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181. Raise the devil (1)

Lydia Todd, a very rich woman, is found died in her safe deposit. The case is mysterious because she was stabbed in the back but was locked up herself in the room, the weapon not being at her sides. Ed, which makes the first observations, finds the telephone taken down, proof that somebody called Lydia Todd before her death. Little time after, a professor of parapsychology, Justine Cross, calls Ironside to indicate the exact place to him where he will be able to find the weapon of the crime, a sacrificial knife. The Chief accepts her assistance and very takes it with serious when she says that Susan, the daughter of Lydia, runs a serious danger. Susan tries to commit suicide, persuaded that she responsible for died of her mother but Ironside thinks that somebody handles it. Steven, a friend of Susan, tries to assassinate her and throws himself by the window while trying to escape the police.

Writing by: Anthony Lawrence and Jimmy Sangster
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Granville Van Dusen (doctor), Linda Dano (Katherine), Eric Chase (Neil), Norma Connolly (Lydia Todd), Sian Barbara Allen (Susan Todd), Carolyn Jones (Justine Cross), Bill Bixby (Dr. Gallin), Michael Anderson Jr. (Steven), Paul Richards (Mr. Todd).

182. Raise the devil (2)

Steven dies in the hospital and his autopsy proves that he was assassinated. Susan is victim of another attack and Ironside starts to accumulate heavy suspicions against her psychiatrist, Doctor Gallin, whose existence begins on his arrival in the United States. To confound him, he charges Fran with becoming his patient but, in front of the revelations of Justine, who sees the young woman in danger, he stops her mission. Gallin, which recognized Fran, goes to her and a new appointment gives him by hypnotizing her, in order to be certain that she comes. The following day, Fran goes in the doctor and he handles to push her to kill Ironside. During this time, the Chief searches at Gallin and finds the evidence of his culpability. He is in fact a psychopathe persuaded to help people by leading them to the suicide or by obliging other people to assassinate them. Ironside, Marc and Ed go to Gallin, ignoramus that Fran is on the spot, ready to kill his superior.

Writing by: Anthony Lawrence, Jimmy Sangster
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Bill Bixby (Dr. Gallin), Linda Dano (Katherine), Eric Chase (Neil), Norma Connolly (Lydia Todd), Sian Barbara Allen (Susan Todd), Carolyn Jones (Justine Cross), Granville Van Dusen (doctor), Michael Anderson Jr. (Steven), Paul Richards (Mr. Todd).

183. What's new with Mark?

Marc and Diana, to the return of the cinema, will make a race in an open drugstore the night. When they arrive in front of the shop, a shot resounds and Marc precipitates. At the interior, Milt Kleiner, the owner, is upright beside the body of a man and he holds a weapon with the hand. Marc calls his colleagues and returns at his home, letting the criminal one manage this case. The following day, he learns that he is accepted by the order of lawyers and, a good news never not arriving only, Marc announces his marriage with his friends, choosing Ironside like witness. On her side, Diana wants to defend Milt because she is persuaded that it is an act of self-defence; the man that he cut down being a gangster with the pay of called Kincaid, whom Ironside would like to put behind the bars. Her boss refusing to let her undertake this case, she asks Marc to do it and this last accepts. He wants to work hand in the hand with the Chief to clear Milt while making fall Kincaid. Fran then replaces fortune-teller, bookmaker at her hours, and who transfers part of her profits with Kincaid. On his side, the Chief must also regulate a domestic affair: the departure of Marc will only leave him, he must thus find a substitute to him. Ed and Fran, disturbed by this situation, decide to put their salt grain at it…

Writing by: Irv Pearlberg
Directed by: Charles S. Dubin
Guest star: Joan Pringle (Diana Sanger), Jason Wingreen (Sam Novak), Cameron Mitchell (Kincaid), Kenneth Tobey (Mahoney), Harlan Warde (judge), Guy Way (Lupo), Joan Crosby (left civil), Harry Harvey, Sr. (Elderly Man), Frank Gorshin (Dorian), Ned Glass (Milt Kleiner), Penny Santon (Madame Kapati).

