first police officer), Roger Perry (Brodie), Mel Allen (employed alcohol store), Cal Bartlett (second police officer), Lee Montgomery (Jerry Abbott), JoJo D'Amore (Grocer), Adriana Shaw (Mrs. Abbott), Allen Joseph (Isaac Amati), Madeleine Taylor Holmes (Mrs. Walinsky), Anthony Costello (Jim Rogers), Val Bisoglio (Waffles), William Mims (Arthur Brody), David Wayne (Dr. Ian Rice), Gene Evans (Cogswell), Kim Darby (Samantha), George DiCenzo (Paul Benson), Antonio Fargas (T.D. Harris), William Smith (Larry), William Devane (Smiley), Raymond Sutton (Lefty), Penny Santon (the woman of Grocer).

164. Downhill all the way (2)

That made several weeks that the Chief resigned and he is part from now on of the landscape of his new district. Even Smiley, a ex-tolard, adopted him since he pleaded an alibi near the police. Ironside feels that he is on the good track and decides to pass at the higher speed while going to see the editor of a newspaper to ask him to write an article announcing his "come-back" during which he intends to reveal than he discovered on the assassination of the political adviser. Ed, Marc and Fran are anxious for the Chief and decide to visit him, accompanied by Doctor Rice, so that he delivers a medical opinion to them. The doctor is not very optimistic and would like to hospitalize Ironside but this last refuses categorically, driving out his friends of at his home. After the publication of the article in the newspaper, Ironside sees soon arriving three new people in his life: Samantha, one illuminated which wants to show to him the light; Jerry, a former soldier who helped him at the time of an aggression; and T.D Harris, which wants to become police officer and pay the Chief to give him lessons of criminology. Samantha takes along Ironside to the temple to present him at his friends and, at the time of the ceremony, the Chief is victim of a faintness. Led to the institute directed by Doctor Rice, he is neat but his state does not cease worsening. The doctor discovers whereas the ointment that uses Samantha to mass the legs of the Chief is poisoned. Despaired, the person in charge for all the case will renew his attempted murder to make conceal Ironside.

Writing by: Christopher Trumbo, Michael P. Butler
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Art Metrano (Chambers), Paul Sorenson (detective), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), William Devane (Smiley), Anthony Costello (Rogers), Val Bisoglio (Waller), George DiCenzo (Paul Benson), William Mims (Arthur Brady), Sheldon Allman (first police officer), Mel Allen (employed alcohol store), Cal Bartlett (second police officer), Allen Joseph (Mr. Isaacs), Penny Santon (the woman of Grocer), Raymond Sutton (Lefty), Kim Darby (Samantha), William Smith (Larry), Roger Perry (Brodie), David Wayne (Ian), Lee Montgomery (Jerry), Madeleine Taylor Holmes (Mrs. Mundy), Miriam P. Saunders (Mrs. Roberts), Antonio Fargas (T.D. Harris).

165. Mind for murder

Fran, Ed and Marc are in a cabaret where they attend a number of "magic": a man, Arthur Damien, pickaxe of the objects deposited by the witnesses in a ballot box and guess, only with their contact, the identity and an event marking of his owner. When he seizes a ring, Damien has the vision of a school in flame with three children blocked inside. His words alert the three police officers because it is about a case of arson but nobody, except the services of police, is well-informed. Ed requires of the head of the fire protection brigade to pass to the office of the Chief, forcing a little the hand of this last to deal with the case, and, when another fire is declared, Ironside sends his collaborators to the site. Marc locates Damien among the curious ones and this last is thus apprehended, three witnesses having seen him leaving the building before it does not ignite. Ironside discovers that Damien lived before Los Angeles and that he had helped the police force with decree a responsible pyromaniac, amongst other things, death of his wife. But Damien is persuaded that the apprehended flamer was not the good and that the true culprit prevails now in San Francisco. Ironside employs all the means to oblige him to collaborate with him.

