Title: Ironside (Gallery)
Creator: Young Collar
Executive producer: Cy Chermak
Producers: Doug Benton, Winston Miller and Joel Rogosin
First diffusion: September 14, 1967
A number of episodes: 182 times 50 mn and 10 times 90 mn
Television: Harbour Productions Universal TV in partnership with Nbc-TV
Scenario writer: Albert Alley
Diffusion: 58 countries

History: head of the police force of San Francisco, Robert T. Ironside is an effective and dreaded police officer. Whereas he takes rest in a detached house, one of his many enemies shoots on him on several occasions. One of the bullets remains placed in the spinal column of Ironside, condemning him to the wheelchair for the remainder of his life. Far from remaining inactive, Ironside badgers his superior and friend the Commissioner Dennis Randall until he agrees to let the former head occupy another role in the police force of the city: consultant. Helped by the sergeant Ed Brown, the officer Eve Whitfield and Marc Sanger, Ironside continuous to fight against the crime, while starting by inquiring into his own attempted murder ?

Robert Ironside Raymond burr

Robert Ironside Raymond burr

Robert Ironside Raymond burr
Raymond William Stacy Burr: (complete biography)

Born in New Westminster, Columbie Britanique, Canada on May 21, 1917, Raymond Burr is associated to two characters emblematic of television: Robert Ironside and Perry Mason.
Engaged in Navy during Second Mondial War, Raymond Burr is wounded at the end of two years then repatriated at his home. He then begins small roles with the radio then with the cinema. He will be revealed by the character of Lars Thorwald in famous "Rear Window" of Alfred Hitchcock.
In 1955, Raymond take a hearing for the role of Hamilton Burger, the district attorney of the novels of Erle Stanley Gardner. This last, present at hearing, will recognize at once in the actor that which must play Perry Mason. The series is a success.
In 1967, Raymond Burr begins a new police series which will gain an enormous success: Ironside. He will play the part this role during eight years, then at the time of an ultimate telefilm "The return of Ironside".
In 1977, Raymond Burr incarne R. B. Kingston, a press baron, in the series Kingston : Confidential but the latter will last only one season (13 episodes).
Reached of a cancer of the colon which will degenerate, Raymond Burr will finish his life in a wheel chair and will die out finally on September 12, 1993, not without to have turned three Perry Mason in addition to the telefilm "The return of Ironside". He lived in his ranch with his friend and partner, Robert Benevides, with whom he shared 35 years of his life.
Marriages: Annette Sutherland in 1942 (deceased in 1943, a child: Michael Evan Burr, deceased in 1953), Isabella Ward in 1947 (divorced), Andrina Laura Morgan in 1954 (deceased in 1955).
Robert T Ironside:
Former commander in Navy having took share in Second Mondial War, Ironside is a man with the sturdy character, grouser and strongly invested in his trade. Tiny room to the infirmity, he does not remain less active about it, refusing to take his retirement and, even if he gets on the nerves of his superior, this last is often quite glad to be able to count on Ironside for sometimes difficult investigations.
He made his studies with the college of Summerfield, he speaks Japanese and Spanish, he is an excellent player of poker and of bowling, he likes to cook and consumes of Chile in great quantity.
He was married (his wife is dead) and that made twenty-five years that he is in the police force.
In "The return of Ironside", Ironside is married and owner of a vineyard. This telefilm was to mark the return of the series, made impossible by the death of the actor.

Quotations on Ironside:
"It is not a disabled person in a wheelchair, it is Robert Ironside in a wheelchair." "When he looks at you, one sees his brain functioning."

Quotations of Ironside:

"It from now on is scientifically proven that I am somebody of sympathetic nerve, brilliant and effective."

"The last time that I was shocked, they is when I realized that the horns of ice were empty."

"The red tape, it is like breaking down or to be mown, that never falls at the good time."

"Italian food, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican? I like them all! Provided that that is not expensive!"