184. Trial of terror

Everett Ward, accountant of a gangster named Martine, was implied in spite of him in the businesses of his boss and decided, for his good and that of his daughter, to testify with the lawsuit to this last. Martine, which knows that Ward has overpowering evidence of his embezzlements, decides to eliminate him at the same time as Caroline, his daughter. But the latter escapes the attack and decides to flee, fearing for her life. Ironside charges Ed finding her and putting her with in safety but Martine makes very to ruin this attempt. Ed ended up finding Caroline but she refuses to testify or deliver the evidence that had her father. When finally she decides, Martine succeeded in frightening her sufficiently so that she bends company with Ed and leaves to take refuge in a friend. But the latter, threatened by a henchman of Martine, must denounce her if she wants to save her life.

Writing by: Lou Shaw
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Andrew Duggan (Everett Ward), Joan Van Ark (Caroline Ward), Harold J. Stone (Mike Martine), Marsha Hunt (judge Kline), Paul Stevens (Henry Barbosa).

185. Cross doublecross

Jim, a police officer friend to Fran, is persuaded that old a malfrat that he had made put in prison, Stan Frost, seeks to be avenged and wants to kill him; he like Len Parsons, his former fellow-member reconverts as a private detective. Frost recently left prison and Jim is held ready to accomodate him, with his manner: he intends well to draw the first. Ironside, who knows the carried character of the police officer, draws aside him from the case and takes it in hand when Jim and Fran are victims of an attempt at murder. Little time afterwards, Frost is killed on a carpark whereas he had given appointement to his wife and Jim is the only witness. Internal Services think that it is him which has assassinated old malfrat and, when the wife of the latter testifies by saying that her husband was threatened of died by a police officer, that does not arrange the things. Ironside thinks that all this history is related to the last blow of Frost, a bracage which had brought back 250 000 dollars to him; the money not having never was found. The Chief supposes that its accomplice of the time, called West, returned and that him removed Frost to avoid having to divide. During this time, Jim does not manage to remain in place and finds himself soon suspected of a second murder: that of the indic which had made run the noise of the threats on him and Parsons. He then decides to leave the city with the assistance of his former fellow-member.

Writing by: Robert I Holt
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Gary Lockwood (Jim), Madlyn Rhue (Amy), Lenore Kasdorf (girl), Mike Farrell (Len Parsons), Buck Young (Stan Frost).

186. Set-up: danger!

Ed returns from holidays and finds the office empty. When Fran and Marc arrive, one with a significant file for the Chief and the other with the dinner, Ed worries and excavates the office. Indices leads him to think that Ironside was kidnapped and only Marc doubts this possibility; but he ends up lining up in the opinion of his colleagues and research starts. They locate the van where they discover three men, including one resembling to the Chief vaguely: they are actors, engaged to make diversion. But Ironside left indices in the van which lead his team to the airport where a private jet took off for Los Angeles. Over there, Ironside was taken along to Bruno Roman, a mafiosi, which want to entrust to him the investigation of the murder of his adoptive daughter, Selma, found strangled in a hotel room. He has of course the intention to kill the person in charge and, thereafter, the Chief who would like much to apprehend him; an old writ of arrest being always valid in his opposition. But Ironside manages to carry out him by the end of the nose and, when his team arrives to Los Angeles, he even succeeds in coming into contact with them. Bruno Roman suspects Max Phelps, the brother of the one of his adversaries, to be the assassin and he wants that Ironside brings the evidence from there to him. But the Chief knows that he is innocent and, for his demonstration, he manages to isolate Bruno and Chuck Phelps in order to teach them the truth while having a chance to make them stop, with the assistance of his team.
Writing by: William Gordon and James Doherty
Directed by: Russ Mayberry
Guest star: Barry Sullivan (Bruno Roman), Byron Mabe (Chick Soule), Gary Crosby (Simmons), Stalemate Renella (Pete Bonner), Rudy Solari (Eric), Michael Richardson (Max Phelps), John Vernon (Chuck Phelps).