Writing by: Judy Burns
Directed by: Gene Nelson
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Louise Sorel (Stalemate), Ross Martin (Damien), Burr DeBenning (Dean Kendall), John Doucette (Hanson), Patricia Hindy (Stacy), Charles Macaulay (Casing).

166. The hidden man

Mike Doyle, sergeant decorated with Vietnam, returns at his home after twenty-nine months of imprisonment. He learned, with his release, that his father, Jack, had died two years earlier in a car accident but, on his arrival with the military airport, Mike is persuaded to see him by a window. Ironside, who was a friend of Jack -police officer- thinks initially that the young man was victim of a hallucination. But, later, several small details make him think that Mike did not dream and he asks explanations to the Commissioner Randall who, initially, denies in block. In front of the arguments of the Chief, he ends up acknowledging that Jack is always in life, under the protection of the ministry for justice, because he currently holds many information on a gangster in prison, like on his organization. Even if Jack learned that his son had returned alive from Vietnam, he does not want to contact him for fear the son of the gangster, Stanley, is not caught any with him. Ironside, who considers this situation unjust, develops a plan to force Stanley to be discovered and make the error which will lead him in prison, at the sides of his father.

Writing by: James Doherty, William Gordon
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Terrence O'Connor (Jane Cook, journalist), Harvey Jason (Newman), James Gregory (Tony Hudson), Zalman King (Stanley), Cliff Potts (Mike Doyle), Harold J. Stone (Babe), Jack Aaron (Sloate), Warren Kemmerling (Jack Doyle), Jan Peters (barman), John Himes (Dawson), Janet Wood (nurse).

167. The double-edged corner

Dexter Flynn is a player become inveterate, true doped. To appease his passion, he put money on all and anything: the charts, the horses, time that it will make… his wife and her daughter think that he is salesman and that for this reason they often move. But, in fact, it is because of the debts which Dexter in each city accumulates that the small family often travels. To be done a little money, Dexter is used as advisor with the police, his knowledge of the street being an invaluable asset. He is of passage in San Francisco when lieutenant Reese inquires into a steering of supermarket having badly turned: a police officer and a watchman were killed. As Carl tramples, Ironside called upon Dexter to find the hold-up men and this last ended up putting the hand on one of them, called Matt. When he is apprehended by the police, he guesses from which the escape comes and decides to be caught some to the family of Dexter to make him pay his treason. Flynn east took with the trap, he asks for the assistance of the Chief to put his family at the shelter.

Writing by: Richard Pram
Directed by: David Friedkin
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieuteant Carl Reese), Lisa Gerritsen (Nancy Flynn), Albert Salmi (Matt), Nick Ferrari (Art), Arnold Williams (Hugo), Nancy Malone (Harriet Flynn), Clare Nono (Angel), Allen Garfield (Dexter Flynn), Joseph X. Flaherty (Sam), Morris Buchanan (Felix), Paul Lichtman (Augie).

168. The last payment

Marc has go with Gilbert, a friend, in a restaurant to dine in gallant company. But, on the way, he is attacked by two men and is beat up, one of them claiming to have a message to transmit to him. Transported at his home, he is looked after by Fran while Ironside begins his investigation, decided to know the reason of this aggression. Quickly, Marc and the Chief are persuaded that it is in fact Gilbert which was to be the victim of this aggression and the brutal change of behavior of the latter teaches them that the attackers of Marc came to find him. It is indeed the case: the father of Gilbert at present deceased had negociated a loan near not very scrupulous people, requesting substantial interests from their "customers". The debt of the father was transferred to the son and they intend well to be made refund, even if it means to threaten the family of Gilbert. Marc decides to borrow a false identity to tighten a trap with the malfrats, against the will of Gilbert but under the aegis of the Chief, conscious of the danger to which his collaborator and friend expose himself.

Writing by: Felton Perry, William Gordon, James Doherty
Directed by: Daniel Haller
Guest star: Scatman Crothers (Jason), Dick Anthony Williams (Reuben), Dave Turner (?), Cinque Attucks (hostess of the baths showers), Jeanie Bell (Ella), Felton Perry (Gilbert), Margaret Avery (barman), Albert Popwell (Clouded-Boy), Fred Beir (Jimmy Lee Gates), Clarice Taylor (Clotilde), Sid Miller (employed hotel), Jane Kennedy (Maylene), Regis Cordic (Alexander Shepard), Roger Robinson (Shuggie).