"One needs a whole army of small men to manage to equalize only one great man."
Ed brown Don Galloway Donald Poe Galloway:

Born on July 27, 1937 in Brooksville, Kentucky, Don is an actor who played in many series TV: Ironside, Perry Mason, Dr. Marcus Welby, ER, Charlie's Angels, Knight Rider, Mc Gyver, etc... he turned several times to the sides of Raymond Burr, with whom him was very dependent, and his wife took part Ironside and Kingston Confidential.
Don Galloway dies January 8, 2009 in Reno, Nevada ; after a stroke.
Married to Linda Robinson, he had four children: Tracy, Jennifer, Sheila and Robert.
He was called Poe.
After Ironside, he had become sheriff assistant but also special consultant. He did the seminaries to learn people to speak in public.
Ed Brown:

Sergeant Brown is a serious boy (Don sometimes had evil to concentrate, Raymond Burr disturbing him with his legendary humor), steady and conscientious in his work. Respectful of the experiment of his chief, he after a fashion tries to benefit from him.
He is been engaged was victim of a sociopathe, Tom Dayton, five years before the arrival of Ed in the team of Ironside.
Barbara Anderson Eve Whitfield Barbara Anderson:

Born on November 27, 1945 in Brooklyn, she played in several series of which Star Trek, Laredo, Mannix, three million dollars man, etc?
After Ironside, in 1972 and 1973, she play the part the character of Mimi Davis in Impossible Mission. She had left the series in 1971, after having married Don Burnett.
Eve Withfield:

The officer Withfield incarne the woman of good typical of the Sixties, cultivated, looked after and very significant family fashionable. Parents of Eve - rather fortunate  are impassioned of archaeology and, therefore, often parties with the four corners of the sphere in interminable forwardings. Eve is judicious to have a black belt in judo or karate (according to the translation) but panic easily, which returns her character of woman-cop not very credible, even for the time.

Quotations on Ironside:

(Concerning his character) "He is like rheumatisms: with time, one is accustomed to it."
Marc Sanger Don Mitchell 
Don Michael Mitchell:

Born on March 17, 1943 in Houston, Don makes studies with UCLA in order to make the fine arts. He made some small roles before being located by Collier Young for the role of Marc Sanger.
After Ironside, he appeared in a few series TV like Wonder Woman, Chips, Matlock or Capitol.
He was married with Judy Pace of 1972 to 1986, he has two children.
Marc Sanger:

Marc grew in the difficult districts and considers, initially, his color of skin like a true burden. He was a boxer. Its meeting with Robert Ironside will change his life: Marc avoids the delinquency and resumes studies of right. He will be a lawyer before making the police academy for finally becoming judge.
Fran Belding Elizabeth Baur Elizabeth Baur:

Born on December 1, 1947, Elizabeth is the cousin of Sharon Gless, one of heroins of Cagney and Lacey.
Before integrating the series Ironside, Elizabeth plays in Lancer, a clone of Bonanza where she play the part Teresa O' Brien.
After Ironside, she will appear in a few series, but seldom.
Fran Belding: daughter of police officer, Fran is equipped with a slightly carried nature and tends to put forth a judgement a little too easily. Conscious that she has to learn much from Ironside, Fran is with the listening of the latter and often tries to precede what he will ask him, with more or less success. Contrary to Eve, Fran has competences as regards self defense, which makes her character more credible.

Dennis Randall Gene Lyons
Gene Lyons:

Born on February 19, 1921 in Pittsburgh, Gene Lyons played in many series like Star Trek, Bonanza, Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock presents, The fugitive, Twilight Zone, etc?
He is deceased on July 8, 1974 in Hollywood.
Dennis Randall:

The Commissioner Randall is an old friend of Ironside and, as such, he is him which a made it possible to the former head to preserve an active station in the police force of San Francisco. The man is not mistaken there: as soon as a business exceeds the other services, it it a entrusts also dry to Ironside. What enables him to support the irascible character of the Chief?
Carl Reese Johnny Seven John Anthony Fetto (Johnny Seven):

Born on February 23, 1926 in Brooklyn, New York, he is the only son in a family of six children. A 14 years, he discovers that he is a soprano. He will serve two years and half in the army before starting his career. Married to Edith Piselli since 1949, he has two children. Johnny is especially known for his roles of gangster in series like Mike Hammer, Bat Masterson, The Incorruptibles, Wild Wild Ouest, Batman, Charlie's Angels, Chips? he appears for the first time in Ironside at the time of the first season in the episode "Barbara's Who" where he incarne the Petrizzi officer, then in two episodes where he plays the malfrats. Then, one regularly finds him as from season 4 in the role of lieutenant Reese.
Carl Reese:

Honest cop and integrates, Carl likes that the things are simple and direct. He tends to take ill-considered risks for doing his work well and estimates that it is an evil necessary. He is a admirer of Ironside and he is happy when he works with him even if the sens of humor of the latter often escapes to him.

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