187. The lost cotillion

A man is assassinated, stabbed with scissors, whereas he walked his dog in the park. A woman, she also in walk, is struck by a person who flees of the places of the crime: she has hardly time to see her face. One week later, Athena Champions, a friend of the victim, calls Robert Ironside to invite him to dine. It is a pretext for speaking him because she wants that he gives the responsability of the case in order to quickly find the culprit. The Chief is perplexed because his friend seems to know some much about the murder and seems terrorrized by something. During the night, another man is assassinated same manner and the police officer in charge of the investigation, lieutenant Rourke, accepts the assistance of Ironside with pleasure. This one is not long in making acknowledge in Athena whom she believes guilty of the two murders because they are clearly engraved in her memory, even if she is not really certain to have made them: she thus thinks of being insane. But Ironside thinks of a machination and decides to go to see Courteney Eliot, the brother-in-law of Athena, third on the list of ball of the cotillion of the latter, and tries to persuade him that he will be the next victim; but the man does not believe in it. Ironside is persuaded that the Champions family hides a heavy secrecy and will try to discover it before Eliot is made kill in his turn.

Writing by: Walter Black
Directed by: Alvine Ganzer
Guest star: Jess Walton (Jennifer), Kim Hunter (Athena Champions), Dana Andrews (Courteney Eliot), Alan Napier (John), Virginia Gregg (Ellen), Cesar Romero (Tony Hudson), Frank Maxwell (lieutenant Rourke), Meg Wyllie (Miss Westcott).

188. Run scared

Peggy, the niece of Ironside, makes a show of Mime with his friend Jamie in the window of a store. Whereas she carries out her show, Peggy is witness assassination of a man, stabbed in front of a restaurant. The murderer realizes at once that he was seen and penetrates in the store, but Peggy and his friend are flee. The girl decides to call her uncle but Jamie, who is sought by the police, obliges her to hang up again and manages to convince her that it is them to better flee and leave the city. During this time, Ironside will see the mother of Peggy and learns that his niece run away from home after the  second marriage of this one. She had very badly lived the divorce of her parents and refused to accept the departure of her father. What she is unaware of, it is that her mother, Sylvia, were beaten by her father and that for this reason she had divorced. Jamy, who has contacts in Los Angeles, manages to put their show of Mime in a local televised show. The assassin follows the couple to the trace and keep silent Jamie in his cabin. Peggy manages to flee but the man, who discovered his existence, is after her.

Writing by: Hindi Brooks
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Michael Bell (directing TV), Phillip Pine (manager of store), Paul Picerni (Armand), Ron Thompson (Jamie), Kenneth O'Brien (Leo Gulden), Bettye Ackerman (Sylvia Harris), Ed Nelson (Joe Lynch), Kathleen Quinlan (Peggy Lynch).

189. Act of vengeance

The Chief Ironside tries to install a hearth of reception for young delinquents which would enable them to take a new departure. He wishes that this hearth be directed by a former prisoner and, having an idea well settled on the ideal candidate, makes any possible sound to obtain the release of Carl Parkos, a hold-up man of bank which had been made take because he had left Ironside a car on fire rather than to escape. But his project is put at evil by different opposing two rival bands, Trappers and Eagles, and the fact that Tony, one of wire of Carl, belongs to the one of them does not arrange anything. One evening, Tony is sifted bullets whereas he telephoned in Ironside so that he enables him to go to see his father in prison, but without his mother, Laverne. He dies a few days later at the hospital and Ironside must do everything to prevent Trappers, like Carl, to seek to be avenged by attacking Eagles. The Chief, persuaded that Tony was not killed by this last, directs his investigation into Laverne and certain Len Harter, that he suspects being his lover.

Writing by: True Boardman
Directed by: David Friedkin
Guest star: Ned Romero (sergeant Keller), Anthony Eisley (Len Harter), Bob Hastings (Paul Carlton), Paul Burke (Carl Parkos), Kathie Browne (Laverne), Scott Colomby (Tony Parkos).