169. Friend or foe

A package of heroin disappears during the way Clerc's Office-court and the suspicions go on lieutenant Reese and his partner Don Borden. An investigation is ordered and, little time afterwards, Borden are killed in a car accident before to have been able to give his version of the history. The district attorney suspects Reese of being the robber and, when this last is surprised in conversation with Delaney, the "owner" of heroin, he still worsens his case: the Commissioner Randall orders his sacking. Ironside and his team will do everything to prove the innocence of Carl before the D.A does not diffuse a writ of arrest in his opposition.

Writing by: David P. Harmon
Directed by: Jerry Jameson
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Sandy Ward (sergeant Don Borden), Russ Martin (salesman of cars), Clyde Kusatsu (manager of carpark), Al Checco (Farrell), Byron Morrow (Delaney), Harvey Fisher (officer Mannings), Lew Palter (Tony the barman), Borah Silver (officer Smith), Jack Grimes (Jimmy Slick), Jean Allison (Helen Borden), Kenneth O'Brien (Tommy), Maria O'Brien (Cindy).

170. Two hundred large

Ironside and Marc make races when, passing close to a bank, the Chief notices the absence of the guard, normally as a post with the door of entry. He approaches and, suspecting a holdup, asks Marc to call reinforcement while he penetrates inside the building. At once, he east put out of cheek by a man who supervised the access while two accomplices carry out the "collection" of the funds. When the sirens are made hear, the two men flee by behind: one of them is killed and the other manages to flee. The Chief successful to resound the last burglar and this last goes without resistance. Later, when Ironside consults his file, he is skeptic in front of his contents: Hardway -it is the name of the man- does not have the profile of the criminal. However, he refuses to still give the name of his accomplice in life, even after having learned from the mouth of Ironside that it is not the police which cut down the death men, but the third burglar. Little time after, the daughter of Hardway is kidnapped and the kidnapper manages to communicate with this last, proposing an exchange: the harvest counter the child. Ironside understands that he will not have the whole collaboration of Hardway, which wants to avoid calling upon the police, and he thus decides to set up a plan to wedge the kidnapper.

Writing by: Maurice Goodman
Directed by: Robert Scheerer
Guest star: Kres Mersky (Stella), Woodrow Parfrey (Fred), Michael Bell (Rick), Barbara Brownell (Candy), Paul Burke (Hardway), Louie Basile (Benny), Joseph George (Ferdy), Vince Howard (Mr. Perkins), Joe Petrullo (guard), Claudia Bryar (Mrs. Larkin).

171. Once more for Joey

Ironside and his team inquire into a traffic of pirate cassettes which generate enormous losses for the houses of discs. A group, made up in particular of three blind men and Joey, a guitarist, are victim of this phenomenon so much so that their discs almost nothing pays to them. Indeed, the pirates leave their albums before them and, this, in great number; producing devastators effects for the group. When Joey is assassinated during a repetition, Ironside is persuaded that he had discovered how the pirates got the recordings of the albums and that he was going to sell the wick. He remains to him to convince Nancy, the singer of the group, to continue to record the songs of the group in order to trap that who provides the pirates.

Writing by: Sam Roeca
Directed by: Krishna Shah
Guest star: William Bramley (Brooks), Pamela Bellwood (Nancy), Judy Edge (Manning), Kip Niven (Joey), Richard B. Shull (Max), Paul Hampton (Dee), Bert Holland (Cutter), Geoffrey Deuel (Mo), Donald Barry (Prudy), Roger Davis (Willie).