190. Far side of the fence

A indic gives appointment to Ironside on the port to inform him that a significant steering prepares and that a policeman in plain clothes provides information to those which will make it. He does not have time to say some more because three men shoot at him, Ironside and Marc since a boat. The indic is killed and Marc is slightly wounded with the hand; the Chief having succeeded, on his side, to cut down one of the attackers. The man having been identified, Ed proposes to be made pass for a drug trafficker with which it malfrat, drug addict, had of the money. His plan functions and he manages to contact the remainder of the band but the chief, a called Parker, is being wary in his connection and starts to beat up him by his men. At the time of the brawl, the microphone which carried Ed is destroyed and Marc does not manage to locate him before Parker does not make him take along. The latter, to be certain that Ed is well what he says being, requires of him to kill the police officer responsible for dead for the one of his men: in fact, Robert Ironside. It is only after that that he will trust him and will put him in the blow for the famous steering. On his side, the Chief tries to identify the policeman in plain clothes who provides information to the malfrats, but the number of files to be peeled is very significant; and the time he has rather short. Ed manages to send a very short message to his superior…

Writing by: Judy Burns
Directed by: David Friedkin
Guest star: Joan Pringle (Diana Sanger), Peter Mark Richman (Parker), Jim Hutton (Matt Black), Shelley Fabares (Charlotte Black), Elisha Cook Jr. (Charley Yager).

191. The over-the-hill blues

A flight of jewel of an amount of a half-million dollars takes place at Andrea Reynolds and the investigation is entrusted to the sergeant Costa. When Ed and Ironside read the news in the newspaper, they think all two of the same person: Peter Justin, burglar of high flight, condemned to five years of prison after being apprehended by the Chief. Ironside wants to take the case in hand, without making shade with Costa, but this last does not want to be chaperon and sends him on the pinks. The Chief then decides to inquire in parallel and discovers that Justin, conscious of being on the downward slope, did what is necessary to pass the hand to somebody of young person by teaching his know-how to him. But, when a robbery and a murder are made, of the obvious evidence against Justin are discovered and he understands that he was doubled. Released in bond, Justin wants to regulate this problem himself and Ironside tries to help him, fearing for his life.

Writing by: Robert Hamner
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: Beverly Garland (Andrea Reynolds), Steve Sandor (Randy Pearce), Leslie Nielsen (Peter Justin), Beth Brickell (Gillian Simpson), John Milford (Tony Costa), Jack Soo (Sing-Ho).

192. Speak no evil

Ed plays basket with Steve Timmins and a group of children of a reception centre where all two are stimulating voluntary. Whereas Steve tries to prevent a brawl between two kids, an unknown draws on Ed since a nearby roof, the lack of little. The sergeant tries to catch up with him but arrives too late: he has just time to see a white van moving away. When he turns over to the center, Steve disappeared. Ed go to the office will submit his report with Ironside and they go together on the spot of the attack. The Chief then points out that, considering the firing angle, Steve could just as easily be the target. When it proves that the center does not have any information on this last, the Chief is convinced that he was the victim of the gunner and he launches Ed on trace. The sergeant ends up finding the trace of Steve, with the church: he is a priest. The report of ballistics revealing that the weapon was already used for the murder of three dealers, Ironside supposes that Steve heard the assassin of confession and that this last, having learned that he was going to leave the orders, took fear and tries to make him conceal. The Chief must find the culprit before he does not make a success of his project.

Writing by: Oliver Crawford
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Lee Delano (Harris), Anne Schedeen (Vicki), John McLiam (Father Holt), Jack Bender (Earl Mowbray), Mary Murphy (Cindy Wile), Jean Allison (Mrs. Mowbray), Davis Roberts (lieutenant Wyatt), Lonny Chapman (Jason Mowbray), Christopher Connelly (Steve Timmins), Christian Juttner (Joey).

193. Fall of an angel

Bud Drexel, drug trafficker, returns visit with Al Williams in his show of hairstyle. He wishes to use the graver of this last in order to store his drug there but Al refuses, going even until threatening him to prevent the police. Bud is irritated and left his revolver but the hairdresser is faster and manages to kill him with a razor. Thrown into a panic, Al gets rid of the body before fleeing. When Ironside finds in his truck a little boy carrying a letter written by his father and who refuses to say his name, he starts at once research in his personal file, estimating that it must be a question of the son of somebody whom he formerly sent in prison. In same time, he is entrust with Drexel case and quickly establishes the link with the little boy. The father of the trafficker is not other than a high person in charge for the mob syndicate, a man called Angel, and there is not any doubt that he will launch out on the track of the assassin of his son in order to be avenged. Ironside discovers the identity of this last and seeks to convince his son, Joey, to help him to come to assistance of his father before it is not too late.