172. Terror on Grant Avenue

In Chinatown, a tradesman is assassinated. Several witnesses affirm to have recognized the attacker in the person of Billy, the son of an owner of drugstore which is also a friend of Ironside. Persuaded of the innocence of his son, he calls upon the Chief who runs up against lieutenant Reese, convinced to hold the culprit. Ironside takes the case in hand then and starts his investigation with the assistance of Laure, a young policegirl of Asian origin infiltrated in Chinatown. Soon, the Chief learns that the head of Billy was put at price for the sum of 5 000 $, supposedly by the tradesmen from Chinatown who would have enough of it to be the target of attacks of inactive young people. But Ironside does not believe and suspects the existence in it of a particular traffic which would explain in a more logical way death of the tradesman. His work is put in danger by Laure, which cannot be prevented from making zeal…

Writing by: Arthur Rowe
Directed by: Arnold Laven
Guest star: Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Benson Fong (Wing), Mako (Phil), Irene Tsu (Laure), Dalton Leong (Vic), Richard Dana Lee, Jr. (Jay), George Chiang (Truman Sand), Frank Michael Liu (Billy).

173. Class of ' 40

The Chief receives a letter of Karen, a former schoolmate, asking him to come to the meeting the old ones from promotion 1940 from the Summerfield college.  The latter has just lost her husband in what seems to be a stupid accident in the home but she has doubts and thinks that her husband was assassinated. Ironside, accompanied by Fran, decides to go in Summerfield to try to draw this history with light. But, on the spot, he discovers alcoholic Karen who lunatic to have written the least letter. The evening, in the meeting, Ironside finds his former comrades of which Richard, with which he formed the trio of the "three musketeers" with the late husband of Karen. This last does not seem ravit to re-examine him and free the evening, pretexting an urgent business to regulate. In the night, he discovered died in the room of gym and the sheriff is ready to classify the business in bad category the "falls" but Ironside insists that an autopsy is practised. This one reveals that he is indeed a murder. The Chief calls Ed with the rescue and starts his investigation, on the basis of the principle that John, the late husband of Karen, has also assassinated. Soon, Ironside connects these two dead to another, occurred in 1940, where one of his friends had perished in a car accident where him, John and Richard was implied. Ed and Fran understand that the next target of the killer is not other than Ironside.

Writing by: James T Surtees, Richard L Breen Jr. and Norman Jolley
Directed by: Barry Shear
Guest star: Anne Francis (Karen), Marshall Thompson (Tom Ames), Peter Brocco (doctor), Fay Spain (Alice Schmidt), William Bryant (Richard Gillis), Jackie Coogan (Sam), Leif Erickson (Preston Lakes), Alice Backes (Maggie), Jason Evers (Ted Kelly).

174. A taste of ashes

Walter Portman invited the Chief Ironside to dine because he is an old friend of his mother. Whereas they take aperitif, Lily, the maid, brings the mail and Walter tries to seize some but his mother the fact before him. Seeing a postcard, she swoon at once. While Walter transports her in bedroom, Ironside reads the chart and understands her reaction: it is sent by Gail, the sister of Walter, is died in a fire of the years earlier. Walter acknowledges with the Chief  that he not invited him by chance and shows him other postcards which he had succeeded in intercepting before his mother does not read them. He is persuaded that it is not his sister who wrote these charts and asks Ironside to inquire. The night even, Walter is assassinated, strangled, and the only specimens of the writing of Gail still in his possession disappeared. The following day, at the general surprise, Gail arrives accompanied by Philipp, her husband. Simon Cole, the lawyer of the family, is persuaded which it is not Gail and wants to oblige Ironside to do something. But this last is not long in discovering that Cole used the money of the family for his own account and that Walter had discovered it. Ironside fears for the life of his friend and sends Fran in protection. When Gail and Philipp are victims of an attempted murder, thwarted by Fran, the Chief directs his suspicions towards very an other person that Cole and decides to tighten a trap to him.
Writing by: Dick Nelson
Directed by: Alvine Ganzer
Guest star: Whit Bissell (Simon Cole), Anne Seymour (Lily), June Christopher (Nurse), Kim Hunter (Joanna Portman), James Keach (Walter Portman), James McCallion (Hobbs), Scott Hylands (Philip), Gretchen Corbett (Gail).