Writing by: William Gordon, James Doherty, Phyllis White, Robert White
Directed by: Daniel Haller
Guest star: Henry Beckman (Angel), Richard X. Slattery (Tiny), Joan Pringle (Diana Sanger), Casey Kasem (technician of laboratory), Jarrod Johnson (Joey Williams), Judy Pace (Ellen Youngs), Val Bisoglio (Oscar Cairns), William Elliott (Al Williams).

194. The visiting fireman

The inspector Bill Waltson, of Scotland Yard, is in visit in San Francisco to attend a conference on the traffic of drug. During his trip, the embassy of England is the target of a burgling: the secret codes were stolen as well as the sum of three thousand dollars. The Chief Ironside is in charge of the investigation by his friend Waltson and the suspicions move quickly on a group called "The Robin Hood Gang", already person in charge for several burglings. For Ironside, it is clear that the burglars had an accomplice in the embassy and the fact that called Beamish, occupying a station with responsibility, proves to be a man living largely above his means, makes the ideal culprit of it. For the Chief, the case is not easy because the newspapers seem with the current of all that he knows and, this, very quickly, leaving him like little room for manoeuvre. When a printing works of foreign currency is burglarized for the sum of two million dollars, Ironside understands that the business is much more complex than he had believed it at the beginning and its implications very different from what it appears.

Writing by: Jimmy Sangster
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: James McCallion (Johnny Lewis), Barry Cahill (Roy Makin), Larry J. Blake (Welks), Dianne Harper (nurse), Alex Rodine (Schmidt), Jack Denbo (Charles Duval), Joseph George (Barney Rollins), Hedley Mattingly (Doubleday), Keith McConnell (Henry Beamish), John Williams (inspector Bill Walston).

195. The return of Eleanor Rogers

Ed bound of friendship with Isabel, the girl of judge Fredericks and, when her father misses being made crush by a roadhog, it is quite naturally that she turns to him. Ed takes along the girl to see the Chief because the latter thinks that somebody wants to make an attempt on the life of his father, this last having already been victim of two "accidents". Ironside is skeptic bus Isabel hardly gets along with her mother-in-law, Eleanor, and she would like to be able to only draw aside her in order to have her father for only her. But the Chief starts an investigation all the same and, when he will see the judge, he becomes acquainted with his wife whom he recognizes at once: it is Eleanor Rogers, old shill having been apprehended in San Francisco. He then decides to take the case with serious because the judge could not be the genuine target of all these "accidents". When Eleanor receives a phone call of the one of her former "clients", she precipitates at once at Ironside to report the conversation to him. The man would like that she influences her husband in a case which he is judging to obtain a withdrawal of case. A bomb is discovered with the law courts then, later, called Frank Wolser is cut down by the judge whereas he penetrated by effraction in his house. But several elements do not stick and Ironside plans to take the business under a quite different angle…

Writing by: William Gordon and James Doherty
Directed by: Gift Weis
Guest star: Ina Balin (Eleanor Rogers), Bill Zuckert (sergeant Wiley), Joseph Campanella (judge John Fredericks), Katherine Cannon (Isabel Fredericks), Howard Curtis (Frank Wolser), Joseph Perry (Mr. Fasari).

196. The faded image

While leaving her course of visual art, Fran is victim of an aggression, fortunately stopped by the arrival of the guard. Transported to the hospital, her state is considered to be serious and she must undergo an operation to reabsorb a haemorrhage. Ironside undertakes the investigation and tries to establish the link between this attack and two murders of young women, also made on the campus. When Fran takes again conscience, her memories are very sketchy and she remembers especially a woman, professor of art, but does not manage to remember a detail which she can however be capital for the investigation. Ironside tries to help her of sound better while continuing his investigation and the suspicions go soon on Dean Glenville, the dean of the university, which had a connection with the professor of art. When she is assassinated to her turn, the Chief reinforces the pressure on this last, persuaded which he is the key of all the case.

Writing by: Mann Rubin
Directed by: Bruce Kessler
Guest star: Richard Anderson (Dean Glenville), Jordan Rhodos (Dr. Thompson), James Wheaton (lieutenant John Rainey), Don 'Red' Barry (captain Dennis Barnes), Gary Frank (Ted Glenville), Coleen Gray (Mrs. Glenville), Paul Mantee (professor Bradford Link).