175. A death in academe

Ed returns visit to former schoolmate, MacDane, become professor of philosophy at the university of San Francisco, author of a book with scandal. Linda, a disturbed coed, commits suicide on the campus and of many people show MacDane to be responsible for her death, the father of the girl in first. Ed asks the Chief to deal with the case and, the evening even, he is victim of an attempted murder whereas he was in his friend. Ironside understands at once that the attacker was mistaken in target and sends MacDane and his wife to the hotel, under the survey of the police. Whereas he returns visit to the mother of Sonia Barrot, the joint tenant of Linda, Ironside recognizes as a Sam, the father, a mafiosi formerly well known and ever stopped by the Los Angeles police. The Chief doubts whereas revenge is the mobile of the attacker of MacDane.

Writing by: Michael P. Butler
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Coletti), Suesie Elene (Janet), Monica Lewis (Amelia), Megan Landis (Linda), Erik Washington (Student), Alfonso Tafoya (Foreman), Michael Parks (MacDane), Malachi Throne (Sam Deck-beam), Mike Kellin (Dallavaca), Jennifer Leak (Judith), Mary Layne (Sonia), Doug Jacoby (Rosakis), Free Corsaro (Coletti).

176. Close to the heart

The Chief Ironside must go to Santa Cruz for a conference and he decides to only go there, in spite of the protests of his collaborators. In way, he is victim of a road accident, struck by the vehicle of a young woman, Laura Keyes. At the hospital, the doctors discover that this last has a bullet placed close to the heart, which caused an infarct. Laura claims not to know from which this bullet comes and refuses the operation, in spite of the significant risks of repetition. When she is victim of a new infarct, her husband gives his agreement to operate her and the doctors give the bullet to the police. The Chief discovers whereas the weapon used is the same one as for a murder not elucidated, that of called Ortega, trade unionist convinced, but the version of Laura does not change, she refuses to collaborate. Continuous Ironside despite everything his investigation and, when the newspapers publish the history of Laura, he knows that the time of which his lays out is limited, the murderer of Ortega whom cannot allow to leave an awkward witness behind him.

Writing by: Pauline Stone, Michael Cosgrove
Directed by: David Friedkin
Guest star: Anthony Eisley (Dr. Furness), Rudy Challenger (Twilling), Paul Lambert (McCraken), Gina Alvarado (Helen Ortega), James Luisi (Mike Purcell), Donald Moffat (Daniel), Linda Marie (Tress), Donna Gomez (girl), Milt Kogan (Bernstein), Gene Tyburn (Hagan), Elizabeth Ashley (Laura Keyes).

177. Come eleven, come twelve

Ed must escort a hired killer, David Cutter, from Chicago in San Francisco so that he is judged and, if possible, that he gives the name of his sleeping partner. The plane in which the two men have took seat is victim of a damage and must make halt with Reno. There, a representative out of hardware sees an armed man and at once will denounce him with the safety of the airport: it is about called Waller, charged to remove Cutter. Ironside sees in this action a chance to obtain the consents of this last and asks Ed to leave Reno in the car with his prisoner. Noting that they are followed, Ed gets out of car with Cutter and lets their driver carry on his road, with for instruction informing Ironside on the place where they are, an old bar now abandoned. But the man will never arrive at destination, he is assassinated before reaching that point. The situation becomes complicated more when a gold digger comes to make a halt with the bar and, enticed by the obvious richness of Cutter, comes from there to threaten Ed of a weapon. On his side, the Chief learns that two hired killers arrived at Reno little time after his collaborator.

Writing by: Robert I Holt
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Paul Comi (J. Philips), Bill Zuckert (Pete Wilson), Andrew Robinson (David Cutter), David Huddleston (Smithers), Michael Strong (Wilkins), George Murdock (Sheriff), Jeff Morris (Milt Archer), Gloria Delaney (Shipper), Barbara George (Hostess), Paul Kent (Tim Waller), Ken Lynch (Thurston).