197. A matter of life and death

North, a lawyer with the doubtful methods, has just obtained a withdrawal in a case of murder, reducing six months of team work Ironside to nothing. This last, far from giving up the part, decides to take again the file with zero in order to send the murderer in prison for other offences. One evening, Susan, an employee of department store, has see again for the first time for several months her former lover, Elliott Gaynor, and assure him that she does not want any more to see him. The discussion turns badly and, pushing back Elliott, Susan his fall in the staircases of a park causes, killing this last on the blow. Panicked, she flees and, having intended to speak about North, will consult him to know what she must do. The young woman is then surprised to intend lawyer to disadvise to her going to see the police but, on the contrary, returning to her home. The following day, Ironside learns death from an unknown man in the park and recognizes him with his description: it is a former friend and he had appointment with him the day before but he had not come. He goes then to his wife, Laura, for whom he had feelings in love formerly, and announces to her the death of her husband. When they return together to San Francisco for the identification, the Chief learns that a tramp was apprehended for the murder and that Diana, the woman of Marc, must defend him. Laura clings to the obviousness culpability of the tramp but Ironside is not convinced, certain that Elliott had a mistress. When North decides to become the lawyer of Billy Joe, the tramp, the Chief start to understand…

Writing by: Joel Rogosin, Leonardo Bercovici
Directed by: Jeffrey Hayden
Guest star: Warren Stevens (Elliott Gaynor), Bert Remsen (Billy Joe), Sam Chew, Jr. (Alex), Penny Fuller (Susan), Whitney Blake (Laura), Harris Yulin (North).

198. The Organizer

The underworld of the east of the country wants to take the control of California and sends Harry Blocker and James Raskin to organize a meeting of malfrats in order to conclude an arrangement. Ironside wants to prevent that and thus goes to the hotel where this meeting with his team must take place. Ed and Marc take the place of the two representatives of San Francisco, apprehended beforehand by Carl Reese, while Ironside endorses the identity of a rich businessman, Ben Woodward; Fran being made pass for his daughter. From the very start, he takes Blocker with grain-hairs and, in front of the result, decides to exploit the carried character of this last. Ed plays the black sheep by refusing any association and Marc does that which hesitates, fascinating model on his "counterpart" to direct his choice. While Raskin, of a rather calm naturalness, tries to negotiate, Blocker is irritated quickly and planned to remove that which obstructs the project of the organization. The situation becomes complicated when Reese is obliged to release both malfrats of San Francisco and Ironside is seen constrained to hustle Blocker before the latter do not join them.

Writing by: David P. Harmon
Directed by: Jerry Jameson
Guest star: Harry Townes (James Raskin), Barbara Rhoades (Helen), Pernell Roberts (Harry Blocker), D' Mitch Davis (Joey Martinique).

199. The rolling "Y"

The Chief Ironside bound of friendship with a young man, Porter Yarborough, a son of farmer who dreams to become painter. Just left prison, Porter is mingled with a robbery with cattle which badly turned, one with the robbers -his best friend- having been killed. The father of Porter, Clint, is persuaded of the culpability of his son and sees of a very evil eye the arrival of Ironside, which he considers responsible for the interest growing of Porter for painting; thus ruining his hopes to see him taking again the ranch. Porter is apprehended by the sheriff, not very inclined collaborating with a police officer come from a large city. Released in bond, Porter is suspect soon of the murder of Veronica Zradna, a painter, with whom he was particularly dependent. But, very quickly, Ironside manages to convince the sheriff who he cannot be guilty and even manages to make him doubt for the other loads which weigh on the young man. During this time, Marc and Fran reassemble the die of the robbers of cattle and, when one of the persons in charge denounces Porter, Ironside is convinced that the chief of the band seeks to eliminate an awkward witness…

Writing by: William Gordon and James Doherty
Directed by: Gift McDougall
Guest star: William Bramley (Paul Pacheco), William Katt (Porter Yarborough), John Larch (Clint Yarborough), Shelly Novack (Appointed Earl Muncey), Marjorie Battles (Veronica Zradna).

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