178. Riddle at 24,000

Ironside, accompanied by Ed, returns visit to an old friend, Doctor Juan Domingo. Victims of a burst tire, the two men arrive a little late and the Chief notes at once that his friend is careworn. He has just noted the death of the one of his patients, David, apparently victim of a heart attack whereas he flew his plane, accompanied by his wife, Laura. But Juan does not believe in this version and thinks that David was assassinated. Indeed, a sleeping pill was found in the thermos flask of coffee and the bottle of oxygen of which Laura was used to help her husband was almost empty. The suspects are three: his wife, her son-in-law and Wescott, his associate with which he did not get along at all and who will profit from a cheque of 1/4 of million dollars. Juan benefits from the presence of Ironside to carry out his own survey, not relying so much on the capacities of the lieutenant of the local criminal police.

Writing by: Lane Slate, Ken Kolb
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Linda Foster (Big Sue), Patricia Smith (Laura), Michael Richardson (Denny), Dolores Dorn (Mrs. Wescott), Jerry Katz (barman), Kevin McCarley (Webster), Kelly Thordsen (responsible for airport), Ralph Meeker (Wescott), L.Q. Jones (Cardiff), Del Hinkley (technician), Desi Arnaz (Dr. Juan Domingo).

179. Amy Prentiss: AKA the chief (1)

Chef of Detectives was promoted Chef of Police, which leaves his vacancy and the person who certainly will replace him is lieutenant Amy Prentiss. Many the police officers is opposed to this nomination, but Amy is determined to prove her value and, thus, to prove to them that they are wrong. With Ironside and his team as only supports, she must prove reliable in a difficult case, comprising many problems, and, at the same time, she must convince her male personnel to accept her like their new leader.

Writing by: William Gordon and James Doherty
Directed by: Boris Sagal
Guest star: Paul Sorenson (sergeant Jackson), Art Metrano (Tom Pena), Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Robert Webber (Burton), Momo Yashima (Viola), Robert Brubaker (Klein), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Obbie), James Murtaugh (Terry Langley), Robert Bridges (assistant of the doctor), Ian Sander (Mervyn Jones), Paulene Myers (Ruby), Frank Campanella (lieutenant Gibbons), Steve Sandor (Russell), Susan Damante (Lori), Barry Atwater (Hubbard), Donald Barry (lieutenant Pierce), Zitto Kazann (Zino), Lee Paul (Richard), Joan Pringle (Joan), Jack Soo (Joe Lee), Mario Roccuzzo (Folger), Pippa Scott (Hook), Katherine MacGregor (Irma), William Shatner (Bill Parkins), Jessica Walter (Amy Prentiss).

180. Amy Prentiss: AKA the chief (2)

Chef of Detectives was promoted Chef of Police, which leaves his vacancy and the person who certainly will replace him is lieutenant Amy Prentiss. Many the police officers is opposed to this nomination, but Amy is determined to prove her value and, thus, to prove to them that they are wrong. With Ironside and his team as only supports, she must prove reliable in a difficult case, comprising many problems, and, at the same time, she must convince her male personnel to accept her like their new leader.

Writing by: William Gordon, James Doherty
Directed by: Boris Sagal
Guest star: Paul Sorenson (sergeant Jackson), Art Metrano (Tom Pena), Gene Lyons (Dennis Randall), Johnny Seven (lieutenant Carl Reese), Momo Yashima (Viola), Robert Brubaker (Klein), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Obbie), James Murtaugh (Terry Langley), Robert Bridges (assistant of the doctor), Ian Sander (Mervyn Jones), Paulene Myers (Ruby), Frank Campanella (lieutenant Gibbons), Steve Sandor (Russell), Susan Damante (Lori), Barry Atwater (Hubbard), Donald Barry (lieutenant Pierce), Zitto Kazann (Zino), Lee Paul (Richard), Joan Pringle (Joan), Mario Roccuzzo (Folger), Jack Soo (Joe Lee), Pippa Scott (Hook), Robert Webber (Burton), Katherine MacGregor (Irma), Jessica Walter (Amy Prentiss), William Shatner (Bill Parkins).

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